Dear PoPville – If You have a friend from NC with a Stolen Passport, I Found It


“Dear PoPville,

Found at 10th and V St, NW. Victim of smash and grab. Owner is from NC. Includes passport and pharmaceuticals in toiletry case. Turned into 3D HQ on V st.”

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  • Did you look this person up on facebook and message them?

    • Sending messages on facebook to someone you aren’t otherwise connected to can be a hit-and-miss proposition. Those messages go into a different inbox than private messages from your friends, and you don’t get any notification about them. There was a good article a year or two ago about a journalist that lost his laptop in a cab and it turns out someone found it and had been trying to message him on facebook to get it back to him. The journalist didn’t discover the messages until months (maybe years?) later, by which point it was way too late.

  • Recently I found a passport in the street by the Dupont Farmers’ Market. I found the guy on facebook and offered to mail it to him if he contacted me. He did not so I put it in a USPS drop box for them to deal with.

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