The Oslo nears completion in Shaw – Like the way it’s turning out?

1734 6th Street, NW

The Oslo’s website says:

“Oslo is a 9-unit apartment building in Shaw. There are 3- and 4-bedroom units. It’s the perfect home for friends, or maybe you just like a lot of space.


It’s a brand new building.
Every bedroom has its own bathroom. Never again will you argue over whose turn it is to buy toilet paper.
Modern design, space efficient units, minimalist features.
Kitchen with stainless steel appliances including a stove, oven, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, and large basin sink.
Large walk-in showers. No grimy tub.
A space-saving, stackable washer and dryer in every unit.
There are windows everywhere. We’re talking about a lot of light.
Roof deck where you’ll spend your summer.
A small community. You (should) know your neighbors. There’s only 33 of you.
Amazing location in Shaw. Great restaurants, bars with people you want to talk to, some of the best music venues in the city. And the building’s a block from the Shaw Metro station.
Currently under construction. Ready November move-in.”




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  • I wonder why they went with 3 and 4 bedroom units (was 9 units the most they could fit without zoning variances?). Seems like they could get a bigger return with 1 and 2 br units like everyone else in town.

    • To answer my own question, I see that they’re positioning these as glorified dorm rooms, with each room having it’s own bathroom and a limited amount of shared space. Curious if they’re going to be signing individual leases here or rent them out as whole units.

    • Seems odd to me too, especially since they seem to be marketing it toward roommates.

      • It does seem like it is indeed designed for just-out-of-the-dorm crowd, but I think I would have flipped out to live in a place as nice as this with my friends in my early 20s.

  • The living area space looks TINY. If you have multiple roommates, you’d better hope everyone hangs out in their room and no one ever wants to cook a meal together.

  • I have no idea how they fit nine units in there. The rooms have to be built for gnomes, though I do appreciate that there’s finally a project that realized that not everyone who needs more space than a one-bedroom can afford a whole house.
    PS, what’s with the tub hate? With 3-4 bedroom units, one would assume there will be children in some of them. And children take baths. Hell, *I* take baths and my tub is not grimey thankyouverymuch. You know what gets grimey? Grout. On the floor of showers.

  • No powder rooms? If there’s a guest they have to use a bathroom in a bedroom?

  • We live on this street and though it’s a pain having the construction around, the design is great and it should be a really good addition to the neighborhood. Very different from what was there before.

  • no inclusionary zoning units (or mandated affordable housing) below 10 units, that’s why only nine. Great project though

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