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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Due to working in a small office downtown, all the regular staff are at a conference and I am the only one here. There is also going to be a massive building wide evacuation drill during which I will just take a long walk.
    Rave: I tried shock top’s honey crisp apple wheat ciderbeer and it was really good.

  • Not a rave or rant, but does anyone have any idea when the Washington Firehouse restaurant on N. Cap is going to open? A few weeks ago it seemed like it was imminent, but I’ve seen nothing so far to suggest that it is.

    • i peeked in there the other day. they have chairs and it looks like all of the work is done? nothing on their facebook though. on the plus side, pub and the people is making some significant progress down the street.

    • I’ve lived in the area for five years and watched the progress. I’d guess November for an opening. November 2016.

      • So this is unhelpful. Obviously it’s close to opening – they’ve passed the major hurdles, have furniture and all of the equipment needed. I realize progress was slow for a while, but I think they are close.

        • you asked for ideas, this is one person’s idea.

        • Sorry I wasn’t helpful enough for you. Let me try again. I’ve lived in the area for five years. For the last few years, they’ve provided multiple planned opening dates. Each has come and gone. They last announced an opening date of early September and it’s now October 3. During the years the Firehouse has tried to get up and running, many empty commercial spaces in Bloomingdale have been renovated, obtained the necessary permits and licenses, and opened to become successful restaurants, so it’s apparently possible to do. The Firehouse owners seem to have the business skills of a doorknob.
          So, to provide you with a “helpful” answer, I would say they will not open in the foreseeable future. There will always be one more issue they need to deal with, and it will just continue the pattern of ineptitude.

      • I live down the street, and having worked from home a bunch this week, they’ve been making a whole lot of productive-sounding noises. Go team go!

  • Rave: Apple picking this weekend in Marshall, VA. Any good brunch places outside the beltway, along 66?
    Rave: NATS.

    • Accountering

      Stribling Orchard was pretty fun. There was a good article on DCIst about place to apple pick in Virginia just a few days ago.

      • Thanks, but looking for a brunch place on the way out.

        • Accountering

          Shoot. I completely missed that. Whoops! There is a good spot in fairfax I like that does a brunch buffet, just off of 50 and 66. Primetime Sports Bar and Grill.

  • rave: going to the nats game today!

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    Rave: Thank you Jesus, daddy and the spook it’s Friday. This week has been the worst.

  • Rant: They should just rename the X2 route to “who can blast their rap music the loudest”.
    Rant: Racist bus drivers who always let some people on after the bus has pulled away from the stop and always keep the doors closed on others and yell at them for trying to get on. It’s pretty obvious to those on the bus the difference between the 2.

    • justinbc

      If you wear your own headphones then at least you won’t have to hear all the others?

      • I like to read in the morning. Something that actually requires a functioning brain.

      • Justin — In theory, listening to your own music might block out loud music coming from other people’s headphones… but if they’ve got it loud enough, sometimes you’d risk hearing damage if you actually turned it up high enough to drown theirs out.

        • justinbc

          With my headphones/earbuds I hear almost no other noises, even if I’m not playing music of my own.

        • Exactly Anon at 12:57 — I don’t understand how people commute with headphones on at all. I’d go crazy if I couldn’t hear what was behind me.

          • justinbc

            I try not to really worry about anything, even stuff I probably should. I also really don’t wear them that often (just offering advice to someone who’s apparently having a problem with noise), only when I want to zone out or need help waking up in the morning.

          • Women don’t have the option to “not worry about anything”, or to zone out in public. We HAVE to listen to others’ obnoxious music in order to be aware of the rest of our surroundings. Check your privilege.

          • Anonymous 4:27, if I’m to judge by what I see every day on my metro commute, you are incorrect. Or to put it differently, *many* women disagree with you. Check your outrage.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m not seeing any privilege in Justin’s post. If he got mugged everyone would be blaming him for his headphones. Maybe I’m missing something b/c I too try not to worry about stuff and like to zone out listening to music sometimes.

          • justinbc

            Check my privilege, lol, OK lady. By turning everything into a “woe is me” situation you really diminish the ones people should be focused on.

  • Rave: We won our first co-ed softball game last night, by about 20 points
    Rave: A few people on the team called me the “mvp”, i just do what i can.
    Rave: Its friday and been a fast week, looking forward to a weekend of no running around, football on TV only, and just trying to relax and get outside some.

  • Rant: Got called an asshole for not letting a pedestrian cross against the light at Thomas Circle while I was in the bike lane. Every morning I have to dodge people cutting me off to cross Mass.
    Rave: Friday morning bagel.

  • Question: I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, but another organization (one that I’m much more interested in) has asked me back for a final interview. They took so long, I thought my candidacy was off the table. I’m going to take the interview on my lunch hour, because, why not?! But if they offer me the position (which would be for more money and more responsibility) do I take it? I’m at mid-level management, so I don’t want to hurt my reputation in my industry. I made a commitment to this organization and position, but it’s turning out not to be what i thought it would be. Hmmmm…..

    • Yes, take it if they offer it. If you are just a few weeks in, leave this current job off your resume. You sound unhappy in your current spot. In addition, if you are offered the new job (more money, more responsibility) and don’t take it, you will be stuck in your current job KNOWING you are worth more and are trusted more.

      • Agreed x 1000
        Take it and don’t look back. You will be miserable at your current gig, if you turn it down knowing that (a.) you’re worth more and (b.) you could be doing more satisfying work. Reputation should certainly be considered, but it’s not worth being stuck somewhere for multiple years that makes you unhappy.

