Rowhouse turned Restaurant, EatsPlace, Soft Opening Wed. for DC Born & Raised’s Dinner and Thurs. for Mason Dixie Biscuit Co’s breakfast and lunch – Have a Look Inside

3607 Georgia Avenue, NW

Amazing transformation vol. 72 – former rowhouse at 3607 Georgia Avenue, NW just south of the Petworth metro across the street from DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge. A few weeks ago we got an early look at the opening menus for EatsPlace’s first pop up restaurants (soon there will be cooking classes offered upstairs too.) From an email:

DC Born & Raised @EatsPlace (every day dinner and weekend brunch) will be open starting Wednesday 10/8 from 5:00 PM – 10 PM. Weekend hours are 10 AM – 10 PM.

Mason Dixie Biscuit Co @EatsPlace (weekday breakfast and lunch) will be open starting Thursday 10/9 from 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Drinks @EatsPlace will be open starting Wednesday 10/8, and regular hours going forward:
Monday – Thursday 7AM – 2PM / 5PM – Midnight
Friday 7AM – 2PM / 5PM – 1AM
Saturday 10 AM – 1AM
Sunday 10 AM – Midnight

** soft opening means a slightly limited menu with unlimited hospitality!”



Lots more photos after the jump.




Katy Chang, Founder – Babas Cooking School LLC / EatsPlace


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  • Looks cool, but boo for complete lack of any vegetarian options. I guess I shall not be visiting.

    • I realize that this a pop up incubator, so maybe others will be more welcoming to vegheads. I’ll hold out some hope.

    • Looks like D.C. Born & Raised has no vegetarian options, but Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. does — there’s a peaches-with-honey-and-ricotta sandwich, some vegetarian sides, four vegetarian biscuits, and three vegetarian biscuit spreads.

    • If you want a restaurant with vegetarian options, open your own. No one in this world is required to cater to your specific needs.

      • Geez, okay. The idea here is that people are providing feedback to the owners. That being: If you don’t want to alienate lots of potential customers, then put at least one veggie-friendly thing on your menu. Nobody said they were required to do anything. Calm down.

    • I just reached out to the owner (we’re related) requesting vegetarian options. I’m sure they’ll be a part of the full menu. Thanks for your feedback!

    • Here’s the full menu–

      I linked directly to the Salads, but you can see the rest from the restaurant website.

  • I MUST check this out… those biscuits sound so tempting.

  • Sounds good, but any word on pricing?

  • Final menus will be posted on soon with vegetarian options (and prices). Thanks for your support! Katy

  • That’s awesome! Welcome to the hood!

    I think this is the newest business to open in upper park view in quite some time… Looking forward to more growth with reasonably priced (and communally inspired) businesses!

  • I have to admit the renovation looks amazing. Kudos to everyone involved. Count me in the group that believes Petworth needs much more quality dining options. Eats Place seems to fit the bill, but I honestly don’t get the pop-up restaurants. I feel like I never know what the menu is or what will be served on a specific night. Having to look online or track down info based on schedules, seems like a hassle.

  • This is great! Good luck to the owner. Georgia Avenue is really turning into one of the best places for eating and drinking out and a real alternative to the 14th&U Corridor. Let’s hope a few more good shopping options follow, there seems to be a lot of opportunity given the plethora of empty storefronts.

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