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  • This is awesome. This is how a festival is supposed to be. Whoever the folks are who put together the DC State Fair should take note. I showed up shortly after 12 to find no one had set up, no food in sight, and no one could tell me when there would be lunch available. Why advertise a festival start time and not be prepared at the time announced? I know, this is a first-world problem.

  • wow. I remember the first H St Festival – it was like two blocks long – including the BBQ table – and that was only a few years back. Amazing growth. Stupifying.

    • The first H Street Festival was in 1987.

      By the way, I found the best way for old geezers like me to hit the H Street Festival. I worked it into my run and ran up and down the middle of H Street checking out all the setups around 7 am. Had it all to myself! Suckers.

  • I was also there yesterday, but I was thinking this was closer to 75,000 in attendance around 3pm. Is 125,000 an OFFICIAL number or just one reader’s estimate?

  • This was a pretty well run event. There were two ‘bottleneck’ points where it was uncomfortable maneuvering. If there’s something on the left side of the street that is taking up a lot of space there shouldn’t be stuff on the right. My only complaint.

    • Yep, where the dunk tank and dance school was set up was pretty crazy, but a lot of intersections that were nearly empty. I get they want to put on their setup right in front of their place of business, but it could be planned out better.

  • Can I say people tend to be really bad at estimating crowd size. A standard city block can hold 2000-4000 people. So best case scenario, is 125,000 people is over 30 full city blocks. And when I say full I mean you can’t really move, so I really doubt the blocks at a festival were full enough to get 4000 people in each one especially with vendors set up. Looking at the picture it looks closer to about 1000 people per block.

    • Yeah, it was super annoying that they made EVERYONE be there at exactly the same time.

      • Can you answer me a couple of questions? How many blocks were full of people, how long was the event and how long did you stay?

        If you do the math I bet you still get no where close to 125,000 people. I am sorry most people have absolutely no ability to estimate corwd sizes.

        • I live right off of that main stretch of H. I myself was down in the festivities for 4 hours or so, but was sitting on my porch for another hour or two. Any other questions, chief? I will gladly admit that I’m a terrible judge of crowd size, I was just pointing out that your equation was flawed.

        • It was noon to 7pm, from 4th to 14th Streets.

      • There’s still no way it was 125,000 cumulatively.

    • “A standard city block can hold 2000-4000 people.”

      Two thousand to four thousand is a WIDE margin, which makes your number range sound wholly made up. And who designed the length of a “standard” city block. Standard where? In Manhattan? In Kansas City?

  • In terms of the crowds….
    -I heard earlier in the day (before the festival, when I was making plans to go) that 125K ppl were expected. Not sure if that many showed up, but for a while, close to 4pm, it was crazy crowded.
    -The festival covered like 10 blocks or so (??? 3rd to 14th? )
    -Lasted all day
    -Included the bars/restaurants too (I stopped by 3 bars, all packed)
    -Included the parking lot next to Smith Commons + the parking area in front of the strip mall
    -I was there for 4 hrs.
    Anyway, not sure if 125K but for sure a healthy crowd!

  • Good times, loved it. There were a ton of people out. And the weather was perfect, especially compared to last year’s torrential downpours.

  • The organizers said they “expected” 125,000 people which is a clearly unrealistic number considering the size of the festival grounds. That was a 25% increase from the 100,000 they claimed for 2013 which was also inflated considering the downpours that held down crowds.
    The photo from Twitter is wonderful but it shows what are always the most congested blocks of the Festival, not the other half of the space which is usually much more lightly filled.
    The person who tweeted it gives no indication of a method used for estimating the crowd. How does he know? There is no crowd-estimating method that would generate a number close to 125,000.

    It doesn’t really matter. The Festival was a terrific event. People had a great time and it was a triumph for H Street.

    • I was there and walked the length of the festival four times. No blocks were “lightly filled” in my experience. Shoulder to shoulder the whole way, 3rd to 15th.

      • There were spots on the street where you literally could not move. Not to mention, every bar had a tent set up outside, and was packed inside. So over the course of 7 hours, I would not be surprised if 125,000 people showed up.

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