    • If your new company thought you weren’t quite what they thought you might be, they would let you go. If the reverse is true, let them go; just give them notice and try to keep the door open; no bridge burning.

    • Accountering

      If you aren’t happy, and you have a better opportunity, I would 100% take it.

    • GiantSquid

      Some jobs have a 3 month “probation” period where either party can say “it’s not working out” and walk without giving a reason. See if there’s something in your contract.

      • Doesn’t that only apply to contracted employment? At-will employees can do this any time, or have it done to them.
        Not knowing OP’s situation, of course. But I’d assume he/she is free to walk off any time for any reason.

        • Yeah, it’s at will employment. My only concern is a reputational one. I don’t want to be seen as someone who leaves my team hanging or who cut out on her responsibilities. I guess you’d call that a flake. Anyhoo…good to have your opinions. Thanks!

          • I guess if you hadn’t been at your previous job very long this might be an issue – people will be hesitant to hire you thinking you might be there only a short time until the next better thing comes along.
            But if you were at your prior position a fairly long time, and this new opportunity is recognizably different from the position you’re currently in, then you can explain the move and rational people will get it. Honestly, if you’ve only been there a couple of weeks then you won’t be so entrenched that you will be difficult to replace (assuming that the org you might move to doesn’t continue to drag their heels at this stage of the search).

      • i had to pay my signing bonus back if i quit voluntarily any time in the first 12 months. YMMV.

  • Rant: Why is the air conditioning still on in our office? Brrrrrrr.
    Rave: Delicious coffee and an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast.
    Rave: I have a lovely weekend planned.

  • Rant: Someone keeps trying to sign in to my Apple account. 17 times last night! Someone does this every other week or so (and yes, I keep changing my password). Stop trying to access my cloud, whoever you are!
    Rave: Old friends. Had great conversations and tipsy heart to hearts with some fellow diplobrats last night. They make me happy.

  • laduvet

    Rant: I hate my office/job
    Rave: I keep getting more responsibility…(very confusing)
    Rave: the man has left me alone for the weekend! ohh the trouble i will get into! Aka..sleeping in the middle of the bed, blasting and dancing to my “vag rock” and cleaning every surface till it shines!

  • Rave: DC United can clinch their playoff spot tonight.
    Rave: Number 1 in the Eastern Division
    Rant: No love from DC for the team. I get the Nats are a big deal but a little love is deserved for one hell of a comeback season.

    • Whoa there false dichotomy Colhi! I’m psyched for the United and the Nats. The playoffs are here for the Nats. The playoffs will (ideally) be here come November. I’m a little worried about the 18th – I have yet to see DC beat Chicago in person.

      • Agree that it’s the Nats time to shine. I just being ranty. Also, don’t worry about Chicago, I watched them last night and they look terrible.

  • Rant: The bartender that decided to bail on work, head to NOLA without letting anyone know, and caused a manhunt on his behalf. What a waste of time, energy, and resources.

    Rave: Halfday Friday.

    • We don’t know yet whether this is what happened. (I certainly hope it’s not what happened.) Perhaps there was mental illness involved; schizophrenia often first presents when people are in their 20s.

      • That’s my thought too. I work with adults with disabilities and some mental illness and there was something in his eyes that kind of made me wonder…

    • I’m just curious how you get to NOLA without touching your bank accounts or cards. Even if you drove, you’d have to stop for gas and pay tolls, which means he had a good chunk of cash on him. Which could be the case since bartending is a cash-heavy job.

      But mostly, I’m glad he’s okay.

      • Ally

        Yeah, he apparently didn’t own a car either. Anyway, I’m just glad he’s safe. If I’d been his Mom, I’d have just been completely beside myself.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I know how. He ran into some people (hopefully friends) who said, hey you wanna go on a road trip? He got into the car without thinking to tell anyone what was up. Didn’t even have to have a destination. I knew some people who decided to get into a car and drive til they found snow. The 20s are full of whimsy.

    • Do you know something we don’t, Gman? Because my first thought was, I hope for his sake his didn’t have a psychotic break. 20s is a typical age for it. When my family member first became ill, this sort of thing happened a couple of times. We are profoundly grateful that he was never harmed while lost. (And he was so lost, it was heartbreaking. Can you imagine not know where you are, how you got there, who to call, or even HOW to call??) We live in fear that his meds will stop working and it will happen again someday, and he won’t be so lucky.

  • epric002

    rant: my sister had to put one of her dogs down on monday πŸ™
    rave: friday!
    rave: RX food seems to be fixing the nasty gastro issue puppy was having!

  • justinbc

    Rant: Kept seeing people on here rave about honeycrisp apples, so I bought a couple yesterday and absolutely hate them. Maybe HT apples just suck, but there was very little appealing about this apple to me. I think the others will be donated to the office community food counter.
    Rave: Partner is 1/4 through deployment. I’ve completed way more projects on the house in that time than I anticipated, so hopefully she’ll be pleasantly surprised (assuming I keep up that pace).

    • Emmaleigh504

      Not just HT, honeycrisp apples are vile.

    • Justin, your honeycrisp apple experience was my cookie butter experience. πŸ˜‰

    • Hit up one of the local markets. HT may get theirs regionally, but I’ve found the farmer’s market ones to be spot on. Honeycrisp are delicious, but thankfully for you about done.

    • Maybe you could use them for baking?

      • +1. Or you can make applesauce!

        • justinbc

          Way too much work for something I already don’t like πŸ˜‰

          • It’s easy! Just chop them up and cook them over the stove in some water with sugar and spices until they get mushy. And then you can make applesauce cake, which is the best way to eat applesauce πŸ™‚

          • Hmmm, I guess it depends on what you don’t like about them. Is it the taste? Too sweet, too sour? Texture?

