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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Accountering

    Rave: WSC in Bethesda changed my membership from a “Core” (just use the Bethesda gym) to a “Passport” (use any of the gyms in DC, NYC, Boston etc. Yet they are still just charging me the same $45/month. Super impressed by that move.
    Rave2: Bullfrog bagels and a bagel sandwich today. So delicious!
    Rave3: Got another bagel to put left over fajitas on for lunch – so excited about that!
    Rave4: Fajitas last night were delicious!
    Rave5: Taking Friday off to go to Caps Training Camp, and then heading out to Winchester for apple picking and such with Andie before my Tough Mudder early Saturday morning!

    • I”m really surprised that WSC made a mistake in your favor – how often does that happen?

      • Accountering

        They did this on purpose. Not a mistake in the least. They are now offering the “Core” for $19.99/month. Not really sure what they are doing, seems like it is basically just a huge price cut… I am okay with it, and assume the $19.99 membership doesn’t apply to CH or Dupont WSC. Just the one in North Bethesda this is fairly empty. I feel especially lucky, as my (now) Passport membership is only $45, whereas if I had originally joined at Dupont or CH, my Core (now Passport) membership would have been $70.

        Either way, if anyone works in North Bethesda, check out the WSC on Old Georgetown. $99 initiation fee and $19.99/month if you just want that gym.

    • justinbc

      Good to hear they’re putting out quality breakfast stuff, I’ll probably check them out this weekend.

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      Geeez I was paying WSC $90 for a passport membership when I left several years ago. Lucky you!

    • Accountering

      Rave6: Had my first cup of hot coffee this fall today. It was delicious! Iced coffee is going to slowly be phased out until it can make a triumphant return next spring when it starts warming up again. Bring on the fall!

    • I pay $20 a month to use any Planet Fitness in the country. And they’re open 24 hours and the closest one to me is 5 minutes away. And my health insurance gives me a $20 rebate if I go 12 or more times a month. πŸ˜›

      • You also get to work out with people in jeans that wear boots. I used to go to PF all the time but got sick of the behavior …..no one ever cleaned an f’in machine.

    • What! I pay $75/month for my core membership.

      • Accountering

        Are you at the CH or the Dupont WSC? May be worth cancelling, and joining at the N. Bethesda one. It is month-to-month too. Such awesome news when I was there yesterday!

  • Rave: the new Compass Coffee in Shaw is really terrific. Beside the fact that they have really tasty coffee and baked goods, the space is bright, beautiful and welcoming. I expect to be there all of the time.
    Rant: the pace of life in September. I think I have been a complete stress case since labor day.

    • I remember reading about Compass Coffee somewhere and it’s excellent to hear it’s great! I’ll have to check it out soon.

  • Rant: People on the Metro. MOVE. TO. THE. CENTER. OF. THE. CAR. And don’t stand in the doorway when half the car is trying to get out. Common sense. Same principles as an elevator.

    • Yep, the jacka*** that just walk in and stop and lean against the dividers when there is a line of people behind them trying to get on really need to just get knocked over.

    • Farragut

      I also hate the door-crowders on the platform. I always stand to the side, and I always try to figure where people leaving the car are going to go.
      As a passenger getting off, I’m thinking, “WHY ARE YOU STANDING BETWEEN ME AND THE ESCALATOR RIGHT BEHIND YOU. MOVE!”

    • Emmaleigh504

      Metro was a cluster of rude people today! On my train we had 5 door blockers trying to out maneuver each other to block the door the most. Then there was the guy with 2 large suitcases and 2 big carry on bags that keep slightly shifting his stuff right in between the 2 doors. Everyone was in the way!

    • Ok, when I get on at Farragut North and get off at Metro Center, and I move to to the center of the car, do NOT give me that offended up-and-down look when I try to exit from said center of the car.

      • Don’t worry about the way people look. Trying not be in each other’s way, especially around the doors, is what is important.

    • Ally

      A small addendum… pole leaners. As in, you lean up against the metro poll with your back and rear so I am unable to hold onto any section of said pole. I dealt with another pole leaner on the red line just this morning. I’m sure they don’t even know they’re doing it, but I watched as me and several other women tried to awkwardly find a place to hold onto because said pole leaner was getting his groove on.

      • I KNOW. Some of us are short and can’t reach the handles hanging from the ceiling so those poles are our only hope!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I always grab the pole exactly where their back/shoulder is touching it so they move. If they don’t move, which has happened, I stick my thumbnail in their back. The thumbnail to the back has only failed me once.

