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  • brookland_rez

    That’s really exciting. I will definitely check it out this evening. Talk about bringing water to a food desert….

    • brookland_rez

      I also can’t wait for the Planet Fitness to open. Anybody know about this?

      • I go to one in Maryland and love it. $10 a month and it’s open 24 hours! Great value and convenience.

      • I would love to have a 24 hour gym in the city. My sister has one in Alexandria and really likes it.

      • I hate to be one of those gym-goers but Planet Fitness is literally the McDonalds of fitness clubs. Cheap, but are you really getting your money’s worth? Dumbbells only go up to 60 lbs, no “lunks” allowed, and rows upon rows of cardio (why pay for a gym when you can just run/bike outside?).

        Also, I don’t trust gyms that have monthly pizza nights and a candy jar at the front desk.

        • Yes, I get my money’s worth. The machines and free weights are enough for the regular exercises I do, and I enjoy the treadmill (but hate running outside.) The free pizza is one night a month and it’s served in the lobby. It’s not like people are eating pizza in between exercises. I usally skip it (when I’m there for that night) and go home and eat something healthier.
          Also, if I go 12 times a month, my health insurance gives me a $20 rebate, so if I keep up with my fitness/exercise schedule it’s free for me.

        • Planet fitness is perfect for the casual gym goer especially people who just do cardio and light weights which seems to be an awful lot of people, sadly. I’d rather people like that go to pf and give us more space in the real gym.

        • OK, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks for gifting us regular gym-going schlubs with your insight.

  • I drive by the space regularly. Just to be clear, the MOM store is in the brand-new building that went up beside the old Hecht Co. Warehouse. The Hecht Building itself is a largely gutted she’ll at this point.

  • Totally crazy how fast they’ve renovated 😀

  • Aglets

    i know this is going to sound weird but god-damn those floors! I am a sucker for a polished, stained concrete floor. so pretty.

  • While I’m happy for this, I think it’s a bit premature for the area. I just don’t see the density at the moment unless they are banking on MD commuters. Same goes for the planet fitness gym that is going in the same development. But I hope it’s a success.

    • Agreed. I have no idea how they can sustain decent business without any real residential properties around.

      • Even MOM’s has said that they have no idea what their target customer group is.

      • When I lived on Hill East I used to drive to Alexandria every week to go to MOMs, I am not sure how they will do up on NY Ave, but I think there is certainly a set of people who will travel from outside of MOMs immediate area to get there. It is more expensive, everything is organic (unlike whole foods) and there is no house brand, like 365 – so you have to be committed to the idea I guess.

      • This is part of a massive residential development taking place at the Hechts building. By next year this will in effect be a “new” “neighborhood”. Hard to believe but it’s already well under way.

        • Yes, but a year is a *very long* time to keep a grocery store open while you wait for customers to arrive.

          • brookland_rez

            This is true, usually retail follows residents. I think in this case they will be relying on people from outside the area traveling there for the next year. There are plenty of surrounding neighborhoods with people that are willing to shop there.

          • Presumably the developer is aware and cutting them a huge break on rent initially, or something like that. But who knows, I don’t understand commercial real estate sometimes. I never understand why it makes sense to jack up the rent on tenants (like Pulp or Playbill on 14th street) and then never fill the space. Wouldn’t the landlord be better off with the old rent than nothing?

          • “usually retail follows residents.”

            i can’t think of an other MOM’s that had a slew of residents nearby when they opened.
            this also seems like an easy place for commuters to stop on their way home.

      • There are tons of residents nearby, throughout Northeast DC. I would bet that most of them have cars and are already used to driving to a grocery store. A business like this doesn’t have to be tucked into a dense residential zone to be successful.

        • brookland_rez

          I stopped in on Saturday and it was pretty busy. I really like this store. I’m going to make it my regular grocery store for things I can’t get at Costco. The overall selection is far superior to Yes or what little they have at Giant. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s almost as good as Whole Foods. They have a cafe and everything. The only thing I found lacking was the produce section. The quality seemed good, but just not the selection that Whole Foods has.

    • Planet fitness will be the cheapest gym in DC. I know a few people who visit the one in Hyattsville, so I think they’ll definitely get business.

      • brookland_rez

        I’m definitely joining. I have access to a free gym at work, but I have to trudge through downtown traffic to get there. The Hecht’s development is five minutes from my house.

    • I think they’re going to fill a gap in the market until the two WFs planned on/near the Hill open, but after that it seems like they could lose a lot of business. Still, it’s on an important commuter route to PG County (which doesn’t have much in the way of organic markets – save for Glut, which is awesome!)

  • WoW – MoM’s is very nice! I’ll definitely stop by to check it out.

    • brookland_rez

      I’m guessing they’re banking on people going there from Brookland, Ft Lincoln, pretty much everyone in upper NE. Most people in those areas have cars, which they will need since there’s no transit anywhere near this development. Plus, the Hecht’s warehouse itself will be residences. And as someone else mentioned, all the MD commuters. That’s one of the highest volume traffic corridors in the city.

      • The D4 stops very near or right outside of this place.

        • brookland_rez

          True, I sometimes forget about the bus routes. Also, the E2/E4 line runs down from Ft Totten and Brookland.

          • I assumed no transit meant no metro. People in DC really seem fixated on that even with such a great/cheap bus network.

          • brookland_rez

            The bus system just isn’t as user friendly. There’s such a myriad of lines, it takes a while to learn them all. Also the bus stops don’t tell you how long until the next bus arrives. The smartphone apps help greatly in this regard, however.