          • epric002

            cut them up and throw them in a crockpot with a little cider/juice and cinnamon if you like it. if you want to can it- add some lemon juice. warm homemade applesauce over vanilla ice cream is amazing. also really good on pancakes.

    • Honeycrisp apples are my favorites, followed by Pink Lady and Jazz. This year though, I’ve been underwhelmed by them. Last year when I was jonesing for them, one of the proprietors of the farmers market where I bought them told me that they can change from year to year – and last summer was a very good year for them. So either this year isn’t a great year, or I haven’t found the right source. Just like the GOOD dark chocolate Justin’s peanut butter cups … A good Honeycrisp apple is truly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. A not so good one straddles between meh and downright disgusting.
      Okay, now that I’ve babbled about food, I feel like it’s time for bras, shoes, and handbags!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I tried Envy apples for the first time this year, they are pretty good. Good texture and flavor for eating raw.

        • I’ll look out for them! And I’ll have fun cozying up to the folks in the markets asking for “Envy”! lol

      • justinbc

        Yeah, disgusting is about what I would say as well. But I have a few coworkers who could outpace a goat in eating garbage, so I doubt they’ll complain.

      • Agreed on being underwhelmed by the honeycrisp harvest this year. The ones I bought from the market last weekend were not as flavorful as I remember. I still ate them. Even mediocre apples are delicious when covered in peanut butter πŸ™‚

      • Blithe, you’re raising a good point here. a honeycrisp is not a honeycrisp is not a honeycrisp. The fresh ones from the market are in a whole different league!

        Also, some farmers markets in the fall have setups where you try samples of a bunch of different apple varieties. I’ve seen this at Dupont more than once and imagine that other markets have them too. There are so many tasty varieties! This thread is making me want to go to the Dupont farmers market this weekend!

        • Related. If you google the story “Your Apples Are A Year Old,” you’ll see what I mean. Farmers market apples are actually fresh(er)!

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        This is No Bra Talk Friday!

    • GiantSquid

      If you ever see Macouns, BUY THEM! You won’t be disappointed. Hard to find down this way. Might need to raid some Upstate NY grocery stores on our next visit.

      • Oh! According to the email they are supposed to be at the MtP market this Saturday, at both the Reid’s and Quaker Valley stands.

      • Oh, how I miss upstate NY during apple season! I did find Macouns around here once, but they were gross – it’s not a variety that does well this far south.

    • Sometimes the variety (as long as we’re excluding Red Delicious, which should not even be called apples) matters less than when and how the apples were picked, stored, etc. In other words, a fresh apple of a variety I don’t usually like will almost always taste better than a better variety that’s been stored a long time.

  • Rave: The Birds last night.
    Rave: NATS!
    Rant: I have to do laundry and clean before the game because my folks are coming over for dinner after the game. (what a minor rant!)
    Rant/rave: I’m getting a new job, which means my boss lost 80% of his staff in 10 days. Since I’m the last one out the door, I will be having a very uncomfortable convo with my boss on Monday. I don’t get to be the one who breaks it to him that I am leaving. He will likely call it a betrayal because he’s cray cray like that.
    Rave: this weekend! It’ll be sweet for the most part, minus a bit of sadness, but that’s life. Nats today, family dinner tonight, NSO tomorrow, new job Monday(?). Things are looking up, Milhouse!

    • “Rant/rave: I’m getting a new job, which means my boss lost 80% of his staff in 10 days. Since I’m the last one out the door, I will be having a very uncomfortable convo with my boss on Monday. I don’t get to be the one who breaks it to him that I am leaving. He will likely call it a betrayal because he’s cray cray like that.”
      Hopefully your boss has the self-awareness to see that there’s probably some major dysfunctional behavior on his part that caused him to lose 80% of his staff in 10 days. That’s not normal.

  • Rave: Started a new project today. Better pay, nicer office, closer to Chipotle.
    Rave/rant: New roommate moving in today. Old roommate being a jerk.
    Rant: House hunting is a pain. My old realtor went in house, and I much preferred her style: tell her what I want, she brings me only a few places to consider. Every week I’m seeing new places that don’t cut it or being overbid on others.
    5 years ago was so easy!
    Rave: Bike lessons (almost 30 & still haven’t learned)!

    • I like your last rave! I assume you mean bicycle? One of my girlfriends just learned to ride a bike in her 30’s. Good for you!!!

    • Are you looking to buy or rent? If you’re buying, I would highly recommend the agent I used. Although she didn’t give us a list of places, per se, she did a wonderful job of helping us understand what we could afford in each neighborhood, provided us with a very tailored MRIS search, and coached us through what we would need to do to make a successful bid for each place we liked. We ended up bidding on only two places, and could have won our first bid if we were willing to go slightly higher (we weren’t). Let me know if you want her name.

  • Bear

    Rant: Lots of work stress this week. I keep telling myself that I like the paycheck and running away to join the circus just isn’t a practical option.
    Rave: Wrapping up one proposal and it’s a really interesting opportunity in Morocco. Would love to be able to go there!
    Rant: Will have to move right on into the next proposal, which will be a really tough one. Thinking maybe I need a few days off before it really gets into gear so I can into a better head space. So much drama at work lately, it’s really draining.
    Rave: Don’t think I’ll have to put in any hours over the weekend so I can enjoy some down time with the boys and a good friend.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My grandfather and his pony ran away to join the circus once or twice.

    • I suggest working from home while in your pjs next week. You’ll get more done and not have to deal with work drama. Also, some time digging in the garden this weekend will be therapeutic!

