After 30 Years Popeyes Closes at 14th and N in Logan Circle, but will reopen across the street in 2-3 months, Douglas Development Project Coming

14th and N St, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails about Popeyes closing. We knew it was coming when we saw La Villa closed next door in early June. Fear not Popeyes fans – they’ll reopen in 2-3 months across the street at 1322 14th St, NW (between B Too and The Pig.)


You can see details about the new project here: 1313-1317_14th_St_NW (PDF)


Rendering via Douglas Development:

1313-1317 14th Street, NW

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  • Do we really think that Popeye’s will actually reopen at this new spot — or will this be like the Caribou relocation?

    • I’ve been under the impression that they’re re-opening as “Louisiana Kitchen” – a higher-end (possibly table-service?) version of Popeye’s with a more sophisticated menu. Is this totally bogus or has anyone else heard this??

      In true 14th Street fashion, I’d love to be served a small plate of fried chicken tenders…

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I believe that all Popeye’s are being re-branded as Louisiana Kitchen. The original Popeye’s in NOLA is actually a sit down restaurant and the first to do deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving. On the HBO series Treme one character begged to go to Popeye’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • YES! This is amazing news! Good riddance to that stupid drivethru. This alleyway is the main entrance to my apartment. So many idiots raced thru that alleyway after getting their trashcan food.

    • Will that “alley” still be there? Looks to me like that’s a vacant lot that will be totally in-filled.

      • Yeah, the space behind the buildings is an alley, but next to the ex-Popeyes is indeed a vacant lot (square 242, lot 76).

      • I believe that that part of the alley at least will be no more.

      • Even better! I was referring to the alley-system as a whole. Removing 14th st access will possibly reduce the thru-traffic. Which is great for those of us who don’t drive.

        • Welcome to living on this earth with other people. Not everything caters to people just like you. I drive and I use my alley to reach the rear of my property. Further, my trash is back there where I would like to keep it.

          • If you are referring to the alley being talked about you should know the trash collection enters and exits beside the Barrel House parking lot as it always has…and not through pop eye’s drive-thru

          • Cool story bro. There are three other entrances into the alleyway from VT and RI. Do you even read a post before responding to it with condescension? I don’t care how long you’ve lived in 242; playing the “welcome to the city” card is weak and lazy.

    • I’ve lived off of off that alley for almost ten years now…I know EXACTLY what you are talking about…cars flooring it after going through the drive-thru with no regard for people or pets…has been a concern for years…

    • What’s “trashcan” about it? It’s just chicken that’s been fried, and Popeye’s is probably the best national chain for it.

      • Bonafide Mild Chicken Breast: 27 grams of fat of which 11 grams is saturated, 110 mg cholesterol, 1330 mg sodium.

  • Why they hate for a drive thru? With limited parking, it seems more city spots should have them.

  • I really should not admit this but I’m kinda bummed. I liked Popeyes as a once in a while rot gut treat. And their biscuits were legit. I don’t have any faith that they will reopen across the street.


  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Fare thee well, O light at the end of my hangover.

  • 242 = happy.

  • Not sure why there is doubt about them re-opening across the street. They’re a chain for crying out loud with plenty of reserves to open new and additional locations.

    And for PCat, don’t know where you ever heard any rumors about a Peet’s or other coffee chain going into the closed Caribou on 14th. There has been tons of coverage on the razing of that building for the new condos/apts going in there and plenty of confirmations that Peet’s was only in there temporarily while training their new employees.

    • Peets initially thought the Abdo project would be delayed and they’d reopen for a year before the building was finally torn down. It wasn’t, and they didn’t. But the Popeyes is completely different; they’ve already signed the lease and started build out of the space. Generally speaking, Popeyes is one of the more financially healthy fast-food chains around.

  • Whether or not a person liked the food at Popeye’s, it was nice to have an option that was different from all of the high-concept, high-priced, recent arrivals to the neighborhood.

    • Indeed. I live in the neighborhood and I go through the frustrating routine of not wanting to cook but not wanting to spend $30-40 minimum on a single meal at least once a week.. Ted’s helps to fill a bit of that void (and think their food is fine) and yes, there are now a slew of taco joints around, but inevitably your choice is/was Popeye’s or the tired food bar at Whole Foods. I’d break down and go to Popeyes for a rare treat every once in a while and often used the drive thru, because it was convenient.

    • Also, the people that work there are always super nice– which is more than you can say for a lot of the places on 14th st.

  • brookland_rez

    Good to see Jemal Douglas finally moving on some of the parcels he’s long held.

  • I always thought it was an eye sore in a nice neighborhood that attracted beggars out front.

  • So what happens to the people that live in the apartments (I believe they’re low-income housing) next door that have windows facing that alley? Do they just not get any natural light anymore?

  • Back when I used to live in DC I loved this Popeyes. I also used the drive through a good bit. Such a great guilty pleasure. MMMmmmmm.

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