Odd Spot for a Bon Fire


@be_inspiredby1 tweets us the photo above:

“Kansas&Emerson stop this a.m. Someone started a bon fire with no one around this weekend.”

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  • Probably burning some bed bugs

  • You cheat on me I burn your bed!!! Sike, wonder where the cops were? Wasn’t it a all hands on deck weekend? Maybe someone is protesting the fare hike since it is at a bus stop.

  • justinbc

    Looks like someone tried to reenact that Eminem and Rihanna song.

  • Is this something the French say, when going to a fire, as an alternative to Bon Voyage!

    “Bon Fire!”

  • Passed by that on Sunday. If you look closely, the house right near the burned stuff is boarded up and looks scorched.

    • It looks as if they set off fireworks inside the house, and dragged out a burning mattress. I noticed this, but couldn’t confirm. There were so many fires this weekend, good luck trying to find anything about this one.

      • that house has been boarded up for weeks now, long before fireworks season started….maybe someone is just now bringing items out or maybe its totally unrelated

  • I live in the neighborhood.

    Those mattresses were there before. Someone from outside the neighborhood dumped them in front of the bus stop, then someone lit them on fire during the middle of the night between July 4th and 5th.

    Totally unrelated to the boarded-up house.

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