    • Bear

      Actually I don’t really want to join the circus. What I want to do is create a new job for myself here as the in-house photographer. But instead of having to do crappy corporate headshots (that was my first job out of college, and it sucked), I would travel to our projects in the field and document the stories and impacts. Except no one wants to actually pay for good photography. We usually hire local companies who aren’t very good, or we provide mediocre equipment to project staff, and try to train them on it. But because we don’t pay for good equipment our pictures are not stellar. I think this is a brilliant idea and yet no one takes it seriously. Probably because my value is in winning proposals and they don’t want to lose that.

      • Why don’t you work towards being one of the local companies yourself. Your background in the work would make you stand out amongst the competitors.

      • IIRC, Bear works in international development, which means that the “local companies” are probably ones based in those particular countries/cities.

        • Bear

          This. It’s also the travel that people don’t want to pay for.

          • Bear

            Also, I worked in a studio for 2 years and freelanced for a couple years after that. I give mad props to Pablo and other photographers I know who can deal with the uncertainty – and the crappiness – of some of the jobs you have to take to stay afloat. Right now I need a steady salary and benefits, so unless someone wants to hire me as an in-house photographer it’s not going to happen.

  • Rant: Still have this day to get through.
    Rant: I have a headache.
    Rant: General confusion in life.

    Rave: Husband and I have a lot of great options on the table, hence the confusion. I wish there was a way I could see how each choice would end up.

  • Rave: NATS!
    Rant/Question?: Anyone know how I can live stream this at work for free????

    • jim_ed

      The Fox Sports 1 app for phones is apparently streaming it. No guarantee we don’t get hit with the absurd blackout laws though.

      • Only works for people with cable subscriptions. πŸ™ Thanks for the tip, I’m sure it will help others.

    • You can sign up for postseason.tv. It’s not free, but it’s only $5 for all of the postseason games. You get the audio feed from the broadcast, but have to choose a camera angle (i.e., don’t get the benefit of the director’s camera cuts). We’ve subscribed over the last few years and it’s totally worth it.

    • Does anyone know where I can stream just the audio? No radio reception at work and the stations they list as broadcasting it are streaming sports talk shows.

  • Rave – Valerie June gave an amazing show last night at Sixth and I. It was like a religious experience. What a voice! And the venue was beautiful. Just what I needed to wind down from a stressful week.
    Rant/Rave – Going to San Francisco this weekend, but I’m going for work so I won’t have a lot of time for fun. At least the weather will be nice out there.

  • Accountering

    Rant: My companies conference budget for this year was 1.25 million. One conference in spring, and one in September. We just found out from the lady at our parent company who is now planning these that she spent 1.6 million. This is absolutely going to thrash our budget, and any chance we had of hitting our pre-tax earnings target for the year. Lame.
    Rave: Nats!
    Rant2: Can’t dip out of work to go the the game. Also lame.
    Rave2: OSU vs UMD tomorrow! Super excited! O-H!

    • Wait, how can she just do that? I feel like there’s some sort of internal control issue there that someone hasn’t picked up on.

    • laduvet

      let me know if her job becomes available…

      • Honestly, it sounds like there’s plenty of blame to go around: the CEO, the meeting planner, and accounting/finance. He had a vision, she executed, and no one bothered to look at what she was spending to make it happen. Someone had to sign off on the checks – why were no flags raised? Someone tending the books should have caught this. It’s not the meeting planner’s job to create the budget for the company and it clearly sounds like it wasn’t communicated to her.

        • Accountering

          There is plenty of blame to go around. We have outsourced our meeting planning to parent company, under the assumption that sponsors cover the cost of the conferences (has netted to zero the last three years) – this year, our collections from sponsors is about $200,000 below budget, and the conference cost was $350k over budget. I am in accounting/finance here, and this is the first we are hearing about cost overruns. Everything we have been hearing is on budget for both conference and sponsors. We give them the budget, and they execute. They sign checks/vendors etc at the parent company. Agree, this is not good, and our division VP is not happy in the least. There are going to be some serious conversations between CEO, division VP, and meeting planner.

  • Random Question:

    What do you consider an expensive burger to cost?

    To try and keep everyone on the same train of thought let’s say a burger is a single beef patty with lettuce, tomato, kethup/mustard/mayo/etc. but without cheese (since that can cost extra a certain places).

    Rant: Sister messages me to ask my blood type and proceeds to send me a link to a site that suggests a certain type of diet based on it…O.o.
    Rave: Had pancakes for breakfast. It’s been a while since I did.

    • skj84

      To answer your burger question, I think anything more than $20.00 is expensive. Of course it depends on what kind of restaurant is serving the burger. I did comp sets for my restaurant job. The place I worked was high end and our burger was $18. At our competition burgers ranged from $20 to $25. I personally wouldn’t pay that much for a burger, but I don’t have an issue with restaurants charging that much.

      • justinbc

        $25 given the criteria he set? (single beef patty with lettuce, tomato, ketchup/mustard/mayo/etc. but without cheese) That’s more than expensive, that’s absurd. To answer the question, I would say it still depends on a few other variables (type of beef and size of the patty) but given the very basic descriptors you’ve set I would say anything above $10 would be considered “expensive”, and $7 or $8 might be “reasonable” depending on the quality of what you’re making.

    • Wasn’t Palena’s burger around $12 or $14? They theoretically had the best burger in town. Personally, I preferred Dino’s and St. Arnold’s burgers, which were/are priced no more than $15 and have a hell of a lot more complex toppings than what you proposed.

