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  • I like it, then again I don’t really have the problem with pop-ups that many others do. In fact, I’m loving all the windows and multiple exposures. Would be bright and sunny!

    • Looks pretty good. End unit remodels always have the problem of what to do with the alley side wall. That’s one of those “good problems” that allows more windows, more options for bedrooms, etc.

  • Is this the race to complete the ugly house competition? What self-respecting architect dreamed that baby up?

    • There was no self-respecting architect involved here. Simple copy/paste job from some NoVa McMansion (obviously downsized and such).

  • I think the side is OK but the front, especially the dormers, is hideous. Isn’t this the house where they saved like a square foot of the facade in order to call it an alteration and not new construction?

    • Yes — not just a square foot, but the entire front wall, propped up with 2x4s. Then it fell or was knocked down, and they had to get a whole new set of new-construction permits and take some kind of ding for razing without a permit. I think the relevant ANC commissioner posted the details in a comment here a few months ago, soon after it happened.

  • Something very weird is that they put up that siding and then painted it. I didn’t even know that was a thing.
    Why not order the siding in a different color from the start?

  • the dormers remind me of cookie monster’s eyes the way they just sit on top of the roof like that.

  • I wonder how many units are in it? And how’s view of the capitol is now blocked.

  • brookland_rez

    It’s kinda big, but I actually don’t mind it. Big improvement for that corner and what was there before.

  • Emmaleigh504

    This isn’t bad at all. The Side is nice, but the front is boring compared to the house next door. Boring wins over fug any day.

  • I love the side. As someone who lives in the middle of a row, I’m so jealous of all the windows.

  • I agree that the front is awful but the side actually looks kind of nice. Is this the first time in history we’ve collectively preferred siding to brick?!?

    • Disagree. Looks like a generic infill apartment building on the side, while the front looks like its been transported from a row of townhouses in Githersburg or NoVa.

    • I’d rather that it was all brick.

      But real brick construction, not the slap-on fake brick exterior.

  • They should of moved the entrance from the front to the side and make a grand entrance with a center staircase.

  • Is it just me, or are the windows on the side pop-out thing not centered? From the front, they look like they’re skewed to the left.

  • Honestly, I’m not a fan. That said, I will give them credit for placing the electric meters on the side rather than next to the front door as so many new renovations have done.

  • It’s nice that people with no taste can always manage to find each other in a complex real estate market.

  • I think if they painted the brick (brick looks cheap and newish) and possibly the dormers it would actually look good. All the windows are nice and the side looks good to me.

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