  • Revel: Fall!! Fall, Fall, FallFallFALLLLLLL!

    Sorry…I’m a little excited about this morning’s weather. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Why do people have to be so insanely rude around here? Especially on the metro. Do you really think I’m pushing into because I want to? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a crowded train and I’m trying to let someone by. C’mon (wo)man! Would it kill us all to be a little bit nicer?

    • I hear you Anon 10:10am — Would it kill us all to use a little bit of common sense when on public trans?!?!

    • +1 I was so over public transportation last night after a series of insanely rude moments on a 54 bus.

    • I hate the people who sit in an aisle seat and put their bag on the window seat. You DON’T get two seats for yourself! Don’t give me a dirty look if I say “Excuse me” so I can sit next to you!

    • Since we are on this topic. If you have a backpack that extends 3 ft or more from your back take it off in a crowded train. It’s as if people forget they are wearing them. Much better if you put it by your feet.

  • magpies

    Revel: I AM WEARING LEGGINGS UNDER MY JEANS! It’s like I’m wearing pajamas at work, but not pajamajeans, because I’ve never touched those and don’t know what they’re like.
    Ra-evel? I found an advice website whose posts I can identify with (+) and I’m cringing while typing but I guess it’s kind of encouraged me to try and date here? (+/-) Ehhh.

    • Leggings under my pants is my SOP in the winter! They’re great! On those -0 windchill days this past winter, I wore 3 layers of pants to work — took off sweatpants once at the office.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I just got some new silk, long underwear for the winter. I am not looking forward to wearing it even though it is insanely soft.

        • skj84

          I need to buy new long underwear. I like cuddleduds. I’m also in need of a big winter coat. I decided to toss my old one after last winter.

  • Rave: I havent felt this good in a while, my heart strings are all over the place with this new girl

  • Rave: I really liked Modern Dentistry. I didn’t ask PoPville for recommendations, but thanks to whoever did, because I’ve had such a hard time finding a dentist I like.
    Rant: I need three more appointments and a couple hundred dollars in dental work.
    Rave?: at least it’s only a couple hundred, not thousands and it should stop some pain I’ve been having.
    Rant: My Nest Protect went off while I was brewing. I doubt I have a gas leak, but I’m not going to feel comfortable turning my gas back on if I don’t have someone check it out. More cash flowing out.
    Rant: cleaning is an Sisyphean chore and I’m so over it.
    Rave: can’t wait to go dancing tonight!

  • Andie302

    Rave: New Orleans! I loved the city and would go back in a heartbeat
    Rant: but next time I think I’ll do substantially less drinking.
    Rant: This trip (with three of my closest friends) was very emotionally charged – something I don’t think any of us saw coming.
    Rant: I still feel like absolute crap. And I think I might be a little depressed that vacation is over – I don’t normally have this many rants.
    Rave: It’s good to be home!
    Rave: Last night was a perfect way to settle in…cooking at home and couch time with the pooch and boyfriend.
    Rave: First use of the google chromecast that I bought months ago – once installed it worked flawlessly!

    • why was your trip so emotionally challenging?

      • Andie302

        My ladyfriends have a lot going on. One broke down the first night because her partner recently deployed to Afghanistan and she was hoping to get pregnant before he left. Another one’s husband just recently quit his job and they are stressed about his transition to something else. The third is my roommate and we’ve hit a few bumps in the road recently. Add alcohol to all that and watch out!

        • I’m picturing that with four lady friends and booze, and I definitely see it. But it still sounds like you had a good time and sometimes the drunken breakdowns are cathartic. I hope these were.
          Last time I went to NO I had a breakdown on the way there. I used to date a guy who moved to Atlanta and it was the first time I was flying there after an ugly break up. I couldn’t even help it, as soon as I stepped off the plane in Atl to transfer I started crying. I tried to pretend I was eating the best airport tuna fish sandwich ever, but I don’t think anyone else in the waiting area was buying that.

    • I have been very lucky to travel a lot in the world. New Orleans is by far one of my favorite top 3 places I have ever been. Something about the energy in that city is magical. Glad to hear you loved it!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so glad you had fun! New Orleans is the best city in the world! (I may be a bit biased.)

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: It started out as I always suspected; a sudden crushing weight on my chest, sharp intermittent pain and shortness of breath. Yes, it was the first cold night and Mr. Possum Cat had returned to sleeping on his my chest, pretending to suddenly like me when clearly I’m just being used as a seasonal heating pad.

