“Two Attempted Muggings in Bloomingdale Last Night”

“Dear PoPville,

There were two attempted muggings last night in Bloomingdale. First was on T street near 1st. Second one was on Seaton Place. I know because I helped stop the first one but he got away. Apparently the guy tried again a couple blocks from us but he failed and ran away again. 0 for 2 on the night. Not a smooth criminal.

Anyway, just thought it may be something you’d like to post so people in Bloomingdale stay alert. The guy was clearly not very smart if he was trying to mug people like 15 minutes apart.

He wasn’t brandishing a weapon so the threat was somewhat minimal, but you never know what he’ll bring with him next time, especially if he’s desperate.”

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  • Wonder if it’s the same guy who tried to break into a car in Eckington last night. It was a kid around 7:45 or so.

  • no description, no time for reference?

  • Last night just before 10pm. I have seen police\detective interviewing what appeared to be victims on 2nd and T. Has there been more attempts?

  • This is unsettling; sounds like this guy has some serious mental issues. Do you have any more information regarding the time? Approximate height/age/dress?

    • Definitely a young guy. He outran me and – though I’m out of shape – I can still sprint pretty fast. Was around 6’2″, African American, and had a hoodie on. Never saw his face.

      Seems like he was hiding in the alley waiting for a girl to walk by.

      Please keep your wits about you, especially when alone and give a look down alleyways when walking.

      Stay in well-lit areas if possible.

  • I was mugged on Friday night at 10:30pm right there (on 1st and Rhode Island). They snatched my purse with my phone, keys, cash, credit cards– basically everything you don’t want to be stolen. Filed a police report and am working with detectives.

    There were 2 face masked young men, and one younger boy without a face mask, who took off running east on Rhode Island.

    Apparently they went to to a Subway right afterwards and used my cards for a bunch of food in 20001. If anyone has any leads, let me know.

    • I’m sorry to hear this. It sounds like DCPD needs to step-up patrols around 1st and RIA. Was it the Subway on North Capital / Florida? If so, they should have a camera there, given the crowds that like to congregate outside. Check in with them?

      • I’m actually not sure which Subway it was, but it’s weird because apparently all Subways in 20001 were closed at 10:30… Mystery..

        • Maybe the one at Howard on Georgia Ave? Looks like that one is open until midnight.

          • Yes! It seems like it was that one! I hope the detective finds that out and can get his hands on the footage. Many thanks!

        • I had a credit card stolen and the guys kept going to the same gas station to make purchases, likely b/c they knew the people who worked there so could charge something but get cash. So not impossible it was at a Subway that was closed. But surprised there was no store number listed on the charge, like with grocery stores.

    • That’s random. Did they have a weapon? Were there not other people around? Usually that corner is pretty populated.

    • That same exact thing happened to my friend and i last saturday, 10/25. It was 4 boys, two with face mask, two younger ones without, on 2nd and U St. The strangest part was that we actually saw them on our way to the liquor store and i noted their ski mask and thought it was odd but nothing happened, so when i saw them approaching us again, i didn’t think anything of it and then they snatched my friend’s bag and took off. Spent over $100 at mcdonalds. We called the cops right away and talked with them but haven’t heard any updates.

  • That was directed to the OP, not you sig. Sorry that happened in our ‘hood!

  • I’m 5’0″ and don’t want to be a hero. If someone wearing a face mask asks for my purse in a threatening way, they get it.

  • by threatening to kick your ass. having been hospitalized by some fine young unarmed men who wanted my phone, i can tell you that the gun is unnecessary.

  • Come alone. Bring valuables. I’ll show you. If you’re an expert martial artist or weigh more than about 250, nevermind.

    • Sorry, posted in response to comment that is no longer here, in which somebody inquired how it was possible to get robbed without a weapon or threat of weapon involved.

  • My fiance also had her car broken into Saturday night (we live north of Rhode Island). She had left her car open and made someone’s job way too easy. Fortunately they didn’t find anything of value. That said, this sounds like a trend – or perhaps it’s always been this way around the area – have to be careful.

  • A few weeks ago I was walking home with my large dog on T Street at 8pm and saw a kid standing in the alley with a mask over his face. He and I made eye contact and he looked down and my dog and slumped into the shadows. It was definitely not cold enough for a mask so I told a couple coming up the street as a head’s up.

  • This public shaming of incompetent muggers is disgraceful and must be stopped.

  • Glad to hear you helped stop the first mugging. Despite the conventional wisdom around here, I wish more bystanders would step up in these situations, within reason of course.

  • novadancer

    According to both an officer and a detective (2 separate visits to our house around 10 pm since we have video cameras) it took place at the circle (3rd and t) and they ran towards 2nd. Not sure if this means there was a 3rd mugging?

  • Shouldn’t these crimes that are reported to police be on the MPD crime alerts?

  • I’m surprised no one has said this before me: if you see a suspicious person, for example with a ski mask on lurking in an alley, call the police! Better to have it on record and get a cop to do a drive by then have something like this happen with you or your neighbor!

  • Just this evening (after 6pm), a couple of teens attempted to steal my neighbor’s scooter in Shaw. This happened on Randolph St. between 4th and New Jersey Ave. She was getting off her scooter and gathering her belongings when they snuck up behind her. One of the boys couldn’t get the scooter started so they just took off. They had previously abandon another scooter in an alley nearby.

  • I am the person who was assaulted at 1st and RIA last night. Thank you so much to the submitter and his neighbors who came to my assistance; and for alerting others in our area. It is great to know that there are such wonderful people in our neighborhood, especially in light of not so wonderful happenings!

  • All: next time you see someone lurking with a face mask on, PLEASE CALL 911.

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