Scuttlebutt: Sports Club LA to become an Equinox gym in Foggy Bottom? UPDATE: Confirmed!

A pretty reliable reader passes on this piece of scuttlebutt:

Sports Club LA in Foggy Bottom [1170 22nd St, NW] bought by Equinox.”

Any fans of Equinox? Updates when/if more info is known.

UPDATE: Confirmed! From a press release:

Equinox today announced plans to acquire the Sports Club/LA properties in New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco and Washington D.C., as well as the Reebok Sports Club/NY location in New York City from affiliates of Millennium Partners. The acquisition is further evidence of the brand’s ambitious growth agenda, positioning Equinox in new markets and lines of business and continuing to cement its place as the high-performance lifestyle leader. With the six newly acquired properties, Equinox now operates 73 total clubs in the U.S. and globally; located in 10 major urban U.S. markets, plus London and Toronto.

“This acquisition is a testament to the continued expansion of the Equinox brand as a global leader in luxury health and fitness and the growing demand for our unique offering,” says Harvey Spevak, CEO of Equinox. “The acquisition of Sports Club/LA and the Reebok Sports Club/NY locations not only expands our geographical footprint, but also adds six desirable clubs to an existing collection of trophy properties. We look forward to integrating these clubs into our portfolio in order to best serve our current and future members.”

Equinox will take immediate operational control of the six properties and will begin work to transition the clubs to the Equinox brand. During a transition period, Signature Classes and Proprietary Personal Training program will be introduced to members, along with covetable amenities like Kiehl’s products and new strength and cardio equipment. Members will also have access to an elevated digital experience through Equinox’s new iOS mobile app, housing member fitness data in one place and providing a snapshot of fitness-related activity both inside and outside the club.

“Equinox is committed to an unparalleled member experience,” says Spevak. “We are thrilled to welcome all of the existing Sports Club/LA and Reebok Sports Club/NY members to Equinox. We think they will welcome the changes in their clubs, and look forward to continuing to serve them with a luxurious lifestyle fitness experience.”

Equinox previously acquired the iconic Sports Club/LA properties located in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County and New York’s Rockefeller Center. The company introduced Blink Fitness, and acquired SoulCycle – the country’s leading boutique cycling operator with 29 locations nationwide – the same year. Equinox continues to maintain leadership as the top luxury fitness brand, offering internationally acclaimed instructors and superior facilities across the United States, London and Toronto.”

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  • Can we pleeeeease get another gym in Columbia Heights to compete with that awful awful WSC?

  • I would not be surprised if this has happened. I started hearing rumors about Equinox taking over Sports Club LA about a year ago. I suspect, though, that it will be as expensive (or even more expensive) than Sports Club LA, which will make it cost-prohibitive for most of us.

    • Agreed, SCLA is stupid expensive, and Equinox will probably continue that trend. Nice gym, but way out of my price range.

      • I keep hearing that Crunch is the best deal in terms of available equipment and classes, but I have yet to try it out. I still think there’s a great business opportunity out there to compete against what I’d say is a shortage of good, affordable gyms in this city. There’s certainly enough demand for it, though I imagine that the large upfront costs and potential liability issues hinder this.

        • I love Crunch – I live not too far from the one in Friendship Heights and go every morning before work. It’s a good mix of classes and up to date equipment.

    • While Equinox may come in at the top of the market in terms of price, it truly invented, and has driven fitness center innovations that have changed the entire marketplace. I’d welcome Equinox to DC, but no amount of competition will make the WSC in CoHi (or any of the WSC/NYSC/PSC/BSC’s) any better.

  • I really hope this is true and that Equinox renovates the showers. That SportsClub LA has some of the dingiest showers in the city, which is really surprising given its location and cost. They are basically original to the 90s, and they now have permanent mold stains everywhere. Also, the connected bathrooms are rundown (inoperable paper towel dispensers, low-quality toiletries, etc.). Even Washington Sports Club and Results have nicer showers and bathrooms.

  • Both of the Sports Club/LAs in Los Angeles have become Equinox gyms in the past year or two.

  • from the Sports club LA FAQ circa 2011:

    Which of The Sports Club/LA locations have been acquired by Equinox? [–]
    Rockefeller Center, West LA, Beverly Hills and Irvine locations have been acquired by Equinox.

    The Sports Club/LA clubs in Boston, Miami, San Francisco, New York on the Upper East Side and Washington D.C., as well as Reebok Sports Clubs/NY are not affected by this acquisition and continue to be owned and operated by Millennium Partners Sports Club Management as they have since 2006.

  • Rumor has it that Equinox is coming to DC at CityCenter. Not sure about acquiring SportsClubs LA in Foggy Bottom though.

  • I was a member of the Equinox in Tysons Corner a few years back. I must say, by far the nicest gym I have ever been in. Locker rooms and bathrooms are top notch with high end soaps/shampoo/etc supplied. Lots of classes with great instructors. The best part about it is they actually limit the number of clients so the gym isn’t overcrowded, something the CoHi WSC should have done long ago. I get a good govt rate at WSC, but I stopped going because its just too damn crowded, even at 530am.

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