    Rave: The proper technique for eating Candy Corn. First you eat the little white niblet appetizer at the top. Then you rotate it and eat the yellow entree at the base and polish it off with the orange section for dessert. Repeat.

    • justinbc

      Of all the candy related things I dislike (most of them), candy corn sits pretty highly upon the top. Even worse than the original though is when chefs try to “reimagine” it, just don’t.

    • My proper technique is not to eat it at all. Candy Corn ranks with Circus Peanuts and Caramel Creams as the worst candy in the world.

    • Emmaleigh504

      What’s the protocol for candy pumpkins?

      • eat the stem thing first. But, I’m not a big candy corn or candy pumpkin fan, although I will have a few. My fave are the reeses pumpkin cups.

        • Emmaleigh504

          wait. a. minute. Reeses pumpkin cups?? how have I never encountered these before?

          • Are those just pumpkin-shaped Reese’s cups? Or Reese’s cups with pumpkin flavoring??

          • yes, pumpkin-shaped reeses peanut butter cups (perhaps I should have included the pb part). Similar to the egg, and christmas tree versions but even more delicious. Also textdoc, the thought of reese’s cups filled with pumpkin flavoring sounds kinda gross, but I don’t like pumpkin.

        • Oh man, those are the BEST! (along with the Valentine’s Day heart ones)

          Since the best part of a reeses is the peanut butter, these have like twice as much peanut butter to chocolate ratio. Also like 10000x times the calories. But everyone knows calories don’t count on Halloween. Or Valentine’s Day. Or your Birthday.

        • skj84

          Reese’s Pumpkin cups are the best. As well as the Easter Eggs. Actually the Eggs are the best. So are Snickers Nutcrackers.

          • The best!! So good- my grandfather’s church makes homemade ones that I believe are even better than the Reese’s ones – if that’s possible. Ugh. So incredibly yummy!

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Yes eat the green stem first. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?

        • Emmaleigh504

          My mother is a WASP hippy, we weren’t allowed candy except at Halloween.

          • epric002

            hahaha, did your parents also hand out stickers at halloween? yeah, i was one of those kids πŸ™ at least it wasn’t toothbrushes…

          • Emmaleigh504

            My parents handed out candy, thank goodness! But for us sweets and cokes were for special occasions, Halloween being one of them! My mom did relax her rules over time, so we started having dessert once a week.

          • skj84

            My mother handed out pennies for Halloween. The whole tylonal in candy scandal hit around the time I was old enough for trick or treating and I think it spooked her.

          • Emmaleigh504

            This reminds me of this one glorious day in my youth. A pipe for the bathroom sink got a leak one weekend. The plumber couldn’t come right away, so my parents’ friend who had a quick fix for everything suggested they use chewing gum to fix it until the plumber could come. My sister and I each got our very own pack of gum!! (Gum was worst kind of sweet ever.) And we got to chew the whole pack in one day. I still remember I got the kind of gum with a liquid center. It was wonderful!

          • epric002

            my mom never bought cookies, candy, or sodas for most of my childhood. she would make cookies, but only with whole wheat flour, and then when i was in middle school she started buying hansen’s “natural” sodas that were only for special occasions. of course, by the time i was out of the house she’d given up and the 2 youngest kids got all the processed/manufactured crap that i was never allowed to eat. harrumph.

          • Emmaleigh504

            did your mom randomly put wheat germ in stuff? I remember oatmeal cookies with wheat germ that were vile. I think my dad put an end to wheat germ in cookies.

          • epric002

            i don’t know what she put it in, but there was definitely always a jar of wheat germ in the fridge. as an adult i appreciate her hippie/health nut stuff- i’m a pretty healthy eater, but i still think whole wheat cookies are terrible!

    • binpetworth

      I, for one, am standing with Formerly Broken Jaw here, not only for enjoying candy corn, but also for his technique, which is how I’ve eaten it for years.

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Thank you! All this unfounded hate from people who obviously had difficult childhoods just means there will be more bags to of candy corn to purchase November 1 at 50% off.

        • Or we can all go trick-or-treating and then trade with you guys afterward, the way we used to do with our siblings.

          • justinbc

            I was the worst kid at being a kid. My candy would sit there in the bag forever, only really ever being eaten when my friends would come over and raid it. Usually if it sat til the next Halloween it would finally get thrown out. This lasted until I was about 8, at which point I had had enough of the whole dressing up thing.

