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  • Looks good! Let’s hope their bedside manner and record of patient confidentiality improves for their free clinic services. I went to the WW location 3 yrs. ago and felt like I, along with other patients waiting to be seen, were treated like cattle. Equally, a former worker who was not working the day I went to clinic made me aware that he had seen my medical file and its results. Not the most professional, but WW provides a well needed service to DC residents.

  • Yes. A thousand times, yes.

    I like it.

  • Looks pretty crisp – I am looking forward to seeing the inside.

  • While it’s relatively simple, I think it looks absolutely great!

  • I think it looks fine — definite improvement over the empty lot that used to be there. So what is happening to the old Whitman Walker building?

    • It would be surprising if WWC held onto the old building. With its prime location and large parking lot they would make a bundle from selling it. Presumably they could use the proceeds of the sale to improve the organization.

  • They did an excellent job of blending new and old with the Posto building! A major welcome break from the solid glass curtain wall effect we see so much of lately.

  • I think it looks great and Whitman-Walker is am amazing asset to this community! The medical and support services there are top notch. I am so glad they are in this location!

  • I think it looks amazing! WWH is an asset to the neighborhood and hopefully this means they will be here for a long time to come.

  • Looks like just about everything else being built in downtown DC these days. I don’t know, maybe it looks better in person, but it’s not blowing me away. Then again, a public health clinic probably isn’t paying Frank Gehry to design its offices, either.

  • Generic building. WW has been mismanaged since Day 1. Now they have money but no soul or real connection to the community.

    • Why do you hold this opinion? What has your experience been with them? Is it based on more than seeing their new building?

  • I agree it looks great. The touches above each window are impressive, as is how each window is offset from the floor above/below. I’ve been watching this project with great interest, and it is evident that the builder was doing quality work. A nice addition to the neighborhood.

  • i like it!

  • Nothing wrong with it per se, but it looks completely out of place. It doesn’t respect its architectural surroundings. And it’s too big for the location. It looks like a downtown building misplaced on 14th Street. Nevertheless I’m glad WW is moving out of their rather shabby current digs and staying in the neighborhood. Look forward to seeing what they do with the old space.

    • I think the building looks great and that WWH is a fantastic organization.

    • It is what it is. It doesn’t bowl me over nor does it exactly fit in, but I guess it’s a free clinic , so there you have it.

    • Here’s the newsflash: 14th Street is being re-made to look like M Street or K Street. The architectural history of 14th is now gone – large buildings are the way forward. The replacement for the Reeves Center is going to be HUGE; my guess is that it will be the first large office building on 14th and will pave the way for others.

  • WW does such great and important work. This building looks good. I’m glad WW is staying in the neighborhood and I hope the move goes smoothly.

  • I for one am sick and tired of all the architect critics! There are very few buildings being built anywhere in the world that have big wow factors unless they’re a new museum or public building. They build the same stuff in NY, just taller. So, let’s quit the negativity and offer some positive reinforcement for our community.

    • the office buildings in Dubai are quite lovely. I for one think DC could use a couple of gold-gilded horn shaped office buildings.

    • I mentioned above that I like this building, simple as it is. But would it kill the architects to add just a touch of color somewhere? It can’t be that expensive, eh?

    • “They build boring buildings in New York; we should be so lucky to get buildings as boring as theirs!”

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