Restaurant from Chef and Owner of Mintwood Place coming to Shaw to be called Convivial


Following yesterday’s news of the Giant grocery store’s big win comes word of the name of the new Mintwood Place restaurant coming to City Market at O. The original Mintwood Place is in Adams Morgan. Washingtonian reported:

“The previously untitled Shaw restaurant from the Mintwood Place team now has a name: Convivial. Chef Cedric Maupillier says he and co-owner Saied Azali were drawn to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of the word: “relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company.”

They also say Convivial, to be located at 801 O Street, NW, hopes to open early next Spring. Stay tuned.

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  • Great news and name. In anticipation of the confusion of readers trying to align the image with the restaurant location- the image is the corner of 7th and O, and the restaurant is the corner of 8th and O on the Cambria Suites side. Next to the Starbucks. I’ve been looking for building permits online but haven’t found any pulled yet for this or for the gelato place to date.

    • Interesting — glad you’re checking this! I think I saw some build-out happening in the gelato place last week, but if that’s what it actually was, it was very preliminary stuff.

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