Sweet Themez Closes Current Retail Space but “Renting a Commercial Kitchen Nearby”, NY Diva NY for lease in Adams Morgan

2318 18th Street, NW

Sweet Themez opened up in the original Crooked Beats location back in 2011. A reader says they closed their Adams Morgan retail spot last week.

Update from the owner:

“We had some water damage to our unit that the owner refused to fix. Therefore, we are renting a commercial kitchen nearby and are offering free delivery to our customers.”

You can check out ther website and menu here.

And thanks to many other readers for sending word that the troubled NY DIVA NY space is now for lease.

2406 18th Street, NW

Rather patriotic too:


Probably good advice:


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  • Neither one is a surprise. NY NY Diva had a lot of liquor license violations, and Sweet Themez had no regular business hours. I ordered a dozen cupcakes from them once and was told they were closed that day (I called around 1pm) so I couldn’t get them that evening, but that I could pick up a fresh dozen at 11am the next day. Showed up at 11:30 and they were just opening up, and the girl working there said my cupcakes were in the oven and would be ready in about 2 hours. Since I was going to a party at noon, I just left. Really no way to run a business – I’ll be shocked if they don’t just disappear.

  • That vertical text is hard to read, and it’s not an especially easy-to-read typeface either.
    And thanks to PoPville, I know that the U.S. flag in the weird U.S./D.C. hybrid thing they’ve got going there is rotated incorrectly!

  • NY NY Diva would not appear to be any great loss. Hopefully the new owners will replace that hideous facade. The front of the building looks like a Stealth Fighter mated with an HVAC.

  • Good riddance NY Diva!

  • Sweet Themez is looking for other space in Adams Morgan so stay tuned. They will reopen soon. I know they were very successful in that location and frequently closed early because they sold out.

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