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  • I’ve never been too crazy about the place, but I’m digging the new look!

  • the food and new menu are great!!! But I swear I can’t go back until they change that fryer oil or clean the grease traps! I hate being covered with that stink. And it’s just cheap and lazy and doesn’t do the food justice.

    • We always try to address issues or concerns that our customers have but we may need a little more clarification. It is unfortunate that you had an experience that made you feel that we don’t clean our friers. I can assure you that our staff changes the oil on a daily basis. Our chef puts too much of his heart and soul into his food to take those kind of details lightly. Please contact us to give us a better understanding.

  • Glad they’ve jumped on the happy hour bandwagon. Really cute place, good drinks, but couldn’t quite justify the price @ 6pm to cost-conscious colleagues who are perfectly happy screaming to communicate over the hordes of interns at Vinoteca down the street.

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