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  • I’m so excited about this–my PCP is in this group, and now I won’t have to travel to Chevy Chase to see someone. They’re great!

  • Which PCP do you go to? I went to the Woodley Park location as a new patient a few months ago and the experience was… meh. Underwhelmed y the staff and do ter herself. The new U st location is more convenient for me, and I’d like to stay with the medical group if possible, but not sure which doctor to try.

    • My PCP is Mindi Cohen. I don’t know if she will operate out of the U St location, but it will be much handier to go there to see someone for a quick need (strep test, referral, whatnot). I’ll still go to Chevy Chase for my annual physical if Dr. Cohen isn’t seeing patients out of the new location.

    • i really liked eileen (nurse practitioner) but she left 🙁 i had a less than exemplary experience w/dr. shotashvili but i generally like the practice. i may try a new GP at this location, since it’s MUCH more convenient for me.

  • This is amazing! Was getting tired of trekking to woodley park.

  • These doc-in-the-box places are great. I rarely wait longer for a walk-in visit than I would wait at my own doctor’s office with an appointment.

  • I have had luck with some of the doctors at CPC at this is a great location, however I have had many problems with the staff. It is a shame really but scheduling and billing errors, lack of timely responses and IT issues.

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