Space slated for “another Ray’s joint” now has permits for Hot Yoga at 5th and K St, NW UPDATE – Fear Not Looks Like Old Permits


UPDATE Thanks to a commenter for pointing out that it looks like these are just old permits. Whew.

“Dear PoPville,

The ‘another Ray’s joint’ that was to be on K between 4th and 5th now has permits posted for a hot yoga studio. Affiliated with the Vida next door, maybe? Regardless, I’m disappointed.”

Very strange. Back in Jan. it looked like there was real progress being made at the future Ray’s:

Jan. 2014 – 451 K Street, NW

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  • this is surprising if true. not surprising that ray’s would fall through (wouldn’t be the first time on this block or even this exact location) but more surprising because there’s already a gym right next door that offers yoga and those permits seem to be from arlington (look at the one on the left with the red background that seems to say “arlington county building permit” on top).

    • A little bit of sleuthing. Genops kindly has a website that list’s current and completed projects. Mind Your Body Oasis is one of their completed projects in Arlington from early last year. Things that give me hope; Genops also counts other Ray’s properties as completed projects, and under current projects there isn’t a mention of a new MYBO, but there is something called “Steaks In The City” which certainly seems like it would be this project. Possible they just moved the old board to this location ahead of new permits?

  • I feel kind of pretentious saying this but hot yoga is competely different from regular yoga offered at a gym. So there is really not competition between the two.

    • Yoga at any gym =/= yoga at any yoga studio.
      How’s that for pretentious? 😉

    • I think calling something “[Blank]” yoga is by definition pretentious unless the “[Blank]” refers to a recognized variation of the form – i.e., Vinyasa, Kundalini, Hatha, etc. “Hot” yoga is just yoga in a room where the heat has been turned up really high.

      • I tried “hot yoga” and it is nasty. The room is typically full of air freshener smells that cannot overcome the sweaty locker room smell that has permeated the walls from all the sweating that goes on. It was pretty gross.

  • When will Yoga stop pushing out well-meaning meat-slinging small business owners?

    • Forget brunch (or don’t–it’s always on my mind). It seems to me that yoga is riding a very cupcake-like bubble. With respect to those who swear by it (or at least dress the part most of the day), there has to be market saturation at some point.

      • I can’t say whether it is a bubble (if so, it’s been bubbling for a long time…) but this neighborhood really does not have close-by yoga options (yes, there are walkable options on U, on 14th, and in Bloomingdale). And given the demographics, this would be a prime yoga market. Someone should make it happen.

      • Totally disagree. Almost all of the yoga studio classes I’ve been to in DC have been packed with as many people as the room could accommodate. With all of the new housing developments in that area, I think that any convenient, halfway decent yoga studio could do great business.

  • Michael Landrum is the most ridiculous restaurant owner around. Look at how his Arlington businesses have hopped from one place to another, landlord disputes, etc. I love his food, but he’s a hot mess.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Although I’d love if it offered non-hot classes.

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