Vastu Furniture Store Closing at the End of November after 11.5 years on 14th Street

1829 14th Street, NW

From an email:

“It is with great sadness that we announce that Vastu will be closing soon.
It has been a wonderful 11 1/2 years and we are very sorry to see it end. We simply couldn’t absorb the financial burden caused by increased costs and lowered revenue during last year’s short change in ownership.

During our time on 14th St, we have taken great pride and delight in being invited into your homes and lives, asked to help make them a little more comfortable and stylish, and we cherish the friendships we’ve made along the way. It has been an adventure watching the neighborhood go from a retail wasteland where we needed to bring lunch if we wanted to eat that day to one where there are seemingly endless options for all-day drunken brunches.

Our closing isn’t immediate and we will of course be delivering orders to those of you who still have them outstanding.

If you have been considering a new order, please contact us immediately to discuss this, as we will be able to help you in the short term and we would appreciate the support.

We will also be selling all of our current showroom inventory effectively immediately. We are not planning on opening another location, so we will be discounting everything substantially to clear out all of our stock. We still have a store full of wonderful items that we’d love to see go to good homes, like shelter puppies but without the housetraining and shoe-chewing… Our operating hours will be changing to Wed – Sat, 11-7, and Sun 12-5. If you would like to schedule an appointment during our closeout sale, please contact Craig at the store.

Again, thank you for your support, business, and friendship during our time in the Mid-city neighborhood.
We are very grateful.”

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  • brookland_rez

    Maybe too much competition with Room and Board across the street?

    • I actually had Room and Board refer me over to Vastu when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, which I thought was pretty remarkable. I had a few different R&B people tell me that they referred customers back and forth. Regarding change in ownership, I wasn’t aware of that. What change in ownership?

      • They had a lot of turnover in the past year it seemed. And I do recall them having a different owner(s) for a while, then when I went in a month or two ago the owners were different again. Not sure if they reverted back to the original owners this most recent time. They’ll be greatly missed!

  • I always thought that Vastu would have been more at home in Georgetown. They had nice stuff, but it was always way out of my price range.

  • Vastu decorated my living room and dining room in my previous condo in Columbia Heights. I still have some of the beautiful pieces in my current house. They did an amazing job and will be missed.

  • I always though they were petty pretentious and dismissive when you asked them about furniture brands that they did not carry in the store.

  • I Dont Get It

    One of the owners or decorators was on “Trading Spaces” or some show like that. I was impressed at the time.

  • Once bought a lamp from there. Went home and googled the brand since I had never heard of it. Same lamp was on sale at for $100 cheaper. Boy did I feel like a sucker. Needless to say I returned the lamp and told them why. The owner laughed.

  • With all of the expensive real estate prices on 14th Street, how can a small business even make it anymore. Be careful what you wish for people, its going to be a lot of nationwide chains and less small businesses. Very sad…

  • Aw, the staff there were really great. Hope they can find a job to stay in the 14th street neighborhood.

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