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  • May the gods of Smart Business Models and Caring Owners smile upon the denizens of Adams Morgan and grant them some reasonable establishments to inhabit these cursed locations.

  • The Columbia Road stretch of Adams Morgan west of 18th offers a strong long term model for the rest of the neighborhood as it seeks a new identity since the old one isn’t sustainable anymore:

    nice, upscale and ethnic restaurants, solid mix of retail / healthcare services / deli / local organic grocer, and a mix of nightlife spots sprinkled in, that all appeal to locals and visitors.

    If only we could get that interior design store back.

    • I agree. I wish U Street would evolve in a like manner but I’m not holding my breath. BTW, Primp Beauty Supply (on U between 15 and 16) has closed. For some reason that seems to be a tough block for small businesses.

    • an interior design store that sells plastic couches for $5K doesn’t really appeal to anyone…

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