          • Justin– I did the exact same thing. I would sort the candy but not really eat much of it. Eventually it would all get thrown out.

          • You were a grumpy old man, even at 8 years old. Incredible.
            Did you also have the beard by then?

          • justinbc

            No, but I told my younger cousins that Santa Claus didn’t exist and was subsequently scolded.

        • In my youth, when I had more patience, I actually used to deconstruct large quantities of candy corn, yielding three distinct piles of toothsome autumnal treats. I save the yellows for last.

      • No – the real way to eat candy corn is to bite off the tips then stick them together to make little people and creatures then have gladiator fights and smush them. Also – candy corn has changed (like many kinds of candy) and the new ones don’t taste as good as the old.

      • I’m convinced that the yellow bottom of the candy corn is the tastiest part, so I always eat them white, orange, then yellow, saving the best for last. Which is why I don’t like candy pumpkins, because they are all orange no yellow!

    • Becks

      I have always hated Candy corn, Circus Peanuts and those peanut brittlely chews. Now I do love the chocolate covered marshmallows! At Valentines and Halloween, I stock up on those. Yum!

  • justinbc

    Rave: The smell of fall finally hit me when arriving home yesterday. That dry leaf, crisp smell that’s unmistakable. It made me want to light a fire outside and curl up with a heavy knit blanket.
    Rave: Got a steal on a Miele 5100 a few weeks ago and finally broke it in this morning when I looked at my phone and saw it would be 55 degrees when I left the house. It worked flawlessly, and I was pleased with the Cafe Verona beans from Starbucks.

    • justinbc

      Side note: Anyone know where to buy Counter Culture beans here in DC? I’ve seen several coffee shops using them, so I know they’re available somewhere…hopefully not just to wholesale.

      • GiantSquid

        Pitango sells them.

      • I think Flying Fish in MtP had them.

      • Pretty sure that Open City and Tryst use Counter Culture and I know you can buy bulk beans at Open City.
        A word of caution about using Starbucks beans with any of the expensive grind and brew machines. My business partner has a built-in Miele and the grinder broke down under warranty. The repair guy told him that he shouldn’t use oily, shiny beans at all (he specifically mentioned Starbucks) and now that he’s been warned the next time won’t be covered under the warranty. I have Jura Capresso and the instructions say not to use oily beans as well. I find that Italian espresso roasts, which are lighter and not shiny at all, work well.

      • Big Bear sells Counter Culture beans. (Expensive, but oh-so-delicious.)

      • justinbc

        Thanks to everyone for the location shout outs, I’ll definitely be scouring these places in search of good beans! I’ve been a fan of CC for a long time, aside from the awesome flavor I love giving some love to a NC brand πŸ™‚

      • skj84

        I feel like I’ve seen Counter Culture beans at Peregrine. And Chinatown Coffee.

        • epric002

          yes to peregrine, and also the coupe! i was a hardcore counter culture fan (la frontera all the way!) but i’ve since switched to grounds & hounds, partly b/c la frontera is so damn hard to find πŸ™ i’m pretty sure you can order counter culture online too…

        • justinbc

          That’s good to know, the Eastern Market Peregrine is very close to me.

      • I’m pretty sure Baked ‘n Wired has Counter Culture beans, and some other deliciousness, both coffee and baked.

    • if you don’t mind me asking, what was the “steal” on that Miele? That’s normally a 2k espresso machine!

      • Hah, I was about to ask what type of machine a Miele 5100 was — given Justin’s remark about fall weather, I was thinking, “Is this a space heater??” (Doesn’t Miele also make vacuum cleaners and other appliances?)

      • justinbc

        Yep, they’re rather pricey, that’s why when I found one for right about $1000 with tax included I didn’t hesitate. Picked it up from Williams Sonoma when they were running a 30% off all coffee machines promo with an additional 50% off all Miele products promo. Sheer luck I just happened to be in the store on that day.

    • I love that fall smell! I noticed it for the first time this year on a bike yesterday on the Capital Crescent trail.

  • Rant: I was really looking forward to covering a “Womenomics” event today for work. Syria got in the way. I obviously realize this is important but I really wanted to go to that event!
    Rave: This weather.
    Rant: Whiny puppy at 3am = sleepy me.

