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  • I used to get their burritos a lot when I lived in MtP. Rarely saw anyone else in there. Well, customers that is. There always seemed to be a few people at the tables watching TV without any food

  • If it has closed down I’m not surprised. It doesn’t do enough business to stay open.

  • Maybe it can be replaced with a Trader Joes? 😉

  • What’s up? What’s up is that this place is a dump. Undercooked chicken was my last experience. Another sh!thole business on Mt. P St that won’t be missed.

    • PDleftMtP

      And yet the current incarnation of Heller’s limps on.

      • Talk about places that deserve to go under…Heller’s is just terrible. I would love to see a real coffee shop in that space. It would do really well.

        • At hellers, behind the counter are not one but TWO ugly handwritten signs that read “RESTROOM CLOSES AT 2:30”

          Perfectly sums up that place.

      • Yes, Heller’s is a bit surly, but I think they have the best bagel in the city. I think it is a good fit for the neighborhood. Also, for a real coffeeshop, go to Flying Fish down the street or Tynan in Columbia Heights. A good bakery/bagel place is much rarer and needed.

        • 2nd on that bagel comment. We don’t buy other things there besides their average donuts – but man, those bagels are pretty damn good.

          • I think i remember asking them once and being told that they don’t bake their own bagels. But one of you bagel fans could verify next time you are there.

        • PDleftMtP

          Everything else is pretty bad, and to me the bagels aren’t nearly as good as the former whatsa bagel on K (haven’t tried the pop-ups yet). It used to be less disappointing, and I totally agree that a good bakery is awesome and that I really, really want Heller’s to be good. It just isn’t, and it gets by on being the neighborhood bakery that exists, not a good neighborhood bakery.

          Totally agree on Flying Fish. I like it much better than Dos Gringos, which has always had an oddly unfriendly vibe from time to time. Others’ favorites on the strip? For me, Don Jaime’s for breakfast, hands down.

    • The big question is…. what new should go in?!

      The replacement for Adam Express is a total winner so far. There food has been awesome and the owners are really nice.

  • I think we all know why…..Anti-Taco legislation, disestablishmentarianism!

  • Walked by yesterday…sign was down, some wires exposed, boxes of food on the floor, one person sitting inside not eating anything. Not sure what’s up but the place is a dump.

  • I like this place well enough for what it is (better food than Chipotle IMO), but it never seems to have very many customers. Would not be shocked at all if it closed.

  • Let’s see…we already have a Shlubway going in next to the festering Bestworld. What highly desirable establishment might occupy the Tex-Mex space?

    • PDleftMtP

      Sadly, my reaction is “Subway? Upgrade!!”.

      As long as the street looks crappy, it’s going to have a hard time attracting much of anything. It’s amazing/depressing how little it’s changed in the last 20 years.

      • Flying Fish, Radius, Beau Thai, Each Peach – all great additions to the neighborhood.

        • Each Peach = The biggest ripoff in Mt. P.

        • PDleftMtP

          The Radius/Tonic spaces are a push – different restaurants (and long ago an organic coop) have been cycling through there for years, and they’re currently down one. Beau Thai is the first big thing that’s opened up in forever and I’m a Flying Fish fan; Each Peach is a little less useful. But that’s not much to show for 20 years of development, especially if you look at what’s happened in Columbia Heights. Don’t get me wrong; there’s a reason I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 20 years. There’s just no denying that the commercial strip has struggled for a long, long time.

          • Each peach less useful? I go there all the time now – that place was sorely needed! It completely eliminates the need to drive to whole foods, for my tastes at least.

          • PDleftMtP

            Don’t get me wrong; we go there and they have some nice stuff. But the selection is pretty limited and the prices pretty high – “completely eliminates” the need to go to a grocery store is a bit much.

          • I agree, but i said whole foods, not just any grocery store. Before each peach opened, where could you buy a grass fed steak or nice cheese within walking distance of mt p? Now you don’t have to get in a car for that.

  • I just remember stopping off at Burrito Fast my first time living in MtP (8 years ago) and then a few years ago (maybe longer – don’t remember) seeing it had a heath code violation. Ever since then I haven’t really had the desire to go back even though it was a completely different est. Hopefully something else will get in there, clean up the act, and contribute something great along that strip. If only I had some cojones to start my own business…

  • MtP: The Retail and Dining Armpit of DC.

  • Just went by again….it’s reopened.

  • We really need an overpriced salad place like Sweet Green in the MtP/CoHi area. To the would-be business owner – please franchise Sweet Green or Chopt.


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