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  • You’re right, they should have left the dog home in a small crate to do nothing while they went outside and did something active. That dog looks dreadfully unhappy…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      DRC I’m sorry I didn’t include an emoticon to better indicate that I was just kidding. 🙂 There you go – crisis averted!

      • Haha, I know, the title seemed pretty serious, but the comment obviously wasn’t. I just figured you needed some kind of jerky response to match all the other articles. 🙂

  • I got you PoP. I once took my lab to my boyfriend’s tennis match. He was well-trained and well-behaved (the dog, that is), but seeing his buddy playing with a tennis ball was too much for him. He lunged out on the court, tearing the leash from my hand, stopping play, all with this big goofy “YAAAAAY PLAYTIME” grin on his face.

  • Not sure it is allowed, but sometimes we take our dog to place tennis with us to work her out. We play with several so she’s always running after one, while we are volleying another…

  • And my dog could care less about a ball, he’s so happy to sunbathe on the warm tennis court while we play. He’s more like a cat, I suppose. Haha – maybe this dog is similar!

  • You should see some of the dogs at the 5th and P dog park. It is right next to a soccer field and they just run side to side following the ball and hoping it comes over the fence (or hoping they can magically run through the fence). I saw a ball come over one time and it was destroyed in a matter of seconds!

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