Big U Street Scuttlebutt – Former State of the Union and Repblic Gardens Sold to a Developer?


I’m hearing the long vacant (and sometimes troubled) properties on the 1300 block of U Street, NW have finally sold. The State of the Union building was listed for sale for $2.2 million back in December. And you guessed it – word is plans are to combine the lots for condos and retail on the first floor. Definitely looking forward to learning more about the plans and seeing some renderings. Updates when/if more info becomes available.



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  • What? Condos, right next to Patty Boom Boom / the intersection of doom? Good luck sleeping on weekends

  • figby

    Condos! How original. And what a great location — noise, crowds, ambulances, vomit.

    • A lot of people with money are apparently into that sort of thing.

      • +1,000! I used to think living in Cleveland Park was boring and I wanted to live in Adams Morgan or on U Street. Hell, now I’m glad Cleveland Park is boring!

    • it’s “new urbanism” and works as long as people will pay ridiculous prices for ridiculous locations.

    • I think it really is a great location. It’s too pricy for me, but I think it would be a lot of fun. And judging by the prices at the Ellington and the Louis, I’m not alone.

    • There are already a bunch of condos right in that area anyway. Besides, if they revived them as clubs, the neighborhood is not even able to currently support the parking volume. I hope they have a plan to create underground parking, U street needs a lot more paid underground parking options.

      • I don’t understand the obsession with parking in the U Street area — it’s right on top of a Metro station!
        Sure, I might feel a little nostalgic for the days before the Ellington was completed, when it was possible to go out on U Street and find a parking spot ON U STREET ITSELF (!)… but those days are long gone. These days, I drive to U Street on the rare occasion that I’m going to a weeknight event that runs past midnight, but the rest of the time I take Metro. Much less of a headache.

  • that sounds awuful
    i would not want to live right there by any means
    far too much going on right

  • that sounds awuful
    i would not want to live right there by any means
    far too much going on right outside of your front door

  • It may be for the best but I had good times in Repbublic Gardens and a few other DC spots that are now
    gone. Maybe they can give me the sign.

    I can’t wait for the first people to move in to the new condos and then complain about the noise.

  • This + the eight-story JBG building going up across the street means big changes for this block. Hopefully for the better, though it’s sad to see the old row houses go.

  • Interesting. I wonder if those buildings are part of the historic overlay — if they are, then I guess razing them and putting up a mid-rise building wouldn’t be an option for the developers.

  • I just walked by last week and was wondering what the hold up was in these selling–I was beginning to think they were not “really” for sale, but buying time and not having to pay blight taxes.

  • Had a lot of good shots of vodka at that place back in the day. Wikipedia says Cab Calloway once played there?! You could go to Twins Jazz Lounge every night! I always thought it was weird that restaurants couldn’t make it on that block, like the BBQ takeout joint that was on the corner before the Subway went in.

  • Where will the people that pee in that stairwell go, then? I swear, sometimes I across the street so I don’t have to walk in front of that stairwell just because of the smell.

  • Anything that brings daytime traffic to the area is good, I guess. Also, anything is better than what is there now. That said, metro and traffic are sure to be affected.

  • I would agree that condo’s are not ideal at that location that backs onto Patty Boom Boom and Marvin’s deck. Much better would be a custom office space that is more daytime than night. However, if it means that Henry McCall no longer owns anything on U Street than everyone is better off as he has been a plague to businesses and residents both. Good riddance!

  • I absolutely loved State of the Union! Live bands then DJ (esp my favorite, Grits and gravy) in the front room and house music all night long in the back room. Saw some of my favorite ever unsigned acts, including Homonculus (, Oktbrworld and Faith ( My best friend even met his wife, there. Good times. Good times. I was always sorry to see that place go. Tip of the hat, State oo the Union. Tip of the hat.

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