It’s been a while but we got another Red Fox sighting – at the World War II memorial


It’s been since May but we finally got another sighting of the famous fox – from a reader:

“On my morning run today, right next to the World War II memorial I spotted a Red Fox looking for some breakfast!”

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  • I saw the fox up closer to the Capitol building on Labor Day – it was too dark for a picture, though. I think it was at like 4th and Madison.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like foxes, but for some reason this picture reminds me of the fox scene in How I Live Now. Not pretty.

  • Maybe the fox was at his summer house.

  • This fox and I shared a moment on the snowiest night of last year on the steps of the lincoln.

  • Just last Friday night at about 9:15pm I was riding Bikeshare through the Mall just west of the Washington Monument and came within three feet of this fox who was heading South. We exchanged glances and kept right on movin’– it was city wild at its best.

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