New Mural in Adams Morgan (Shop Small)

Photo tweeted to us by [email protected]

Thanks to @jjmessner for tweeting us the new mural on 18th Street by Amsterdam Falafel. Reminds me of this one from lower Barracks Row also by Aniekan.

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  • It’s been there for a while, FYI. You need to visit Adams Morgan more often 🙂

    • I think the finishing touches were just put on this past weekend. The ladder that the artist was using was still there on Saturday and it looked like it was not quite done.

  • Interesting piece, like the idea of promoting shop local but to me the image doesn’t really convey that. Just screams shop, shop. shop.

    • I’m going to agree with harmdog86. This feels more like ham-handed propaganda than a cool neighborhood mural. Get rid of the shopping bags and I’ll change my tune.

  • What is that pink thing in the background? It looks like a birth control case.

  • i like it. if people are going to shop like crazy, might as well be at small/local shops.

  • Most of the small, independent shops in Adams Morgan are running specials on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Some will have musicians playing and serve complimentary wine and/or hot cider. Idle Time Books, The Brass Knob, Skynear Designs, Toro Mata, Meeps, Smash, Fleet Feet just to name a few. Check them out!

  • The AMEX shop small promotion is great. Register your cards for the bill credit if not too late.

  • Man, Aniekan keeps getting better and better!

    Love the birth controll backdrop as well 😉

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