Bullfrog Bagels popping up at Tryst in Adams Morgan this Saturday


More good news from Tryst:

“Tryst Coffeehouse, Bar & Lounge, located in the heart of Adams Morgan at 2459 18th Street, NW, is proud to announce a Bullfrog Bagels takeover this Saturday, November 22nd, where they will be offering a limited amount of DC’s much buzzed about Bullfrog Bagels for purchase from 6:30 a.m. until supplies last.

Tryst, a coffeehouse in Adams Morgan, opened its doors in 1998 and immediately became a neighborhood gathering place for the immediate community and city as a whole. It offers delicious specialty coffee, handcrafted cocktails and an extensive café menu of food options. Tryst always sells assorted bagels throughout the day topped with delicious spreads or with the incredibly popular Smoked Salmon Plate that features smoked salmon, red onion, tomato, capers and cream cheese with a bagel of choice. However, this weekend all of their bagels will be replaced by local, hand-rolled, boiled and baked artisan bagels from Bullfrog Bagels in DC’s Atlas District.

Bullfrog Bagels, located at 1341 H Street, NE, opened its doors just two months ago, after a series of successful pop-ups around the city this past summer. Establishing themselves as city favorites from day one, an opinion solidified by the Washington Post Express naming them their favorite DC bagel this September, they’ve been challenged to keep their freshly baked bagels on the shelves. While many fans liken Bullfrog’s bagels to classic NYC-style (of which DC’s infamously had something of a dearth), the man behind the secret signature recipe, Bullfrog Founder and Baker, Jeremiah Cohen, takes tremendous Stars and Bars pride in the fact that like himself, Bullfrog Bagels are born and bred Washingtonians made with DC water and raised with local wild yeast.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user AWard Tour

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  • While I loathe to support the cruel and inhumane hunting of wild yeast, I may need to stop by and finally try these bagels if I’m up early enough.

  • Finally gonna be rewarded for early-morning dog walks (besides the pretty sunrises, the quiet, the wildlife, etc.)

  • maxwell smart

    I’m starting to feel like “pop-up (insert food item here)” is the next DC locally-sourced, artisan, small-batch, farm to table, organic, gluten-free, family-owned, free range, sustainable… buzzword trend. Great, now in addition to never being able to go out for BREAKFAST on a weekend because OMG BRUNCH TOTES LOL #BLESSED #SUNDAYFUNDAY #BRUNCH, I can’t even get a simple bagel because it’s been deemed as some rare and precious trend worthy item. Ugh. Sometimes this town is the worst. The. Worst.

    • Relax. There are worst things. Enjoy a bagel.

      • maxwell smart

        But only if you line up the day before and pre-ordered last month. There should be a photo essay: Bagel Pop-Up Line OR iPhone 6 line.

    • Hahahaha! Awesome.

    • If you’re looking for a simple, well executed, New York-style bagel that comes with none of the trendy buzz, I’d highly recommend K Street Cafe & Bagel at 20th and K. It’s the sort of place you’d probably walk right by if you didn’t know it was there, but every time I’ve gone, it’s been packed. I think they’re the best in DC and would only caution against ordering some of their sillier flavors. Not that you’d do that anyway.

      • WHAT?!? My office is at 19th/K. How do I not know about this place??? And I even know about Secret Sushi.
        Breakfast next Monday!

        • OP Anon, I’ll be really interested to hear your review. I think they do the best bagel and lox sandwich in town, hands down.

          • *Maybe with the exception of Bethesda bagels, but it’s a close call.

          • Will report back on Monday, ma’am. 😀
            I love a bagel n’ lox and my standards are pretty high (…for a goy)

          • I don’t want to oversell K St Bagels — I would take NYC’s Black Seed Bagels in a second over anything in DC — but they are definitely the best I’ve had here. I also just appreciate a pleasantly low-key place, and this definitely falls into that category.

      • Absolutely. And, they have a lot of bagels!

      • I’m not sure what types of “sillier” flavors they have, but if I could find a good spinach bagel in DC, I would be Very Very Happy.

      • I like K St. Bagels too! Especially their egg & cheese on a bagel or whitefish salad. A nice yoo-hoo or tropicana OJ with it and it’s like I’m back on Long Island. I won’t say they’re the world’s greatest bagels, but they hit the spot.

