Re-Judging Restaurants – Burritos Fast

by Prince Of Petworth November 16, 2010 at 12:00 pm 17 Comments

As I mentioned last week, from time to time, I may rejudge a restaurant that has fallen under the radar or experienced some changes. This week I think we should take a look at Burritos Fast which briefly closed in Dec. ’09 but reopened in Jan. at 3213 Mount Pleasant St NW. I just noticed they put a new Tex Mex decal in their window. I think it looks good. For those who’ve eaten their recently – have you noticed any changes? How’s the burritos? Are there any new Tex Mex options?

  • KB

    I don’t think the “Tex Mex Burrito” is just a decal — I believe it’s the new name of the place. Have to say, just adding that to the window makes a huge difference in how the place looks.

    Haven’t had the burrito recently, but a friend did and it looked pretty much the same as it was — which is to say totally serviceable, but not extraordinary or anything.

  • 16th & Monroe

    A friend calls this place “Burrito Slow.” I’ve never eaten there and haven’t ever wanted to.

  • Stavros

    KB is correct. You could do far worse.

    • Jason

      When did you purchase Burrito Fast and was it a reasonable investment?

  • Anonymous

    Ate there a couple of months ago. Definately not burrito “fast”. Food itself was ok. In the future all burrito needs will be met at Don Jaun’s or Chipotle. Maybe they should look at grabbing the Baja burrito market mmmm.

  • Anonymous

    I think the burritos there are really good actually. I’ve overheard chatter that the owner is doing a full on fix up of the place, so the new sign makes sense.

  • eli

    Burritos at Pica Taco are wonderful. This place not so much.

    • 14th St Heights


  • Anonymous

    The new name of the business is actually “Tex Mex Burrito”. They are working on removing the old sign and making some other improvements beyond just aesthetics. As everything seems to move at a snail’s pace in Mt. Pleasant due to many restrictions and red tape, improvements will most likely be slow and gradual, but hopefully substantial enough to attract the Chipotle crowd in the area.

  • mmm

    I’m a fan. Not a flavor / calorie explosion like Chipotle, but Burritos Fast burritos have a nice home made quality to them that I really like. It’s simple, but tasty.

    • Stavros

      Jason wants to know when you purchased Burrito Fast and was it a reasonable investment? Thanks.

  • ap

    Hangover food rating about 8.5 our of 10. Pretty good, easy eating, seemed fast to me, cheap. Thumbs up here.

  • Deez

    This is more of a Tex-Mex burrito than the old Salvadorean burritos. Hence the slower pace.

  • JR

    Loved this place, but with the new name came higher prices. Now the burritos are about the same price as Chipotle and only so/so. But buy local, right?

  • Yummy

    This place is horrible. There are serious sanitation issues. I tried it 2.5 times, the first time I found a long black hair in my burrito. I realize this when you eat out a hair gets in your food from time to time and I gave them a second chance, I found a huge chicken bone in my chicken burrito. The third time I was getting a bean and rice burrito, not wanting to find another bone, and the burrito maker sneezed into her hands as she was making my food. no hand washing or anything. I just walked out

  • Chris


    While your review is funny, I suspect it was written by some of the competition.

  • Rob

    I’ve eaten there a few times over the last 3 months. It’s decent… although regardless of what you order, your burrito will be made the same way.


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