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  • That first step is a doozy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like it.

  • Wow. It looks like a miniature version of Tyler House or some other public housing complex.

    • It reminds me of the not-very-attractive New Frontiers townhouses (near the Black Cat), formerly public housing but now a co-op.

  • not exactly a head turner but ok

  • justinbc

    I think I’ll wait til it’s done to decide, but it’s a good start.

  • No thank you. That is a lot of look, and not in a good way.

  • I live down the street and think it turned out ok aesthetically. The neighbors think that the basement will flood in the spring/fall with heavy rain but hopefully we’re wrong. The building really cleans up the corner…now if only the carry-out spot next door would up the ante. If you haven’t been to the carry-out, try the Philly cheesesteak egg rolls!

  • I like it but don’t love it. Suggestion: Change the cement (or is it stucco) finish on the second floor jut out to a wood horizontal plank, overall the building needs more wood or texture interest than mere flat surface otherwise it does have that housing projects type look

  • The brown brick is ugly, but that’s nothing that paint can’t fix. Other than that, I like it.

    • agree, would look nicer in my opinion if the brick was painted

      • Noooooo! Painted brick is the worst, I’ll never understand why people paint over brick. It chips and looks so cheap and tacky. Painted brick is all over this city and it’s a crime!

  • maxwell smart

    that little 2nd story brick ledge next to the stucco is going to be a great place for birds to shit on. and for water and snow to collect, pond, and then waterfall down the 1st floor wall.

  • Agree with all the other comments here.

    My biggest issue with the house – and many others – is that huge electric box plastered on the front facade. Even a perfect house would be awful with that thing on the front. I live in an older place (renovated in the 80s) and the electric meter box is fairly compact – even with upgraded service. Does anyone know why newer homes all seem to have these huge meter boxes?

    • I’m assuming that it’s got to be a regulatory requirement. They can’t be in the backyard because the meter readers can’t physically get to them. So you need to put them in a publicly accessible location.
      I walk by here everyday. I hate it. However, what surprised me is that they didn’t put stairs down to the basement level from the front. That would allow them to place window down at the basement level and let in a lot more light. This entire thing is a design fail, IMHO.

      • Pepco has transitioned from regular meters to “smart” meters that don’t have to be accessed physically. So I don’t think it’s that.
        I agree with Honest Abe on the unsightliness of meter boxes. This one looks bigger than usual, which makes me wonder if it’s a 2-unit house.

    • Are we sure that is permanent. Sometimes in new builds they put temporary ones up that get moved later. But who knows. Wouldn’t surprise me too much if it was staying put.

  • That outcropping is going to make some fern very happy.

  • I usually give these things a fair shake, but this one looks horrible to me. Maybe it looks nice from the inside?

  • Not a fan… I don’t hate it but this place not too far away was a much better execution of a corner house on a similarly sized lot.

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