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  • I’ve passed by this house and yard so many times but never noticed the sign. I’m definitely going to check it out up close next time. It’s really fun. Thanks for posting it!

  • I’m going to check this out very very soon. The sculpture in the last picture looks like chimes. Very cool. And very kind of the owner/ artist? To invite us to touch and explore!

  • Sweet. Info like this is why I love this blog.

  • Ha, ha…PoP I mentioned this yard a couple of years ago as a good candidate for front lawn decorations. They have art in every nook and cranny and made with some unique items.

    Love walking by because I always see something new (: Worth a visit!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Awesome! I wish there was more lawn art in the world. Tasteful or tacky, IDAF.

  • It’s nice that the owners put up the note- I am always dismayed by the treatment some art gets mostly by parents of small children. Some father popped their (not small) kid atop a Louise Bourgeois sculpture outside the Hirshhorn during her retrospective and I lost it and yelled at the parent. Still not sorry about that.

  • I feel his pain. How do you find a way to get through to people who don’t have the sense to come in out of the rain? You want to be polite but those same kind of people tend to get agitated and offended when being given direction by others (and you have every right to give direction to people on your private property). I have people who choose to flop up on my front porch, or piss under it while waiting for a bus, their kids come in the yard and pick up things, move them or take them with them, they climb in our ornamental trees and break them, all while momma is on the phone chatting it up with someone. If they don’t have enough human decency and sense to even consider this is not acceptable behavior, what hope do you have of doing anything to curb it on your property, yet along helping them grow to a higher level of awareness and respect as a human. I have not figured that one out yet.

    I send this guy good vibes and a big bubble of protection over his property : ) May only good things come his way.

  • Does anyone have the exact address?

    • It’s on Fessenden, I think between 43 and 44 streets. Same side of street as Pete’s Apizza and down a few blocks.

  • Great art. Even greater neighborly spirit. Love seeing this!!!

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