Five Guys Permanently Closed in Dupont

1645 Connecticut Ave, NW via google street view

“Dear PoPville,

The Dupont Five Guys which had a sign [back in March] saying it was temporarily closed for a few months has replaced that sign with a permanently closed sign. Real similar to what happened to the potbelly’s right down the street that is now the Custom Fuel Pizza shop.”

Ed. Note: The Dupont location has also been removed from the Five Guys website locations.

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  • The writing’s been on the wall for a while. While Five Guys is a cut above Burger King and Micky D’s, it’s not in the same league as Shake Shack, BGR, Black and Orange, etc.

    • I had shack shack at union station, wasn’t impressed. maybe that location sucks tho….

      • I didn’t find the one south of Dupont to be all that great, either.

      • If you want a good burger near Union station, go to TBD at 250 K St NE. Really good and not that far. I work in that area, and so glad we have more food options than we had when I started 11 years ago.

      • brookland_rez

        I agree. I’ve been to Shake Shack in Dupont and I wasn’t impressed at all. But I like nice thick cut burgers. Shake Shack’s were way to thin for my liking.
        The best burger I’ve had recently was at Brookland’s Finest. Their colonel burger is amazing.

  • I think the problem is with building more then 5 Guys. There is a serious rat problem in the alley behind the building. I’m amazed the Cosi hasn’t closed.

    • Not shocked. I haven’t been in the north Dupont Cosi for many months, but after two straight visits where the entire restaurant was utterly filthy, I refuse to go there again.

      • maxwell smart

        Cosi in general is consistently on the list of most health code violations – and not just very minor infractions but visible rat and mice infestations in the food prep area. Basically if you are eating at Cosi, you should just assume everything is covered with rat shit.

  • I’ve never quite understood five guys’ success. It seems pretty basic to me, and not something I’d want to eat for lunch (and subsequently fall asleep at my desk). Agreed on the other burger joints offering better options. It wouldn’t surprise me if more of these started closing in the near future as healthier casual dining options continue to pop up all over the city.

    • For the past twenty years I’ve pretty much thought of Five Guys as “that place in Arlington that everybody who lives there is in love with for some reason”. I have their stuff now and then but never got the hype when they were local or now that they’re national.

      • brookland_rez

        I’ve quit eating Five Guys since trying to eat healthier. I always thought were burgers were just alright. If I’m going to treat myself to a burger, I have to raise my standards a bit.

  • I like Five Guys in general, at least as an occasional treat. I don’t know what was going on with the building, but this Five Guys location was below par compared to the others. The burgers themselves were pretty much the same as everywhere else, but the fries were always soggy and undercooked.

  • The Dupont Circle burger bubble is starting to pop.

  • I think it is burger saturation. Everybody is looking for cheap base cost/high mark up food to sell. So the proliferation of burgers, pizzas, doughnuts, cupcakes and the like will continue with saturation shake-outs paring down the number. That being said, I still think Five Guys is way better than Shake Shake which is never better than mediocre. But people love a chain they are familiar with.

    • maxwell smart

      Pretty sure 5 guys is a much bigger chain then shake shack.

      • Five Guys is now a bigger chain, but ten years ago there were 5 locations total. It started expanding across DMV, and then within the last 5 years exploded to every strip mall in America. On the other hand, Shake Shack is much smaller but has a much higher trendiness factor right now. It’s the Georgetown Cupcake of burgers.

  • Not sure why this location closed… Five Guys is expanding rapidly, it is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) growing food chains in the country. Either way it’s probably a good thing because it will let another business come in and occupy the spot. The space is primed for another restaurant or market, and probably something will fill there fairly quickly. Dupont is a very stable commercial area … it is no longer in a bubble like some other parts of the city (Logan, H St ). I’m hoping for an interesting fast casual place.

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