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  • Good job everyone, cardiologists in the area will be thrilled.

  • I think it’s safe to say that doughnuts are the new cupcakes.

  • If Barracks Row is continually blazing, it would explain the donut cravings.

  • Am I out of touch when I say I sometimes don’t understand the fascinations with things like burgers, pizzas, and now doughnuts? Is it more of “new and shiny thing, must check it out!” craze or are people legitimately going bonkers over doughnuts? I like all of them, but in moderation..I don’t get it. The doughnuts do look delicious, not gonna lie.

    • I’m kinda with you. I love burgers and pizza, but I don’t have to check out every new place that pops up. And I don’t like sweet, sugary food for breakfast, so I rarely eat donuts.

    • I think some people just buy into these fads, which are fed by media hype, then they convince themselves that it’s better than it actually is, and that it’s worth overpaying/waiting in long lines for.

    • It does seem a bit high-school ish doesn’t it?

      Someone “cool” would wear X and then everyone would follow. Marketing people call them “cool hunters” or some variant.

    • I just think there is a great deal of untapped demand for doughnuts in this city. Besides crap doughnuts like Dunkin and Krispy Kreme, there are are maybe three in DC that have good doughnuts (Astro, District, and maybe GBD). In comparison, the last two cities I’ve been to, Chicago and Portland, have great doughnut shops.

      Also, District Doughnut is amazing! My favorite so far is the Dulce de Leche

      • That’s it really. The plase is getting mobbed because we don’t have enough small shops scattered throughout the city to meet demand, so people travel to the few we do have.

  • So are these like Astro (artisan, expensive, more worth it if they were more consistent), a revival of Montgomery (cheap and a big step up from Dunkin), crappy-chic like Krispy Kreme or something else?

  • I vaguely remember a black and white movie from my childhood where some donut store’s donut machine gets stuck “on” or something and generates endless donuts. Anyone else remember this?

  • i don think its so much donuts but rather people are excited to get independent and/or artisianal businesses instead of chains like dunkin donuts, cosi and panera.

  • I live in the neighborhood and would love to try this place, but when they sell out by 9:00 AM each day it makes it kind of difficult. I hope they find a way to produce more product to meet the demand. Otherwise, they may push away more customers than they attract before the hype wears off. Why, stand in line or continue being disappointed by the sold out signs when I can just go up to Dunkin Donuts at the other end of Barracks Row and buy a dozen at anytime of day for half the cost?

    • I believe they offer the chance for people to preorder in case they sell out. I actually went by yesterday around 3pm and they still had doughnuts. The dulce de leche is divine!

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