&pizza applies for Liquor License on Connecticut Ave in South Dupont

1215 Connecticut Avenue, NW

A late night pizza option for southern Dupont. As promised, &pizza is taking the first step towards opening on the ground floor of 1215 Connecticut Ave, NW by late 2014/early 2015. [Note: Rosebar (formerly Current Sushi) remains open on the second floor and outside deck].

The placard says:

“The total Occupancy is 52 with a sidewalk café of 11 seats.” and hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday 7 am – 2 am, Friday & Saturday 7am – 3 am.

Looking north on Connecticut towards Lucky Bar and Dupont Circle

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  • I’m still mourning the loss of Dragonfly 🙁

  • Yay! Pizza boxes all over the sidewalks and Metro platforms on Sat & Sun morning! I’m glad that &pizza is doing so well. I just wish so many of the late night customers weren’t such pigs.

    • The bars in this area seem to attract the people for whom Adams Morgan is still too edgy. It’s a holy mess on the weekends.

      • +50000000 This stretch of Ct Ave is always completely trashed on the weekend with all of the bros and sorority girls pouring in from Arlington. Having &Pizza or not is not going to change that.

        • Absolutely, just venting. The &Pizza trash on U St seems to really stand out on weekend mornings, perhaps because customer gets a HUGE BOX as opposed to a simple wrapper that can be crumpled up.

  • “Former Rosebar space” makes it sound closed – if I’m not mistaken, the pizza place is going in a portion of the first floor and Rosebar is going to keep their main business upstairs. But still proper verbiage if Rosebar used to occupy the downstairs, which I’m not sure on.

  • SO many &pizzas now. Can’t help but think they’ll go out of business soon… You expand into a new location and your profits probably look great until time marches on and you aren’t the hot new thing any more. Then you have tons of loans and stores to run with less money.

    Or they’ll be the next dominos, what the fuck do I know.

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