Uber Getting in on the Sundry Delivery Game


From an email:

“Laundry stacking up because you’re out of detergent? Forget to grab shampoo while at the grocery store? Uber now has you covered.

Today, we’re announcing the latest experiment from the Uber Garage and helping Washingtonians put these problems in the past with the Uber Corner Store!

With Corner Store, users in select areas can request toiletries, baby supplies, medicine and more through the Uber app, on-demand. This limited-time-only experiment will run for a few weeks, but may extend with growing demand.

The Details

To start, Corner Store will only be available Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm. Availability may change based on demand.
Corner Store is only available to a select number of Uber DC riders within a limited area.
No cash required! Your Corner Store order will be charged directly to your Uber account.

How it works: (since Corner Store is only available to a select number of Uber DC riders, the option won’t be visible for everyone)

Open the app and toggle to the “CORNER STORE” option at the bottom of your screen.
Set your location and confirm your delivery address.
If a driver is available in your area, we’ll shoot you a text message with a link to the items available for purchase.
Be prepared! Your driver will give you a call and take your order a few minutes before arriving.
Just like other Uber trips, your driver will notify you when he/she is arriving at your set delivery location.”

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  • If you look at the delivery zones (http://blog.uber.com/cornerstore) seems like Shaw is left out…I barely made it by 1 block!

  • janie4

    If anyone else lived in NYC at the start of the century, there was a start-up named Kozmo (spelling). They delivered VHS tapes and DVDs to your house, and things like ice cream and other items. Clearly, they knew the eventual market, but were just ahead of the technology. Way to be vindicated!

    • um, look at the picture accompanying this post. Kozmo was actually DC-based.

      • Kozmo actually was founded in NYC – though expanded to a bunch of major cities, including DC. I loved them in college – could order anything and it’d be there in 20 mins. Oh the dot.com boom.

      • No. They were based in NYC. They eventually expanded to DC and a few other cities.
        Kozmo.com messenger bags are still a coveted item/source of pride.

    • Was just thinking of Kozmo as I read this. Loved it while at Georgetown. I also remember how they used to also give you random swag like a CD opener with deliveries.

  • What? You mean NYC isn’t the first & best of everything?

  • The driver is going to call and take my order? If this works as well as when they call and get my location this will be a disaster. The app should just list what they can pick up and you have to check off what you want.

  • I don’t see how this could be profitable without a high delivery fee ($10) and a minimum order spend.
    This sounds like Postemates, which is absurdly overpriced for lukewarm food.

  • PS – there’s a whole lotta redlining going on with that delivery map. They’ve purposely cut out a lot of low income housing developments. The borders near Trinidad, Shaw, and anything east of 11th Street NW are quite odd.

  • skj84

    The hours are only 9am to 9pm. Wouldn’t it make sense to set late night hours? I would assume most people would use this service at times when stores aren’t usually open.

  • Weird that Mt. P is totally excluded

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