      • justinbc

        Yes but their burger also had cheese. (and I also found it very underwhelming) The best burger deal I’ve found in town is Black Jack’s happy hour burger (Two Wood Grilled Patties, Cayenne Aioli, Green Chilies, Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce and Onions) which is somewhere around $7 if I recall and absolutely delicious, and comes with fries.

    • Emmaleigh504

      $10+ is expensive to me for a basic burger (just burger no sides). Of course other variables come into place like type of restaurant, fancy meat/toppings, sides.

    • I’d pay up to about $15 without really thinking about it. Above $15, and it would have to be special in some way or at a pretty high end place. But if I’m at a high end place, I’m usually not ordering a burger.

    • For those criteria, more than $10 for a burger is expensive. If I’m paying more for that it would have to come with additional toppings and/or item(s) on the side.

    • Yeah, I’d say more than about $10.

    • ha ha, my sister is also obsessed with that blood type = diet and exercise hooplah

  • skj84

    Rave: I had a great time at DC Tech Day yesterday. Got some networking in, and really enjoyed learning about the tech developments.

    Rave: Between Tech Day and the Yelp event I attended after I also got some great Swag! I will fully admit that my favorite part of events is the free stuff. I don’t buy pens, I just wait until I go to a conference. And companies are getting creative! I think I picked up 5 pairs of sunglasses yesterday. Plus I got a beer stein, flask, playing cards and lots of coozies.

    Rant: I learned the hard way on why it is a bad idea to drink one of those beer boots at Dacha after consuming several beers before. I think I was in bed before 9 last night.

    Rave: At least I don’t have anywhere to be today. I can suffer on my sofa all day if I choose.

  • Rant: the four men who come to the ‘dog park’ at the 11th and park to sit, smoke dope and beat the shit out of their two dogs. It has been awhile since I’ve been there so I suspect there has already been community rants about this. Fill me in?
    Rave: the life my dogs live and the love we share.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Jobs numbers today! USA added 248,000 jobs in September, and revisions to the past two months added an additional 69,000 jobs. The unemployment rate dropped to 5.9%, and the underemployment rate dropped to 11.8%. Great to see Americans getting put back to work!

    • +1 And is it my imagination, or does it feel like there is actually a recovery happening?

      • Accountering

        It is not your imagination. The rest of the country would believe it (and these things pile on each other, when people believe in the recovery, they buy houses, and cars, and hire more employees – hence accelerating the recovery) were it not for the republicans continued political insistence that Obama and the Democrats have ruined the country. A quickly recovering economy goes against pretty much everything they run on.

      • I think is is probably your imagination. The jobs report numbers do not tell the whole story. They are notorious for not including those who gave up looking for jobs, and they do not capture the MANY people have taken on part-time or lower paying jobs. The real story is the incredible stagnation of wages for the middle class (WAPO was reporting on this yesterday). For many of us, we’re falling behind. This is why it doesn’t feel like a “recovery” to most Americans.

        • And then there are the people like my former roommate whose parents pay for all his expenses and only works 1 day a week and plays video games the other 6. He collects unemployment so he’s still grouped alongside the people who actually TRY to find jobs.

        • Accountering

          I don’t think you read my post. All metrics are down, including U-6, which is down 1.8% Y/Y. That IS real. I do agree with you on stagnation of wages, me thinks that as the available pool of labor keeps shrinking, wage growth will start to pick-up. We have raised our starting salaries for new hires roughly 10% across the board, and are doing 3% COLA instead of 2% this year, just one anecdote, but it IS happening.

          • +1

            Why do I feel like if Obama cured breast cancer the main response would be skin cancer is much worse. Why are we even talking about breast cancer?

            Yes, the employment stats leave out a lot but they ALWAYS have and yet we use them as a measure of the economic growth.

          • Accountering, I haven’t looked at the economic data nearly as closely as you have, and am curious what you think about how the above point about the recovery being uneven. While the recovery seems to be going pretty well for those of us in DC and in other big cities, it seems like there are plenty of communities seeing stagnant employment and wages (or worse). Is that fair to say, given the data you’ve seen?

          • Accountering

            I think it certainly is uneven, with college educated people (and the top 20%/top 1%) capturing nearly all of the income gains. Other cities are actually catching up over the last 2-3 years. The DC Metro area has basically stopped growing, and actually was worst on growth of the top 15 biggest cities over the past year.
            I agree though, there are a lot of rust-belt and similar cities who are just never going to come back. Small towns in the middle of nowhere and coal country etc.

  • Rave: just had my condo cleaned. I hate that I’m too lazy to do it myself, but I’ll pay for it because I feel so much better when it’s clean. Now to keep it clean.
    Rave: I got a deal on a HVAC system check up, the tech is on his way now. I feel so put together getting all of this stuff taken care of. It’s Michael and Sons btw.
    Rant: writing goals for work stinks.
    Rave: Caps preseason game last night. I got bonus hockey with my free hockey after the Caps tied it up late and went to OT and the shoot out. I completely forgot that preseason hockey switches to old school rules, 4 on 4 for 5 minutes. That was nice little throw back. Had fun with my former roommate at the game and the guys behind us who went super creepy when they photo bombed our first selfie of the Caps season.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Any recommendations for condo cleaning? And I mean scrubbed clean cleaning not just dusting and vacuuming. I have a hidden disability and I really need the help.

      • I used Maids in Black, they have a first time $20 off deal. I think they did a good job and it looks like you can add on services for additional cleaning, beyond the basic. I’m not sure I would say the standard service is out of this world, but the place is clean.
        I used to have a great woman, my friend’s nanny who had every other Friday off, but she moved. That woman used to spend 6 hours in our 2 bedroom apt and charged $100. Those were the days.
        Accountering, didn’t you say you have a good cleaner? Mind sharing?

