Where in Columbia Heights will the new Laotian Restaurant be Located?


Big news from City Paper’s Jessica Sidman yesterday:

“Bangkok Golden chef and owner Seng Luangrath will open Thip Khao, a sister spot to her Falls Church Laotian restaurant, in Columbia Heights this September. Luangrath doesn’t want to reveal the exact address yet because another restaurant is still operating there.”

Check out Bangkok Golden’s menu here. Anyone ever try the Falls Church location?

So first, this sounds like awesome news. But second, I hope the restaurant it will replace is not a favorite. Any ideas of where in Columbia Heights it could realistically be coming to? You thinking 14th Street or 11th Street?

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  • Please let it be 11th St.

  • Another vote for 11th

  • Please, please, please be 11th St. Huge Bangkok Golden fan from DC!!!!

  • But where on 11th?

  • That space next to Ruby Tuesday where Rumberos used to be. Or Z burger on the corner.

    But I hope not. Those two spots are cursed.

  • It’s not gonna be 11th St. There’s no current restaurant with 90 seats that would be closing (unless it’s the Coupe, but very doubtful).
    I’d say it’s going to be something on upper 14th St, north of Monroe. Don’t know why they couldn’t have scooped up The Getaway’s spot, but that place is very much cursed.

  • I ‘d rather see a quality restaurant go into 14th St. 11thSt already has seversl good spots.

  • The space where Olive Garden/TGIF was/is scheduled to go?

    • Just read the existing restaurant note, and the article. (Note to self – read before popping off.) 90 seats and an outdoor patio – Acre 121?
      Also, what’s good other than the crispy rice salad? Never been there, and have no experience with Laotian food. But the excitement bodes well . . .

      • justinbc

        The laab beef, papaya salad, any of the sausages, ceviche, fish in banana leaves, so many good things. I don’t know whether they’ll be mimicking the same style of restaurant or not though. Oh, and I would love to see Acre 121 gone and replaced with just about anything else.

      • Many people don’t realize it, but the Laotian menu is the hidden secret. Their Moak and Orm (chicken or fish) are some of the best dishes in DC. Also, the spicy/sour sausage, sun dried beef and any of the grilled entries are out of this world. And their “special” are phenomenal. I look forward every week to find out what the special is! Next time you are there, ask them for a recommendation. Super nice and always happy to help.

        • The Loatian menu is fantastic. Just don’t go “Lao” hot unless you’re wearing your big boy pants. It’s not to be trifled with.

  • Replace Red Rocks!! Or maybe it will go somewhere on park between 14/16. Or maybe that chicken place in the square across from Giant?? Or where Lime used to be – although that’s obviously not still operating.

  • My bet is on north 14th– near lyman’s, red derby, mad momo’s, etc. I would love this.

  • justinbc

    Yep, been to the original several times and loved it. The staff is super friendly, and the food is packed with spice / heat. Laotian food is just slightly hotter than Thai food (when not served the “for white people” version). Their crispy rice salad (nam khao) is one of my favorite dishes in the whole DC area.

  • The Heights – not sure if last year’s revamp made the place better or worse.

  • Super-psyched! I love laotian food. But will they sell Beer Lao? Best beer in SE Asia!

  • I don’t care where, I’m just excited to not have to schlep out to Falls Church for vegetarian crispy rice salad!

  • Maybe Acre 121. I don’t think that restaurant does very well, and the owners also have that sports bar next door. Definitely not the Heights or Red Rocks. Whatever anyone might think of those restaurants, they do a good business and aren’t likely to go anywhere. I also doubt it will be anywhere north of Monroe because that would be too far from Metro to support a restaurant that size. So, that leaves Acre 121 or maybe Alero or Ruby Tuesday. I don’t go to the latter two places and don’t have a sense of how well they do.

    • I guess Alero has some outdoor seating, but I don’t think Ruby Tuesday does at all, right? I think Thai Tanic II may be another possibility. That place has never been very busy, I think they can do a patio out there on 14th, and I’d guess that space is about 90 seats inside. Acre seems like a good guess too.

      • I think the Ruby Tuesday space could have outdoor seating. I hope it isn’t Thaitanic. It would be nice to have both Thai and Laotian in the neighborhood rather than one replacing the other.

      • Alero is gone and was replaced by another Mexican chain (its other branches are in NOVA) earlier this year.

  • The old Getaway on 14th Street probably has 90 seats and ample patio space. I hope that is the space they are talking about!

  • jburka

    My husband and I have been to Bangkok Golden. At this point, the Lao menu isn’t exactly secret — we were offered it without being asked.

    The food was spectacular. Crispy Rice Salad is up there with the Yum Watercress at Ruan Thai, and we also loved the Orm Tilapia.

    Very excited at the idea of it being up the hill from us!

  • orderedchaos

    Oh let it be replacing Carolina on 14th!

  • Me and my wife love this place. We just had it the other night. Veggie Spring rolls, fried rice & pork neck is amazing. I can’t wait until it opens. I wish it was in Petworth but Columbia Heights is close enough.

  • tonyr

    “Bangkok Golden chef and owner Seng Luangrath will open Thip Khao, a sister spot to her Falls Church Laotian restaurant”

    Doesn’t Bangkok Golden seem an odd name for a Laotian restaurant?

  • If they plan to open in September, I’m guessing it will be a place that doesn’t need too much work. I think upper 14th is a gold mine with untapped potential. Red Derby is a mainstay that brings in people from all over DC.

  • It’s going to be Thaitanic 2. Just got word from an employee, they are closing in August.

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