        Closer to Dupont, Bagels Etc. on P near 21st is pretty good as well but they’re cash only. And Bethesda Bagels north of the circle on Connecticut are also tasty but the lines can be pretty nuts.

    • If you have this type of reaction about the foodie culture here, then don’t travel to NYC, SF, Boston, Seattle, Portland (etc etc etc), where it is significantly further along when it comes to the buzzwords and themes you mentioned. DC is playing catch up in this regard, and largely imitating instead of creating its own thing. Largely, I agree with you, but…we’re hardly “the worst”…

      • maxwell smart

        The difference in most of the other cities you have mentioned is that, okay yes, sure there are the buzzword foodie trends BUT there are a lot of other places to eat as well. You can completely avoid any buzzword trend in NYC and still get fantastic food. DC however is taking the route that every new place that opens must be as buzzwordy as possible. We’ve become a city that is increasingly becoming 1 note when it comes to food – and that 1 note is whatever is on trend this year. This year – bagel pop-ups.

      • maxwell smart

        and actually, yes I have been to every one of those cities and found eating out to be less annoyingly food hipster then DC.

      • Boston? Boston’s food sucks and is overpriced and stodgy. I didn’t love Seattle either. Even their seafood culture was not what it was cracked up to be!

    • You’ve single-handedly captured the true essence of Washington DC, circa-2014. Archaeologists will come across this comment hundreds of years from now, and it will answer many questions about the past. I’m going to McDonalds for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.

  • I hate to say it, but I tried these bagels at their “pop-up” at the Church St. farmers market last month, and they were some of the worst bagels I have ever eaten. Call me a bagel snob because I grew up eating Brooklyn and later, New Jersey bagels. However, I would take a Bethesda Bagels bagel any day over these rock-hard balls of dough and yeast. My girlfriend legitimately had to throw hers out it was so horrendous. Kind of a tragedy, IMHO.

    • I would like to add that they had no concept of how to properly apply cream cheese. It was like they used half of one of those Philadelphia to-go containers that Starbucks gives you. Awful experience, makes me shudder.

    • I had their bagels when they did a pop-up at Cake Love a few months ago. They were good and better than So’s Your Mom’s bagels, IMHO. You might have received a bad, undercooked batch.

      • Accountering

        I love SYM bagel sandwiches! I also love these. A delicious bagel sandwich is hard to top.

      • What is better, Bethesda Bagel on Connecticut or So’s Your Mom? I live above the latter, but always bike down to BB when I’m in a bagel mood and have yet to try SYM.

        • Personally, I think SYM has gone downhill in the last few years. When I first tried them 4 or 5 years ago, I thought they were a godsend. Their eggs are REALLY weird (they come out looking slightly green colored?!?) and the bagels have become rock hard. I think they changed suppliers at some point. I think Bethesda Bagel supplies them before they opened the Dupont branch, but now they might not (why give a competitor your product?)

        • maxwell smart

          Probably a bit out of the way for most of this crowd, but there is also Georgetown Bagels (which for some reason is in Bethesda). Curious how people think they rate…

          • Accountering

            I think they are best in class (DC bagel market) and love this place. I need to drive up River Road more in the morning so I can grab them on the way to work!

      • I 100% agree. I was very underwhelmed by the bagels and the customer service.

    • justinbc

      You’re not alone. I think they’re grossly overrated and them “selling out” is more a representation of their inability to properly plan supply combined with DC’s desire for good bagels but willingness to accept just about anything they deem “hard to get”. Even worse than the bagels are their bagel sandwiches, which are the most sparsely topped I’ve ever had. I’ll give them the cream cheese though, they make some excellent varieties of that (assuming it’s them that makes it).

      • Accountering

        The first bagel sandwich I had from Bullfrog was quite disappointing (not much on it) but they have improved a bit.

  • Accountering

    6:30am? On a Saturday? How the heck am I supposed to get a bagel when it is still dark out… ON A SATURDAY!

  • Terrible! I went to grab some bagels yesterday and when I got home they were toasted. Like burn toasted. What the hell? In what world is a single person ordering 6 bagels wanting them all toasted?? It doesn’t make any sense.

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