Plan B Burger Bar Grand Opening Nov. 3rd in Penn Quarter

801 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

@PlanBBurgerDC reveals the good news for Penn Quarter folks:

Grand Opening November 3rd. Are you ready to eat some meat DC?!”

Plan B Burger Bar is located in the Navy Memorial Plaza by the Archives-Navy Memorial metro stop. Their website says they offer beef, burgers, bourbon and beer. You can see their full menus here.

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  • There had to be better options for a restaurant name than “Plan B”. It either is suggesting that this place is a backup for the restaurant everyone actually wanted to go to, or that eating here is like taking an emergency contraceptive.

    • jim_ed

      If Back Alley Waffles doesn’t do a pop-up at the Plan B Burger Bar, I’m going to be really, really disappointed.

    • couldn’t agree more! and to think someone who invested their OWN money came up with that. yikes. with that being said – OMG – I can just taste the blue cheese burger now!!! *drool*

    • I was thinking the same thing! I will give it a try, but good lordy is that a terrible name.

    • Whatever they’re doing, it works. It’s got you talking about it, and this will be their seventh location (first outside of new england)

  • I feel like I have to say this every time there’s a post about this place. I’ve eaten at one in CT and it’s great. I’ll be going. The green bean fries and pretzel buns are awesome.

    • I second that. Their location in West Hartford, CT has great burgers, friendly service, and is constantly packed with a really solid crowd.

  • This restaurant pre-dates the recent explosion of national debate over contraceptives, and pretty sure the B stands for burger. And since when does the other “plan b” have such a negative connotation? I think of having a plan b as either excellent planning or an excellent save. Either way, agree with whoever said, at least you are talking about it.

    I am from CT and have been to many of their locations there and work in the area of this new location. I am psyched to have a decent, not fussy or overpriced (relatively speaking) food option and what I am hoping will become a great HH place in a desert of decent HH places.

    • There HH is only from 5-6, WHAT?

      And where are the PRICES for food? The beer prices actually look pretty reasonable for DC nowadays.

    • Another CT native here who is also excited they finally made their way to DC. Can’t wait for them to open!

    • Step outside your liberal bubble for once.

      “And since when does the other “plan b” have such a negative connotation?”

      Not saying you are wrong or right but have you been living in a cocoon?

    • if there were 2 plans and you could only choose 1; plan A or plan B – in theory – which would you want?

      also when I hear plan b i’m thinking “time for plan b” as in plan a is fuc*ed. LOL

  • wmm

    This place is fantastic! I’ve been to the one in Glastonbury a few times and am never disappointed.

    Also, the automated “See also” links are really amusing just below the post.

  • First review I read on Yelp for another location:

    “My husband and I have a serious addiction to Plan B. ”

    Well, if her mom read that review, she’d probably stop nagging her daughter about that first grandkid she’s waiting for!

    I’ll be here all night. Don’t forget to tip your waitress. Shows self door.

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