        • anonymouse_dianne

          Thanks! I had printed out some stuff on Maids in Black. I think Justin mentioned them. Maybe I will give them a try. I was using HomeJoy and they were excellent the first time. Only the first time.

    • Accountering

      Jeslett, what am I missing here? Isn’t this how OT is always done (at lease since the lock-out?)

  • Rave: Got told by my job they’re gonna be out of funding for me in 6 months, boo. So basically a 6 month notification of losing my job.
    Rant: I hate my job anyway so maybe this is the push I need to find a new one/make a career transition into something I really like. Working on resumes is hard, but I really hope something works out for me ASAP! Really don’t want to/can’t afford to be unemployed.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Apples are the new bra?
    Rant: UPS failed me again yesterday. Today is the final delivery day. I’m not optimistic.
    Rave: New windows look great and block out so much sound!
    Rave: Donna survived her day in the closet and was not extra needy when I got home. She’s a trooper!

    • Accountering

      Rave: It was 10:44 before the first mention of “bra” came out. This is a big improvement over the rest of this week.

    • Emilie, your rave #1 is making me think about the “Little House on the Prairie” episode in which Laura puts apples into her dress to try to fake a bosom.

      • Emmaleigh504

        lol and now we almost have apples in bras!
        (that is the second reference to Laura and food I’ve seen in less than 24 hours. I should really read those books.)

        • EMILIE, YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS?!? And you’re a librarian??
          The apple/bosom thing is only on the TV show, but you need to read the books. How did you not read them growing up?

          • justinbc

            I didn’t even know they were books as well.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t know how I didn’t read them. I think my sister even had the books. She probably wouldn’t share.
            Also, I have never been a children’s librarian. When I was a public librarian I did adult reference. Now I do very specific information retrieval for the feds. Today’s project is CAPTCHA. Librarians are a complex species πŸ™‚

          • Emilie,

            You work in Foggy Bottom?

          • +1 You absolutely have to read the series. And buy the cookbook. And be prepared to do some rather odd shopping. As a kid I remember making ice cream and being talked out of buying a pig’s tail. And I’m still wondering what vanity cakes taste like.

          • Emmaleigh504

            2:28 not foggy bottom, in VA. I’m a contractor.
            Blithe, I love cookbooks! I read any cookbook! Can I just read the cookbook?

          • Yep — you can just read the cookbook . It should be fun to read even if you haven’t read the books.

      • Haha – great reference. And even better use of the word “bosom.”

    • Bummer! Not to be selfish, but does that mean that we’ll have to wait days and days for your new handbag report?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yes! πŸ™ I just checked and they missed me the 1st time but will try again today. I left a signed door thingy and there’s the apartment manage (who was prolly at lunch b/c it 12:02)! This is killing me!

  • Does anyone have a good recommendation for a doctor that deals with back pain? Thanks!

    • What kind of back pain? The only thing that’s helped me is PT at Washington Wellness for lower back pain from a stuck SI joint. I didn’t even have to have a prescription/referral to make an appointment.

      • Lower back as well. I’m not even sure what kind of doctor you’re supposed to start with for a diagnosis? Did you go somewhere first to figure out the problem, if so what type of doctor?

        • epric002

          if you have a GP, go see them. they can help you figure out if it’s muscular, skeletal, nerve, etc. and then point you to the type of specialist you might need.

        • I threw out my back and went to my GP first but he just gave me muscle relaxers/pain meds and didn’t do much else. He told me I should go to PT since they would be more help with the type of pain I was experiencing.

          • epric002

            mine did the same, but when i didn’t improve she referred me to a chiro/PT who saved the quality of my life.

          • Thanks for the advice!

          • I love my physical therapist. Every time I feel my back starting to spasm or my SI joint starting to stick, I know exactly what to do now to prevent another “please come help me get out of bed. I can’t move” text to my friend/brother/whoever will come. Ha.

  • Rant: Boss is having a mild freakout because we didn’t send a program evaluation to one of the higher-ups. We didn’t send it because the program is still in progress and therefore the evaluation is not complete. Which he knows.
    Rant: Stupid myths that somehow get accepted as true, even though they aren’t. No, slaves did not create quilt designs that served as maps to freedom. They just didn’t. Really. Stop telling people (especially teachers, FFS) that they did.
    Rave: Working at home.
    Rave: The Teen #1 is making good progress on her college apps and has really taken ownership of the process. It’s good to see her so motivated and proactive.

  • Rave – free Friday breakfast at the office
    Rave – massage tomorrow
    Rave/Rant – very little progress on the online dating front, but did get a nice message from someone who basically said “yay for looking for a long term relationship and wanting dogs not kids!” but haven’t heard back from him.
    Rant- feeling a little frustrated and isolated – I think I need some new hobbies, but I’m so tired most of the time I have little motivation.

  • Rant: I might have bedbugs (!) I keep waking up with itchy spots that disappear later in the day. Fingers crossed it’s just itchy skin
    Rave: Someone is coming to the house to check them out
    Rave: Going to a concert and a movie tonight, should be a great time

    • Do the itchy spots have a small line of bite marks? If I recall correctly from a friend who had them, bedbug bites tend to appear in a line or small cluster, rather than as a spot here or there.

      • In my two experiences with bed bugs, there were no lines or clusters. But both times the infestations were very small (like, 5 bed bugs) and it was super easy to get rid of them.

