Denizens Brewing Company “opening in a couple of weeks” in Silver Spring – in the interim have a Taste at Republic in Takoma


“Dear PoPville,

Silver Spring’s first brewery is snapping up quite nicely! I walked by Denizen’s space this evening and took a few pictures. One if the owners (I think) came out and said hello as we walked by and told us they would open in a couple of weeks and that the BBQ bus food truck will also be opening inside the brewery. As a residents of silver spring, I am very excited about this development and wanted to share!”

Denizens website says:

“Denizens Brewing Co. is a craft brewery serving European-style lagers, American-style ales, Belgian-inspired beers, sour beers, and barrel-aged beers to both the craft beer aficionado and those new to high quality brews. We are located steps from the Metro in downtown Silver Spring and are opening in Summer 2014.”

photo 2

Their facebook page says:

“First brew is in the books! Named for our home in South Silver Spring, the Southside Rye IPA is here for good.

Thirsty to try Denizens’ beer? Our Southside Rye IPA is on draft at Republic [Takoma Park]. Come and grab a pint!”

CityPaper reports the beer:

“is brewed with a small portion of rye malt and five American hops—Nugget, Cascade, Chinook, Azacca, and Amarillo. Bar manager Brett Robison describes the 7.2 percent alcohol beer as a well-balanced West coast-style IPA with a noticeable but not overwhelming rye character.”

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  • That’s a very strange logo for a company in Maryland.

  • Hey DNO – have you tried Denizen’s South Side Rye IPA yet? Because it is pretty phenomenal. I have news for DC Brau: the emperor has no clothes.

    • Is good beer a zero sum game? Why can’t we be happy that there is more and more good beer in the area? This is so weirdly antagonistic.

  • That location is cursed. No less than three other businesses opened and failed after about a year each. No parking near the building, you need to park at the Veridian a few doors down, which you wouldn’t do unless you knew you could park there, and it isn’t free until after 7. No similar businesses in the immediate area, (OK, there’s Scion, which I hear is hurting), so there’s no other reason to be in the area, unless you want to get an oil change or new tires, and the residents of the various high-rises seem to not like hanging out in their own neighborhood. They tend to do happy hours in DC after work before taking Metro back to their “less-cool” ‘burbs.

    I hope they can overcome all the hits against them, because I’d love to have a brewery/eatery close enough to walk to (a long walk, but a walk nonetheless).

    • +1,000. Get out of my head! I hope they make it.

    • The past 3 tenants of that space were:

      Gallery (a weird nightclubby spot, that was out of place for the neighborhood)
      Babe’s (sports bar relocated from Tenleytown, last a little over a year I think)
      Fajita Coast (Mexican restaurant, very mediocre)

      I think Denizen’s will do OK because there is no other brewpub in the area. The closest brew pub is either Bethesda (Rock Bottom) or Right Proper, neither of which are close.

    • I might say that Quarry House tavern is a similar business that seems to be doing just fine.

      I know you think that there is “no reason” for anyone to be in Silver Spring. But actually there are plenty of huge companies (Discovery for example) located here, and Denizens is going to become a welcome after-work haven. We can’t wait for them to finally open!

      • I think Quarry House is pretty different. Great beer selection, but it’s definitely a dive bar.

        Scion (which does well at happy hour, but less well other times) is probably more similar, or maybe what Fire Station 1 was supposed to be (brew pub) but executed really poorly (to the extent of not brewing beer and having horrible service).

        I think Denizens will get a great happy hour crowd from Discovery and NOAA and if there beer is good, they will attract people who come just for that. It will just depend on their business model. For example, what percentage of their business is selling kegs/bottles to bars versus the pub itself?

      • SSMP,

        When I say “no reason,” I’m talking about that particular stretch of East-West Highway. Do you normally walk along that bit of road? I mean, other than to pick up your car which was dropped off for some suspension work?

        I happen to like DTSS for some things, and I go there on occasion (coming from Takoma Park), but the Denizen’s area is barely foot-trafficked at all, parking sucks, and there isn’t much else to draw a crowd looking to spend some leisure time. That spot’s history speaks for itself, so I stand by my opinion.

  • agree about the logo – i’m from silver spring and wish it was a little more maryland centric! why evoke DC? I did have the IPA last night at republic though and I must say, it was very tasty. excited to try more.

  • I, for one, welcome our new craft brewing overlords.

  • Wish they had gotten a better restaurant partner than BBQ Bus — maybe people who actually understand barbecue, like the folks at DCity Smokehouse.

  • I don’t know why IPAs have become all the rage. It’s so hard to get away from over hoppy-ness in American craft beer.

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