    • Hah, I know which event you were talking about. The PM’s wife was there to talk. I wish I could’ve gone, too! At least I think CSIS usually posts videos of their seminars on their website.

  • Rave: First allergy shot in a long time that didn’t result in a massive welt.
    Rave: Slept so well last night. I think my sleep patterns are finally righting themselves.
    Rant: Sometimes the personnel issues at the office just suck.

  • Rave: Met an awesome guy this weekend for the first time in what feels like forever.
    Rant: He asked me out, yet hasn’t followed up since Saturday. I know it isn’t 1960, but I really want him to contact me. I don’t want to fall into my same old pattern of initiating all contact, and then realizing he never was that into me all along. Unfortunately happens way too often.

    • Ally

      Hold off and he’ll (hopefully) be in touch. If not, a good fallback measure that is slightly better than contacting him his showing up in the same place you met. I met my S.O. at trivia night and, after an initial spark, we never exchanged numbers or email. So, I just casually (not so casually) strolled back in a few days later until I ran into him again. Sucks that you have to play games, but I really do think men get scared off if you’re too eager at the beginning.

  • Rave (1): Loving being home in DC with the husband -catching up with friends and settling back into a rhythm.

    Rave (2): Heading up to Philly for my bro’s wedding tomorrow – should be an awesome time! So excited for them.

    Rave (3): Sprung (springed?) for house cleaners to clean the apartment after sub-letter left. Feels so good to have the place sparkly clean!

  • Rant: Metro station managers. I got a “See Station Manager” message when I tried to leave Union Station this morning. The station manager looked annoyed that she actually had to talk to a passenger, reluctantly checked my card and had me go through the gate when it still didn’t work. I hope it works when I go home tonight.

    • Rave: Metro station managers. Same thing happened to me the other day and the manager was right on top of it. Had me on me my way in about two seconds. She looked perfectly happy to assist me.

    • Maybe she was just as annoyed as you were that the card didn’t work so her disdain was for the stupid metro system, not you. (Maybe?)

  • Rave: thought I lost my AT earbuds on the metro but I actually dropped them in the work elevator and my coworker found them for me. These aren’t amazing or anything but I can’t really afford a new pair right now haha
    Rave: COO at work brought in zucchini bread for the office, which is great because I didn’t bring a lunch
    Not sure what: we are all getting our pictures taken professionally at work for our website and I am a little nervous since I haven’t sat for a picture since I was in HS. And those never turned out well either.

    • Re: pics. I hear you. I need to submit a headshot for my university to post on the faculty page. I’m really quite reluctant; I’ve gone through great pains to minimize my internet presence (I have a scary ex), but I also think I might need to suck it up; just because someone can verify what I look like and see where I work they and get an email address, they still can’t find out where I live. And then there’s the fact that I’m really not photogenic at all.

    • This will be much better than your HS pictures. For one thing, professional photographers all photoshop now. ALL of them. So don’t fret about a blemish or whatever. They’re incapable of not fixing it.

    • I get so nervous about taking badge photos; it’s like I’m going to have this photograph of me hanging around my neck for HOW many years!?! For my current job, I had to take the photo on the hottest and most humid day in July. I was just praying all of my hair would fit into the shot.

      • I had the most ridiculous badge photo when I was a fed. Somehow I managed to not look straight at the camera and ended up with an artsy, super angled photo that was totally not in-line with the badge standards. It was a conversation piece for sure.

        • Haha! I’m just glad the incredibly low resolution of the cameras serves as a poor-man’s photoshop that failed to pick up my blemishes and made my skin look slightly better than normal.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I just got a new badge and had the misfortune of wearing a pale shirt that day. White background, pale shirt, blonde hair, pale and pasty skin; my picture is all one not very attractive color! Everything turned a sickly yellow.

  • Rant: The Metro train that said Green Line this morning was not a Green Line train. Everyone in the car I was sitting in had a mutual ‘oh crap’ moment as we realized we were heading to Virginia.
    Rave: Loving this weather!
    Rant: I had a really hard time coming back to D.C. after a few days in New York. Maybe this pattern is a sign that I need to move. I don’t think I want to live in New York right now but I think I do need a change.
    Rave: My law school admissions personal statement is just about done and I’m really happy with how far it has come in the past couple of months.

    • Not to be obnoxious but you shouldn’t be spending months crafting a law school personal statement. The only things that matter are LSAT and GPA. Focus on LSAT and only LSAT.

      • I’ve spent more months focusing on the LSAT. I wrote the statement in June and have revisited it a couple times since.