    • If this has been continuing for a short while I’d make an appointment with a dermatologist. They can tell you if the bites look like bed bugs and regardless of the cause, they can help find you a solution (e.g., prescription strength anti-itch cream, which is miraculous, if needed).

  • Rant: Husband in Vermont enjoying the beautiful fall leaves without me (oh…and working)

    Rave: Breeze through the window, nice light, and quiet to try and get some work done.

    Rant: Motivation out the window… so many competing priorities for how to be a good job searcher, good partner, good researcher, good friend, good daughter…can you possibly do it all?

    Rave: Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

    • Someone wise once told me that you CAN do it all — just not all at the same time. It’s hard to be motivated in the midst of competing priorities — if only because those of us with competing priorities tend to be exhausted. Yay for freshly baked chocolate cookie breaks!

  • skj84

    Rant: It appears I lost the bag that contained my resumes and business cards I collected last night. I had in a tote bag and I think it may have fallen out. I am so pissed at myself right now. I spent so much time at that conference making connections and I have no way of contacting most of them now.

      • Oy! Do you remember bits of information that might help? Maybe enough that if you list the companies you could look up their directories and recognize some of the people that you spoke with? My fingers are crossed that someone either finds them and returns them to you — since they’ll have your contact information from your resumes — or, better yet, that the person who finds them offers you your dream job. Unlikely — but possible.

  • houseintherear

    Rave: I had a really, terribly tough week on many fronts. And now I know it was a huge wake-up call to stop taking everything for granted and be more gracious and calm. I thought I was going to have to say adios to my beloved cat, among many other struggles at work and at home, but I came out of it all relatively unscathed (minus the *huge* vet bill). I hope I can keep this grateful feeling going, or at least recall it when I need to.
    another Rave: Friendship Animal Hospital and Dr. Gale, and my normal vet at Union Vet Clinic, who were all just plain amazing this week. So grateful for these people who don’t make me feel dumb for putting my cat up as such a high priority in life!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Glad your cat is ok. For pet lovers, they are very important to our well being.

    • Accountering

      Good thing they don’t make you feel dumb – you are putting their kids through college!
      Glad to hear everything went well. At the end of the day, you love the little guy/gal, and money is just money!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Additional Rave: blue shoe polish arrived (usps) and now my reverse saddles look great!

  • Rant: Business travel – after a fairly humane year, I am getting crushed in October.
    Rant: Los Angeles – hate it.
    Rave: San Francisco – love it.
    Rave?: I walked past Beverly Hills High last week, and thought of certain PoPville posters.
    Rant: Despite this, still hate LA.

  • Rant/Question: My best friend just found out her ex-boyfriend has been accessing her account (which she never gave him access to) and has been moving her money (relatively small amounts, $40 and $120 so far) into his account then back in to hers a few days later. We think he snagged a blank check of hers at some point. She’s changing her bank accounts (a huge hassle). She doesn’t think it’s reportable to the cops, but I do. Popville, what do you think? I’ve sent her links to StopFraud.gov and the police…
    As more of a background, this guy has stolen $5k (at least) from her in the past, but claimed it was his money all along. Thanks!

    • Accountering

      If it is $160 total, and if he moved it back into the account, I would just get a new bank account. If he truly did steal money, I would call the police.

      • I don’t know, I’d say call the police and see if they can at least keep a record of this incident.

        • Accountering

          This is true. Now that I am thinking about it, I would take some action. This is not okay, regardless of what the end result is (she got her money back it sounds like)

    • May be worth it to contact the cops so you have the record of it. This guy is bad news and who knows what else he’s going to do.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Donna went through a similar problem with David. He stole a check after she had already given him money.
      Did she report it to the bank? Did they have suggestions on telling the police?

    • Is the issue whether it’s reportable, or whether she wants to report him if it is? (Something about the situation makes me think it’s the latter.)
      Did she tell her bank why she was changing her accounts? If she did, I’d imagine they have some standard protocol for what to do as far as notifying authorities.

  • Rant: In a serious exercise rut. I LOVE to work out, and if it were totally up to me I’d do it every day. But I haven’t been able to find motivation for either early morning or late night workouts since starting a new job where I sit in the same place for 10+ hours a day and can’t duck out for a midday workout. I’ve tried the usual tips like setting out clothes the night before and signing up for specific class so I feel accountable, but really nothing is working. Does anyone have tips for helping me find motivation again?

    • Have you tried sleeping in half your workout clothes? It sounds ridiculous, but it works (for me. Sometimes.). When I wake up in the morning, I throw on a t-shirt and I’m ready. it helps motivate me because if I don’t then go to the gym, having slept in an uncomfortable friggin’ sports bra was all for nothing.

      I’ve also been known to sleep with a light on so getting ready isn’t so jarring. (This was before I moved in with my bf.) Or sleep with the shades open?

      • Every single night πŸ™‚ My husband thinks I’m a lunatic because I sleep in a sports bra but don’t work out! Hahaha. I think the husband would protest to having lights on, but maybe he’d accept it if it actually got me to the gym!

        • Okay then maybe sleep in your sneakers? πŸ˜‰

          Sometimes if the least I can do is get myself out of bed, I’ll work out at home and just stay in my pajamas. Another thing that helps in this case is if it’s a workout that’s completely new- I usually go to YouTube for these since I can really pick and choose what kind of workout I feel like. Or I’ll do several short ones to mix it up even more, but there’s Netflix, OnDemand, etc. (I’m sure you already have ideas for that since you love to work out.) Maybe find a workout before you go to bed so it’s ready and waiting and shiny and new. I’m currently unable to run (stupid IT band!!) and I’ve found so many great workouts online as well as fabulous yoga workouts (Andrea Markum is on myyogaonline.com (I am SO sore right now), and a woman named Ali is on YouTube- those are my current favorites.

