901 Monroe Update (former Colonel Brooks Tavern Plot) back to “the zoning panel for further review”

901 Monroe St, NE

Folks write in about the former Colonel Brooks Tavern plans about once a month. Finally an update from the Washington Business Journal:

The appeals court ruling remands the PUD to the zoning panel for further review, to decide whether the project is too dense for the community, to address the policy that requires protection of existing homes on the site, and “to determine whether, in light of the commission’s conclusions on these issues, the commission should grant or deny approval of the project.”

WBJ notes that the project previously “was approved for more than 200 apartments and 13,000 square feet of retail.” You can read the full 901 Monroe D.C. Court of Appeals Decision here.

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  • I wish these projects would come to Ft Totten . All we seem to be getting is a “Cell Block H” Walmart project so far. It’s doubtful they’d have problems from neighbors as there are none!

  • brookland_rez

    Maybe now that Caroline Steptoe is out of the picture this project can finally move forward.

  • Ugh, sometimes I hate living in ward 5. Everyone seems content to watch the rest of the city pass them by…

    Add another year to McMillan, too…

    • brookland_rez

      Brookland has made huge strides in the past few years. So has Eckington and Bloomingdale. At least we’re not Ward 3 with Cleveland Park. Those NIMBY’s delayed the new Giant by 10 years or more.

      • No, but the area is becoming wealthier much faster than it’s becoming dense, so there’s plenty of reason for concern about NIMBYism in the future.

        • brookland_rez

          Agreed. And honestly, while I’d certainly like to see more density around the Metro and the 12th St corridor, I wouldn’t want condos popping up on all the other blocks that now have single family homes. Developers can have 18th and Monroe. Let’s get rid of the auto repair shop and storefront churches. Also RIA. Let’s line RIA with condos and make it like CT Ave.

  • Great, the Appellate Court gets to get all “oh-hell-no!” on this case. If you’ve spent the last 30 years complaining about the Zoning Commission taking findings of fact verbatim, why not wait just one more case to finally start standing up? Sigh.

    This will go back to the Zoning Commission, in about a year there will be yet another show trial, 90% of people who comment on the project will support the project, the Zoning Commission will spend six months writing a 55 page report laying out facts, they’ll approve the project, the 200 footers will sue, a year later the District Court will rule against them, they’ll appeal, 12 months later the Appeals Court will rule against them–as long as they don’t find the commission used “who” when they should have used “whom” or some other technical bs–then finally the project will be ready to start it’s 18-24 month construction schedule. So all the folks of Brookland get to enjoy a fence-lined weed lot for six to eight years all so Guy Durant can walk across the tracks to enjoy the restaurants, arts walk, bookstore, and free jazz that the quality of life destroying South Campus development has brought, while yelling NIMBY!

    • Don’t know who you are, don’t really care, it’s more than just a condo going up. Sure the 6 story building may seem a lil excessive to some (myself included) but the other issues are underground parking and the excavating for it and the crane that will be swaying above are homes. Would you not be concerned about your foundation if a 30ft pit was being dug literally across the alley? Would you not be a lil nervous if a giant crane was swinging above your house for 3-6 months? And as for calling out Guy like that is just plain rude! You obviously know him, so go talk to him.
      I think everyone is tried of seeing that fenced in weed garden but you pal ain’t helpin.

      • To answer your questions, no. Unlike you and the rest of the 200 footers I actually believe that experts know how to do their job and I don’t second guess becuase unlike the two hundred footers, I can admit I am nto an expert in construction technique. Cranes and deep holes for foundations happen all over the city.

        Do you know what I don’t like, abandon lots because some people want to throw hissy fits.

        • I believe the 200 footers were working with an architect and others to gather expert opinions. Just so you know… they didn’t make blind, rash conclusions. Abandoned lots are something nobody wants. I’m sure they don’t want that either…

          • Actually they are really working with people that will give them the predetermined answer they are hoping for. The guy was literally complaining about a whole across the alley from his property, as in what happens at every construction cite. Notice he didn’t cite any specifically problems with the plans for the whole, just simply the fact the whole exists.

            As a former Brookland resident who has sat in meetings with these people i can assure you they start with an objection and then work backwards to find a reason for the objection. My favorite example is the underground spring the claim exists there, but so far as I know they havent been able to find any expert who has studied the site who supports this idea of theirs.

      • Concern about giant crane ? Really?

      • I have spoken to Guy. You can’t reason with the unreasonable. No I would not be concerned if a 30 foot pit was being built across my alley. I can guarantee you the crane they use will not be placed anywhere near the existing homes. Plus, when was the last time you heard of a construction crane falling over onto existing houses? I’m sure it occurs, and I remember one falling off of a building in NYC, but I don’t remember any of the hundred+ cranes in my years in DC ever falling down.

        What’s really rude is holding up a project that will benefit the neighborhood all because of your irrational selfish interests. I’m tired of NIMBYs.

    • +1,000,000
      Also, why did they buy homes a block from a Metro station if they were anti-development.

  • This is what I don’t understand though, people are fighting this project so hard…when you have that totally weird building going up on 9th St on the little triangle sliver of grass. It looks like the building is literally on top of the metro tracks. It seems so oddly placed and poorly planned?

    • That project is as-of-right, so even though many people (including myself) aren’t pleased with it, I don’t think there’s any case to be made about the zoning commission is not doing its job there.

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