Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar finally opens at 17th and U Street, NW!

1926 17th Street, NW

We first heard about this new bakery back in Sept. 2013.  Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar is located in the former Written Word space at 1926 17th St, NW just south of U Street not far from the Hana Japanese Market. A reader sends the good news this morning:

“The long awaited bakery has finally opened to public today. My girlfriend and I snuck in for an illy coffee and bacon/cheddar/chive scone. Delicious.”


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  • DefinitelyNotTheLochNessMonster

    I feel a certain kinship with this place and I have no idea why. Might have to stop by!

  • The scone sounds great! But really unfortunate they couldn’t do better than Illy coffee.

    • Are you seriously that much of a coffee snob?
      Illy is better quality than 95% of the garbage coffee (SBUX, DD, McD’s, etc.) consumed by Americans on a daily basis. Get off it.

      • Indeed those are garbage as well, but Illy is largely in the same arena. It’s like a buying Yuengling and not Bug Light.

      • Certainly better than that lot but that’s not saying much. Shi*bux takes the cake for over roasted coffee in the area, if not the country.

        • Or maybe none of the “anonymous” have a lock on what tastes good to other people. You go to other-priced and over-roasted Peregrine or Qualia because you think everything local equals better and I’ll go to Illy. Everyone’s happy as long as you get over what I want to do.

  • curse my timing, i was just at hana yesterday!

  • So excited to try this place. Jimmy, the owner, is a fantastic baker. And I’m sure the coffee is great too.

  • I LOVE having another coffee shop option nearby. Are there seats for hanging out? Or is it primarily a take-out place? But I don’t drink coffee so I’m wondering about their hot/iced tea options.

  • Tried the place this morning. They’re really nice and helpful, and I enjoyed the food and coffee. The space is really charming as well. Once they work a couple of the small kinks out, this will be a great place.

  • I went in this morning after passing this every day on my way to work for several months waiting for it to open. Everyone inside was very friendly, and it’s really cute decor. The guy who took my order said they’re getting tables for outside this weekend. They only have baked goods and coffee (which was less than $3.50.) They have some gluten free baked goods, as well as muffins, scones, etc.

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