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  • Wow, this place and El Camino opening in the same week! To be honest, I didn’t think Costa Brava was really close to opening based on the progress being made. It’s definitely been in the works the longest, though.

  • It will be a club…..if the DJ will be spinning until 2am…..hmmm….

  • Walked by last night on our way to Boundary Stone and saw them putting the finishing touches on inside. Great news!

    • They let me walk through & check it out the other evening, more like living room than club …very much looking forward to tonight!

  • i love what’s happening in bloomingdale/north capitol. Boundary stone, red hen, showtime, rustik, el camino (so far!) and plenty more all seem like they “get” the neighborhood and how to be a successful part of it. Washington Firehouse hopefully improves a bit from some early issues. Hopefully costa brava will get the neighborhood too… fingers crossed!

  • I went by a couple weeks before opening and they let me peek in…the inside dinner area is super cozy, it actually gave me a vibe of neighborhood-location more like Red Hen than the Firehouse.

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