          • The bus network is not bad (though the fact that they didn’t put an express bus down Rhode Island in the new planning is just moronic. Actually, all of the bus lines on Rhode Island in NE are moronic and generally only serve people in the ‘burbs). The reliability is an embarassment. I live in this part of town, and while I’d love to take the bus more often – especially to H Street/Union Market – there’s no way I’m waiting 45 minutes for a bus.

          • I find buses to be no less reliable than metro. Maybe I’m lucky to live near numerous buses that get me to work, etc, but I think if one plans ahead just a tad, you’ll be fine. Like hey, tomorrow I want to hit union market let me check the bus times now. Only in a few cases have I planned ahead and have a bus go poof on the app. Metro rarely takes me to where I want to go without a bunch of walking. Also you don’t need to learn all the bus lines; just learn the ones you’ll take. Plan a trip on the wmata site is great for figuring out how to get from A-B. You have the app or calling into the system to find out when the next bus comes, but even if you didn’t have a phone, you could check the schedule online before heading out to the stop.

      • I’m a Maryland commuter, and the College Park one is much more convenient for me. It would be even more convenient if I was willing to throw my money away by spending it on organic products.

      • We live in SE Capitol Hill. My girlfriend shops at Whole Foods because she prefers organic produce, and the stores in our neighborhood have a very limited selection (though we haven’t checked out the new HT yet). I could see her going here because we have a car and it’s probably easier than a Whole Foods trip.

  • Ahead of its time – this should have opened somewhere between Florida / New Jersey / Rhode Island nexus area instead.

  • Awesome! I don’t have to haul a** to Virginia anymore. Looking forward to visiting this weekend. It’s on the way to Costco for DC residents and may prove to be a good stopping point for high quality produce.

    • brookland_rez

      Agree. I find a lot of organic/healthy stuff at Costco, but some things they don’t have or I can’t eat the quantity they’re selling. Between this and Costco, I should have my needs covered. Plus Aldi for the staples.

      • Get a Foodsaver (on sale this month at Costco!) and freeze what you don’t need.

        • brookland_rez

          I do freeze meats from Costco. I was referring to the produce more than anything. They have great deals on things like organic spinach, but there’s no way in hell I can eat 5 lbs of spinach before it goes bad. And I feel bad about wasting food like that. So I spend a little less money for half the quantity at Giant… Or Mom’s possibly now.

  • I occasionally shop at the one in College Park for bulk whole grain bread ingredients, but pretty much everything else there is incredibly overpriced.

  • I’ve never shopped at a Mom’s so I don’t know the size or what they stock. To those that have been to this location or another Mom’s, how do they compare to Yes? I go to the Yes in Brookland several times a week. Would it be worth going over to Mom’s if they had a big and/or better selection than Yes?

    • Judging from the pictures, they have way more organic produce.

    • The produce buyers at MOMs are what make the difference to me, it is basically going to an all organic farmers market. You will never find piles of sub quality produce just to keep things in stock, and they manage to bring in a great seasonal variety.

      I only ever used to shop at the YES in Eastern Market, I found MOMs had a much wider variety of things and was priced lower. The YES in Brookland may be different, however. I have never been.

      • Thanks for the info. The produce is lacking at Yes, I’ll agree. Will have to check these guys out. Can’t be any worse than trekking over to Harris Teeter in NoMa or Giant in Shaw. Can Brookland get a legit grocery store pls?

        • brookland_rez

          Seems like all around us are grocery stores. Maybe we will get that Whole Foods at Monroe St market. Go and sign the petition!

    • Much cleaner, more variety, and a wider selection food.

  • justinbc

    Whoa, this is about a quarter of a mile from one of our investment / rental properties. Come on Douglas, buy me out already! 🙂

  • I see a kitchen/dining area in one of the pictures. Will they be offering organic/vegetarian hot meals for eat-in or take-out, similar to Whole Foods?

  • I love MOM’s! The produce is the best, and all organic, with prices comparable or less than Whole Food’s organic. The non-produce items are usually less than WFs. The bulk grains and nuts are the cheaper and high quality, along with bulk spices. You can get spices in bulk for a quarter of the price of a jar. They also have bulk olive oil, honey and detergent.

    They also have my favorite wine – Live A Little – Red.

    The Naked Lunch Cafe serves all organic veggie food — my favorite is a stem blow. I, for one, will drive from U Street to MOM’s and stick up. I used to drive to Alexandria or Rockville.

  • MOM will draw people. It’s a niche market.

  • There’s a lot of residential development happening in that area that will likely feed directly into this

  • Looks nice – how long to a maryland driver drives through the front door on their way home from work?

  • Seems a bit premature…I don’t see commuters stopping there, most people don’t want to have to stop and pay and park in a parking garage for organic produce after a long day at work.

    I just don’t understand why they didn’t wait for the residential development to be completed.

    Who is shopping here now? That entire development seems extremely random. Who in their right mind would want to pay to live near a bus depot, a homeless shelter and a loud railway complex?
    It’s a good think LOVE NIGHT CLUB and the strip club down the street closed or they really wouldn’t be able to sell units.

  • My wife and I stopped by there Wednesday night and loved it. We spent like two hours there haha. The prices are slightly cheaper than WF and the beer/cider/wine selection is awesome. We also had the rice bowls, which were delicious. We will be back regularly instead of making the trek to the WF on P st.

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