      • That’s obnoxious.

      • I think it depends on the school. I spent a long time on my personal statement, and it elicited a lovely handwritten note from the dean of environmental law. Even if it won’t get you an admission where your scores otherwise aren’t good enough, it is a method of getting the attention of people you will be interacting with during your time there.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: feel like ass, have to teach the worst class ever, and I hate everyone.
    Rant: Starting to panic about upcoming trip. Can I use my panda bag, when will my Willow arrive already, when do I have time to get nerve pills for the flight (and traveling with my father)?
    Rave: wee, tiny pumpkin on my desk is a cheery orange. Put some wee pumpkins on the filing cabinet too. Next up candy pumpkins (I’ll eat all the candy corn, but hate the pumpkins). Thanks Formerly Broken Jaw and Jeslett for the cheery Fall decorating ideas. You 2 are on my no hate list.

    • Pumpkins are just like kitties. The tinier, the cuter.

      • Emmaleigh504

        πŸ˜€ I do have a sweet tiny kitty waiting to lick me to death when I get home! And if I’m lucky she will pose next to the tiny pumpkins at home so I can get more cat pix to tweet!

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Evil Cat has decided that it is appropriate to wake me up at 4:40 am for 3 nights in a row by running across my head.
    Rave: Had my first pumpkin muffin of the season just now. Happy fall!

  • Rant: Waking up exhausted.
    Rave: Everything is moving along with the prospective tenant. They have excellent credit, so now the only thing I’m waiting on is their application forms and pay stub copies. Lease-signing is slated for Thursday, so I’ll be celebrating at the unofficial PoPville happy hour!
    Rave: Starting to get rid of the furniture I used to stage the apartment. I managed to sell the double bed last night, for a nominal fee. (I’d gotten it for free, but wanted to recoup my costs from paying Accountering to help me move it.) So now the only other large piece I need to sell in the next few days is the sofa. (If the other items don’t sell in the next few days, I can move them back to my house and sell them from there.)

  • rant: wearing pants (and a scarf!) to work for the first time in many months.
    rant: weird swollen blister-ish type thing just on the inside/bottom of my upper lip. Very annoying and feels huge but it’s actually not at all noticeable.
    rant: lots of personal stress going on right now, and I’m not sleeping.
    rave: feel like a hip lil millenial “cyber”ing or whatever with a long-distance (…i don’t actually know what to call him). While it felt pretty stupid at times it was also pretty fun, too. Doesn’t beat the real thing, of course.

  • skj84

    Rave: finally heading home after a lovely time visiting my family. PA was nice, but I have things to do in DC.

    Rave: as much as I love my family, we were just reaching the point where they were grating on me. My mom was starting the “what are you doing about a job, house, husband?” questions and nitpicking my style. I know she means well, but that stresses me out.

    PoPville brunch on Saturday! Bar Pilar at noon, there are still a few spots left.

  • Bear

    Rave: Working from home!
    Rant: It’s because I’ve been waiting for the plumber to come check out our malfunctioning hot water heater.. And they didn’t show up yesterday.
    Rant: Two days in a row I’ve found a giant spider crawling across the living room rug. I do not like spiders in my house. Outside? Fine, weave your webs all you want and I’ll even appreciate you a little bit. Inside my house? No thank you.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: In a better mood. (I really shouldn’t be allowed on the internet or to talk to people before noon.)

    • Andie302

      Glad your mood is improving! I wish I could say the same for myself. There’s construction going on the floor directly above me and all I want to do is rip the hammer out of that persons hand and throw it against the window. This is not my usual sentiment…damn booze anxiety/aftermath. Not even yoga yesterday has helped much!

    • Any suggestions on how I can improve my own mood? I’m grouch-posting up a storm here today and it’s not helping me or anyone else !

      • Andie302

        It made me feel better that I wasn’t the only cranky one today!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Not really. I just hate everything in the morning, but as the day goes on I’m fine. However! I’m now cranky again. Someone changed all the material for the Hell class I have to teach and the micromanager sent the new slides and said, “The slides have not changed.” They have all changed! I hate work.

      • Grouches of the world, unite! Today I’m in the crappiest mood in recent memory. The only thing that’s making me feel ever remarkably unsh-tty today is that my bad mood might be because of pregnancy hormones. But it’s too soon to tell and that’s making me grouchier πŸ™‚

        And +1 to work being a challenge. My boss is out today and my colleagues are all jockeying for who can emerge as his day-off boss substitute. I’m trying to stay out of it and just get my own stuff done, but it’s making me really dislike my team members a lot.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m good again! Class wasn’t as bad as I thought even with all the last minute changes! Today has been a roller coaster!

