The Diner Temporarily Closes for 1st time in 13 years “will pause for refresh, stay tuned for details!”

2453 18th Street, NW

The Diner’s facebook page says:

Work in progress!! We’ve closed shop for just a couple of weeks for a little facelift. We hope you’re missing us just as much as we’re missing you all!”

And in an email I’m told:

“Refresh in progress! We hope to have the Diner reopened by mid-next week. Stay tuned for more details and we thank everyone for their support, and we look forward to feeding DC 24/7 again soon.”


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  • Only if they could just copy the diner and put it where The Coupe is, I’d be a happy customer.

  • i went to the diner the other day, service was slow, food was pretty good (although i dont recommend the bloody marry with bannana nut pancakes…made my stomach want to die). Place is really loud, if they could some how cut down on how loud it is in that place…that would be nice

  • Love this place. This would have been a good candidate for “When did you know DC revitalization had made a big turn” discussed a few weeks ago.

    • interesting. dc was still losing population when the diner opened. didn’t feel to me like it was much of a turing point for dc. maybe for adams morgan. but bigger for the hood, in my mind, was getting rid of the surface parking lot in the middle of 18th.

      • Oh, so I meant, say, looking back on the history of our fair Monaco on the Potomac, one could say that the rise of this phoenix of a diner from the dust signaled greater changes coming. That’s all I meant. I did not factor in population stats or such.

  • I like the diner. Fair prices. Usually have fast service. Pretty good food.

  • Can’t believe it’s been 13 years since it opened. I feel old.

  • Anyone remember watching the 2002 World Cup USA/Portugal game in the Diner at stupid o’clock? Epic.

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