Taqueria Habanero opens on 14th Street by Red Derby and Lyman’s Tavern

Taqueria habanero
3710 14th St, NW

Though it wasn’t looking good a couple of months ago thanks to a reader for sending the good news: “Taqueria habanero is open!”

They are located a few storefronts south of Lyman’s and Red Derby between Spring Road and Quincy. Anyone happen to stop by for an early taste yesterday?

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  • This is awesome. Will definitely check it out. Has anyone heard what’s happening with the old Rib Pit? I have high hopes for a restaraunt coming in there!

    • I’m also excited for this. As far as the Rib Pit building. I walked by the other day and there’s still a stop work order next to the building permits… Who knows. Would be great if another bbq joint opened in that space.

  • jim_ed

    We stopped by yesterday for lunch. It’s the same folks who ran the taco stand in the open air market next to Pho Viet. It’s nicely built out on the interior as far as taquerias go. The people running it are exceptionally nice and ended up bringing us half the menu to try for free. One of the better tortas I’ve had within DC, and the chilaquiles and flan were good as well. My wife wasn’t crazy about her chicken tacos, but I had the chorizo and it gave the ones at TDF a run for their money. Also, they don’t screw around with their salsas – all of them were perfectly spicy. Overall, I slot it between TDF and 3 salsas in the Columbia Heights taco hierarchy.

  • jim_ed

    Also worth mentioning – For the first two weeks its cash only. There’s no sign mentioning this, although I probably should have asked before hand. Luckily the Derby has an ATM so it was no big deal.

  • Great news! I’ve heard that the taco stand in the parking lot on 14th serves the best tacos in the area. Will definitely stop by the new place now that I know it’s from the same people.

  • Is there any sort of economic development group in the area that can help bring legit businesses to this area of 14th? Such potential, but don’t know if there is any local economic development leadership. Who is the council member?

    • This isn’t a legit business? Lyman’s opened earlier this year too. It might not be happening at the speed you like, but things are developing.

      It’s Ward 4 from Spring St. northward.

      • In no way meant to imply that Taqueria wasn’t a legit business. It definitely is… Perhaps bad work choice on my part. However, was trying to point towards businesses other than Pay Day Loan, Check Cashing type places.

    • tt

      This may fall within the scope of this group: Community Alliance For Upper Fourteenth Street (CAUFS). They have a Facebook page.

    • tt

      …and there’s a few condos coming in — one quite far along between Quincy and Randolph, on the east side of 14th + another just starting at the SE corner of 14th and Spring. Those will bring in more density and some business should follow.

    • Oh, do you mean gentrifying the neighborhood and kicking out businesses that people currently living in this community need? Because services to undeserved communities aren’t legit right? Maybe a focus on better business models and sustainability would help make these businesses ‘legit’.

  • Hitching Post now serving breakfast/brunch 9am Saturday and Sunday

  • this place is the best. The servers are very nice and the food is incredible

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