          • Glad to hear it! I’m still a grouch but the surging hormones are making me think more and more than I’m pregnant. Or maybe it’s just heinous PMS.

  • Rave: Dinner at Red Hen last night with longtime friends in town. Excellent food.

    Rant: Hard torturous chairs at Red Hen! What is it with all the restaurants making us sit on reform school benches? Cushions are like $1.00 at Ikea.

    • they don’t want you to linger πŸ˜‰

      • No, they don’t want me to return. Good as the food was – and it was very good – I don’t see this as a destination restaurant, but a neighborhood restaurant. With “small plates” at $14.00 and entrees at $24.00 I want to be comfortable while spending a relatively large amount of money.

        I’ve got a dozen good restaurants to choose from in Columbia Heights, (plus now Brookland Pint!)
        It isn’t exclusive to Red Hen, almost every new restaurant featured on Pop has hard uncomfortable seats.

        • A dozen good restaurants in Columbia Heights? With all due respect, I beg to differ.

          • I agree – good restaurants in CH are El Chucho, Pho 14, the new place replacing Sala Thai that everyone raves about, Maple, if you’re in the mood, I guess KBC . . . that’s about it. There are other good places to get something to eat that I wouldn’t consider to be restaurants . . La Caprice, Taqueria Districto Federal. In my opinion, nothing equal to REd Hen, and some god-awful places to boot.

    • Turnover!
      Only solution: drink more and faster to numb the keister.

    • I always assumed the lack of cushions was a cleaning thing. Whenever I sit on cushions in a restaurant, I always wonder whether there’s food on them, or how often they clean them, etc. I’d rather sit on a hard chair that I know was wiped down sometime than a soft chair with god knows what on it.

      • totally agree! Just like you don’t want your restaurant to have carpet.
        I ate at Red Hen for the first time last weekend and didn’t think about the chairs for a second, so I guess I didn’t find them uncomfortable.

  • Rave: Partner scored playoffs tickets for the Nats! I’m a new Nats fan, so this will be super exciting
    Rant: From St. Louis and a Cards fan, so I’ll be biting my nails to see how they do and fending off a nervous breakdown if the Cards and Nats meet in the playoffs
    Question: Any STL fans know of a Cardinals bar in DC where I could watch their games?

  • Rant: Yet again forgot to pack key clothing articles for shower and change at the workplace after practice. This time: underwear.
    Rave: Good Italian worsted surprisingly comfortable on sensitive bits.
    Rave: Sunglasses are in! After 30 years of Wayfarers, I’m making a break.

    • Andie302

      Hey…it could’ve been your pants πŸ™‚

      • I worry about that. Grabbing the suit on the hanger and not noticing that the jacket conceals the absence of pants. And spending all day in a pair of sweaty spandex shorts, unable to come out from behind my desk.

        • saf

          My brother-in-law grabbed his shirt, suit jacket, and pants on the way out the door to our (other) sister’s wedding. When he got there, he discovered that he had grabbed his shirt, his jacket, and my sister’s pants. He had to wear the sweat pants he had worn to drive up with his jacket. He was so embarrassed. We all thought it was great – especially his kids!

    • At least nobody will know you’re not wearing underwear.

    • Could be worse – my husband once traveled to an international work trip, forgot pants (only had a pair of shorts) -had to go out shopping (where he didn’t speak the language) co-worker that picked him up at the hotel texted all his co-workers that “met X- he has no pants – will be late!”

    • My partner once stepped out of the house wearing shirt, jacket, socks, and shoes. Thank heavens he remembered to pat his pocket to check for keys. (We had one of those automatically locking doors like on hotel rooms and had learned our lesson.) He encountered neither keys, nor pockets, nor pants. In his defense, he was writing a book at the time and was in full absent-minded-professor mode.

      • Becks

        I’ve made it out the door on several occasions sans pants. It’s usually when I hit the street and notice a breeze that I look down. I now regularly check. Once I was teaching a writing class at a University where I lived in the teachers housing. I rushed out the door and across campus to my class. The class was snickering and trying not to laugh all through class. Finally, I asked the class monitor what the class found to be so funny, and he advised that I look down. I WAS wearing pants but had also worn my huge fluffy Bunny Slippers to class. I now check shoes when I leave the house.

