DC VegFest this Saturday at Yards Park

Photo of Yards Park by PoPville flickr user caroline.angelo

From a press release:

“Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or veg-curious, DC VegFest is the place to be on September 20th from 11am-6pm. More than 15,000 Washingtonians and visitors alike are expected to attend this yearly celebration of the best of everything vegetarian in and around the nation’s capital.

“From free vegan food samples and cooking demos to a kids’ activity area and live music, DC VegFest has something for everyone,” says Erica Meier, Executive Director of Compassion Over Killing. “Now in its sixth year, this free outdoor event is the perfect way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon with your family and friends – including your furry four-legged friends who can enjoy free treats in our new Barking Lot.”

During this day-long celebration, more than 100 exhibitors, partners, and sponsors will showcase a wide range of products, services and resources to help Washingtonians discover why eating a plant-based diet and choosing vegetarian foods is one of the best ways to help protect our health, the planet, and animals.

DC VegFest will take place at Yards Park, corner of N St and 1st St SE, Washington, DC, and attendees will have the opportunity to:

· Sample free delicious vegan food (Tofurky, Treeline cheese, So Delicious dairy-free ice cream)

· Learn from expert chefs hosting cooking demos

· Hear from nationally renowned speakers (ASL interpreters will be on the main stage)

· Enjoy live performances from local musicians, including Steve Gellman

· Participate in the Kids’ Activity Area featuring our popular “Ask a Vegan Family” booth and a kid-friendly cooking demonstration from Doron Petersan, owner of Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats

· Relax in the beer and wine garden — sponsored by Bread & Brew”

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  • This event seems to be highlighting food products designed to imitate meat and dairy food that vegans and vegetarians have rejected.

    • I think it just looks that way because the press release is highlighting some of the event’s main sponsors. The food at the actual event, and vegan food generally, is a lot more varied.

    • maxwell smart

      Also the event is designed to reach out to people who are not already vegetarians or vegans and show them that cutting meat, dairy, etc out doesn’t mean your only options are plants.

    • you’re just jealous, because us vegetarians are going to live longer than you.

    • why do people have a problem with that?

    • The vegetarian hate on this site (and with this comment in particular) is kind of out of control. Why so much frustration with other people’s life decisions when they don’t impact you at all?

      • Accountering

        You can’t be serious? Vegetarian hate on this site? I post/read this site probably as much as anyone, and I never see this. Perhaps you are just prone to getting defensive? I have never even heard that vegetarian hate is a thing…

        • +1. I’ve seen a couple of anti-vegetarian comments on this site over the past few years, but only a couple. If you’re perceiving it as “out of control,” you’re taking it too much to heart, IMO.

        • Hi All,

          The comments I made above were in response to a specific comment here, which I think Dan removed. Out of context, I agree that it looks really defensive!

      • A bit hyperbolic, no? At most, I’ve seen a few snarky comments (in this case, made in response to a snarky comment).

      • Actually we all are impacted by each other’s dietary choices. Agriculture is a major contributor to climate change and animal products have a much larger carbon and water footprint than plant products. Not to mention the impact animal products have on the animals themselves!

    • I’m veg for ethical and environmental reasons, not because I think meat and dairy are gross.

      There’s a strange perception that vegetarians and vegans are that way because they simply don’t like the taste of meat. In fact, many, if not most, of us have alternative diets because we decided that taste should not be the only factor when deciding what to eat.

      I was a meat-eater for most of my life, so I appreciate being able to eat things similar to burgers, hot dogs, and wings* that don’t come with the environmental and ethical baggage of their animal-based counterparts.

      *Btw, Woodland Vegan Bistro’s Vegan Chicken Drummies are the most amazing vegetarian version of buffalo wings I’ve ever had. I’d recommend them to anyone (except anyone with gluten issues.)

  • funny that there is a Bacon festival a few blocks over, same day, same time, at Fairgrounds on Half Street in front of Nationals Park

    • little likelihood of overlap.

    • So you have to smell the bacon when you exit the metro to get to the VegFest? I Love it.

      • Funny, the smell of vegetables cooking doesn’t waft that far. That cooking bacon smell is the smell of death. Yummy.

      • I don’t think there’s ever been a discussion of vegetarianism or veganism on the internet where someone didn’t make a snarky comment about bacon.

        • +1. The bacon comments were among the ones that semi-bothered me earlier today. It seems odd that any post on this site (and others) involving vegetarianism or veganism seems to result in pot shot comments. It sort of reminds me of when I was in junior high and people used to make lame, simpleminded jokes about gay people being “fairies” or “f-ggots.” What’s the big problem, people? Are vegetarians really hurting you so much that you can’t resist taunting them?

          And MMMkay, it’s true that vegetarians make a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare. I should have said that these “other people’s life decisions … don’t impact you *negatively* at all.”

    • ThunderCheese

      A vegan festival that smells all bacony. Some people are going to be upset. Others will go to both.

  • This was great last year – tons of really good options (and it isn’t limited to food), not to mention a lot of cute dogs! Can’t wait!

  • I could say the same to you. And by the way, I’m not vegetarian. I just don’t understand why people direct so much negativity their way.

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