          • Good tips! I think a shiny new workout really is what I need more than anything. I get bored really quickly! I’m thinking seriously about trying Solid Core (but am also worried I’ll spend a fortune on classes then not go πŸ™‚ )

      • Get an exercise buddy to meet you for workouts?

        Also, think back to when you were exercising regularly or at your peak fitness and have that inspire you. I am pregnant right now and am still running 20 or so miles a week, among other activities, but I also have two kids and have more fatigue with this one so I am constantly having to motivate myself to work out. So I look at pics of myself running and teaching fitness classes (I don’t teach anymore) while super pregnant. That does it for me. If I could do that when I was that big, I don’t have an excuse when I’m just starting to show.

        Good luck!

    • If your workdays are routinely running 10+ hours, it seems understandable to me that you wouldn’t have much energy for ANYTHING outside of those hours, let alone something that, well, requires energy.
      Maybe you could try doing longer workouts on weekends instead?

      • Now you’re talking. And thanks for picking up on that part. I just have to make sure the long workouts don’t get derailed by legitimate things like, say, doing the errands I can’t do while at work and trying to see people I can’t see during the work week. I probably need to find a way to do both at once, like, run to my errand across town or meet with a friend for a workout. That could actually work….

        Textdoc to the rescue (as usual).

        • πŸ™‚
          And maybe you could build some exercise into your workday — make it a point to take the stairs instead of the elevator, park at the far end of the parking lot (if you drive), walk up the escalators (if you don’t)?

          • I wish — I work on the 15th floor and the stairwell doors are locked so I can only walk down them. That said, I might want to do this once a day because why not?

            I walk to and from work, but that’s often my exercise for the work week. I think I either need to find a new job or tell my boss that I have to actually leave for hour-long periods some days. There will probably be repercussions of some kind but I’m reaching the point of not caring. I don’t know how my team members can handle this without cracking.

  • In a rebuttal to the bravangelism and female clothing posts (nothing against them, just not applicable to me):
    Rant: Split the crotch seam on my pants riding a bike share last night… Good thing I was on my way home! Should be a simple fix, but this has never happened to me before and these are supposed to be high quality, durable chinos.

    Rave: Excited for my Nick’s try on boots to get here! Hopefully the rest of the process won’t take too long and my boots come in while there’s still some fall left.

    Revel: Guys, if you’re wearing basic Hanes briefs/boxers/boxer briefs, give some upgraded undies a shot! Common brands that are relatively affordable like CK, 2xist, and ExOfficio make some really nice underwear that are wonderfully comfortable.

  • I would love to be in your shoes! San Diego is fabulous!

    • But I’m sure the move comes with lots of upheaval so I don’t mean to gloss over your obvious sadness over it. πŸ˜‰ I’m just a little jealous because I wanna get out of DC and have palm trees.

    • justinbc

      Yeah I would be outta here in a heartbeat if I could score a similar job out there.

  • Rant: Too much vodka last night. Felt sick all morning.

    Rave: Had some samosas from an Indian truck and now I got some food in my stomach my appetite back. Just have to make it through a few more hours and go home.

  • Rave: My first Stitch Fix arrived and is waiting for me at home!
    Rave: My building has a concierge so I know the package is still there.
    Rave/Rant: Bought some highly discounted Paramour bras last night in a style I know fits me but resisted buying cute Cleo bras that I’m not sure will fit.

    • epric002

      +1 for stitch fix and +10 for cleo bras! if balcony styles work for you then i recommend the maddie moulded t-shirt bra.

    • My first Stitch Fix arrives next week! Hope you get good things πŸ™‚

    • I’ll be curious to hear how your Stitch Fix experiences go! I tried it twice and was very underwhelmed — the clothes weren’t my style at -all-. Every single item in the two boxes was completely off. I hope yours work out better. A good friend of mine always has super cute clothes from them!

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Signed lease for the new place at least. Looks like we’re in business!
    Question: I have a second date on Monday with a guy who lives way out in Maryland (toward Baltimore). He said he’s perfectly happy to come into the city, but I’m trying to think where would be easiest for him to find parking… Any suggestions for locations (or restaurants/bars)? I’ve never driven around here so not sure what is easy to get to and find parking on a weekday evening.

    • justinbc

      It’s very easy to park in the H Street area during the week, and also a pretty convenient entry point to most of Maryland.

      • Thanks! I hadn’t thought about that. I haven’t been to H Street in a while since it’s not terribly accessible, but I’ve been wanting to go back anyway since there are so many good options I’ve been wanting to try. I’ve really just been to Toki and Biergarten Haus.

    • Congrats on the lease-signing! What neighborhood did you end up going for?

      • Van Ness. πŸ™‚ Not the most exciting of areas, but it’ll be nice to be a bit safer (where I am currently in Columbia Heights can be a bit sketchy) and it’s pretty convenient for work.

        • I moved from van ness to CoHi/U Street and couldnt be happier about it, granted i had a much bigger place in Van Ness – with light, i wouldnt go back. But you gotta take what you can get in this market, it sucks to be a renter

    • Yay for lease signings and second dates!

    • DCUSA has easy parking as well.

      • True, but it can be a huge pain actually getting as far as the parking lot.

        • I’ve never actually been in the parking lot — is the entrance off Kenyon?

          • There’s one off Park and one off Hiatt. I’m really just referring to the hassle of driving into and through that area of Columbia Heights. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s ridiculous.

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