  • RANT! Night terrors (or teething? Didn’t quite seem like teething, though) suck. Poor kid was up forever once we finally got her settled down – she just didn’t want to go back to sleep. She used to go back to sleep after a sleep disturbance with just a little cuddle and then fine to go back in her crib, but not last night (or last week when we were dealing with jet lag from the west coast) Ugh.

    RANT2! Pediatrician visits. Lasted 2 hours, and I think my daughter now remembers she gets shots there, so she screamed whenever anyone came in the room, and wouldn’t let anyone touch her. So I had to manhandle her to get her ears checked, her lungs listened to, etc. Ugh, Glad to be back at work!

    • With night terrors, they don’t wake up and don’t remember anything, but it’s usually quite dramatic, and then over suddenly. So if she’s taking a long time to settle, then it’s probably not that. Probably just a sleep regression. I’ve heard references to “the 7 month sleep regression” and “the 10 month sleep regression” and I’m sure every other age anyone’s kid ever was when they stopped sleeping well.

      • Ok, so perhaps not a night terror. Maybe jet lag or teething? Whatever it was, it was yucky. We’ll be trying some pre-bed ibuprofin the next couple of nights just in case.

  • Rant, Rant, Rant: J-E-T-S. Just give the damn game away, why don’t you?

    • Thanks for that, btw.

      • Low on the scale of problems in today’s world, but I HATE staying up for MNF, getting pissed off the whole time, beinng so annoyed I can’t get to sleep, and then waking up cranky and tired the next day. Plus, the tickiets are impossible to sell.
        You’re welcome. Dammit. Small silver lining, at least it wasn’t the Patriots. Though I’m sure that excruciating loss is coming.

  • Becks

    Rave: I love working from home!
    Rant: There was a staff meeting at the office today to go over future reorganization changes that wasn’t on the schedule, so I missed it.
    Rant: lack of communication!
    Rave: My jalapeΓ±os are growing! There are 8 peppers now!
    Rantish: I stopped by the new Taco place on 14th, Habanero Taquira? And forgot to bring cash. I’ll have to go again this week.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Bonus Rave: Department pot luck today with delicious and exotic (for someone who grew up in the Midwest) food.

    Bonus Rant: Highly compensated employee who signs up to bring plates and forks, etc and then brings exactly the number of paper plates and plastic forks, etc. for the number of people invited. Were you raised in a barn?

    Rave: Considering changing my user name to something involving Candy Corn just so all the haters will have to look at it every day.

    • “Department pot luck today with delicious and exotic (for someone who grew up in the Midwest) food.”

      Fajitas? Anything with Cilantro?

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Haha! To be honest anything without a cream of mushroom soup base or melted cheese (preferably both) would seem exotic in my homeland of Southwestern Indiana.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My dad likes to tell stories of his youth in Indiana where people did not cook with exotic spices like salt and pepper. It’s hard to believe such a place exists!

    • justinbc

      CandyCornalBeads, you’re welcome Internet. (I’m afraid to Google it, but if this really exist no trademark infringement was intended.)

    • I skimmed this quickly, and read it as: “Department pot today – delicious and exotic”. And wondered what department you work for, and if they have any vacancies…..

  • Ally

    Rave: Scored two free tickets to DC United on Saturday (I like anything involving sports, beer, and nachos).
    Rant: Horrible car crash yesterday evening at East Capitol St and 17th St SE. Based on the sound, I initially thought it was a gas explosion (could see the wreck and emergency vehicles from my 2nd floor window after). Hope everyone made it out of that okay.

  • Rave: Rented a car to get to the MD Ren Faire for $17 for the whole day! Yeah I have to go to Alexandria to pick it up, but $17!
    Rave: HR brought us Astro donuts for September birthday celebration. Didn’t know I needed a creme brulee donut.
    Rant: Why does it take an HOUR to get from the Hill to Cathedral Heights at 8pm? It’s only 7 miles away.
    Revel: People on DCist and here discussing WhiteLadyRanIntoMe-gate. delightful!

  • Rave: Fantastic wedding this weekend for two equally fantastic friends
    Rave: Finally caught up on sleep today
    Rave: Found new apartment and getting ready to move – bigger and cheaper!
    Rant: I hate packing and I have three trips between now and the move…when will I have time to pack and paint the new place?

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