Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle

1200 N Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1200 N Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Penthouse. Fabulous one bedroom with balcony, near Logan and 14th st Whole Foods, shops, restaurants, bars, buses and metro. Renovated unit with granite kitchen, stainless appliances, ceramic baths and wood floors. Sunlit with large windows and city views. Building is loaded with amenities: Sauna, Roof Deck, Fitness Center, Security, Responsive Onsite Management and more!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,250/Mo.

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  • We wanted to rent a great 2 bedroom in this building – they said they were pet friendly but they really meant they were ok with dogs under 15lbs (so…a cat?) ‘because of noise’. We were really disappointed because we really liked the apartment. We now love around the corner and every time I walk by, I hear a number of dogs yapping through the windows of different apartments. I’m glad that 15lb weight limit exists to keep it quiet!

    • *live, not love!

    • Unfortunately a very common policy. I suppose they figure larger dogs can do more damage to their property? My large dog is probably the quietest on the block – not to mention that those of us with larger dogs seem more likely to actually train them.

      • Smaller dogs seem to bark more than large dogs, in my experience. Maybe management thinks bigger dogs can do more damage to the apartment, and to other people, if they misbehave. But smaller dogs are certainly not quiet!

      • Yeah they told us it was because of the noise. Which is funny to me since in the first place I lived with Lucy, my neighbors didn’t even know I had a dog until they saw me walk her into the building years after I got her.

        Sad policy but whatever. Very few dog breeds are under 15lbs and those that are are often very loud. Counter to their stated mission of size restrictions.

        • I’m not 100% in favor of size restrictions, but live under someone with a large dog and hardwood floors and you might understand. It’s like a frickin’ stampede. Also, when that dog would bark, you could hear him a block away, versus the smaller dogs who just annoyed the immediate neighbors. Again, not saying I support size limits completely (although I do support enforcing floor coverage rules for people with large dogs), but I think this is where some of the logic comes from.

  • Where’s this penthouse? That looks to be eye-level with the three story rowhouses across the street.

    • There’s another part of the Mondrian that’s on 12th street and is only about four floors high. So this could indeed be the top floor of that section. (Or, yep, it could be hyperbole.)

      Hard to understand why they didn’t include more photos of the living space, but if it’s really nearly 900 square feet this seems like a great deal/lot of space for the neighborhood.

  • Oh the Mondrian. This was my first apartment when I moved to DC in 1997. The rent for an efficiency for $450.

    • istreettoistreet

      Me too, same year even. I remember the landlady was really nice and that the parking garage was only $50 a month. The 90’s!

      • The rent is much higher now but parking spaces can still be had for $65/month.

      • I can’t remember her name but she really looked out for me and understood I was broke-as-a-joke. I should have listened to her and not moved…

        Parking for me was supposed to be $100 a month so I continued to park outside.

    • Rent was cheap back then because the neighborhood was awful.

      • In the first week I was there, the Bodega-like store on the corner of 12th and N was robbed around 4pm, gunshots, getaway cars – the entire nine. I was definitely dicey but I liked living there…

  • Jeez, I live 4 blocks away and pay less than that for a 2 bed/bath. Probably not as nice but damn…

  • Not many pics of the actual unit. I seem to recall the last time a unit here was featured that people had had some rather negative experiences with the building. Despite the square footage, it is on the high side for what it is.

    • Disagree about this being the high side. I looked intensively just last year for apartments in this neighborhood and even small 1 bedrooms in Logan routinely go higher than this.

    • It is pricey, but IMO a decent deal. There is a small gym, a nice roofdeck, courtyard, a small secured area to walk your dog in if you don’t feel like going out after hours and a security guard on duty nights and weekends. As well as the aforementioned cheap parking-$80/month.

  • I lived in the building for 2 years, 2011-2013. The whole building is infested with cockroaches. They have major issues with some residents who are hoarders and not clean, and this causes problems for other residents. Just a warning.

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