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  • Sad– I usually bring my lunch, but there were a few times a year where I couldn’t and would usually go here. It was one of the few places that didn’t require more than a half hour round trip from my office.

  • Bummer for those Navy yard people. I thought the chicken was pretty good.

    The situation around that business was a bit weird. Don’t think the guy(s) running it now were the same as when it opened and they had planned to do outdoor seating. Also, if I remember correctly they may have been somehow affiliated (or the same people) that were supposedly going to turn the streetcar barn into some multi-business destination that seems to have died.

  • gotryit

    I was a huge fan when they opened – and always liked their burritos. But the price steadily increased from about $5.50 (I would eat there about once a week at that price) to over $10, so I’d go maybe once or twice a year. For less than that cost, I have many other options from the food trucks by the metro and other restaurants on 8th street. With the new stuff coming in on M street, I don’t think I’ll miss it.
    Now, if someone can figure out a way to bring back <$6.00 burritos that are tasty like that…

    • Wait, what new stuff is coming to M Street? I work over at 12th, so schlepping over to the food trucks isn’t usually an option unless I have a ton of free time.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Sweetgreen and Takorean? But that’s closer to the baseball stadium.

      • gotryit

        Yeah, I mainly can’t stop thinking about TaKorean, but the other restaurants by it are also options. The Thai / Sushi has a good lunch special. But I wan’t thinking of anything east of the Navy Yard, so that probably doesn’t help you.

      • Well you already have Potbelly and Nando’s for fast service, and 4-5 restaurants have opened. Harris Teeter is opening soon, too.

        • well nevermind – i should read comments before posting

        • Yeah, those are all like a 20 minute walk each way. I like walking, but I try to make my lunch breaks as quick as possible so I can get out of work as early as possible. I guess I’ll just keep brown bagging it.

  • Is that strip completely empty now?

    • Yes. 🙁

    • I’m guessing the landlords are trying to charge Barracks Row rents on these places, but the location doesn’t get nearly as much foot traffic so they should be worth less.
      I’m usually not pro-chain, but I think it would be helpful if a popular chain moved in to one of those spaces. There are a ton of people, mostly Navy Yard or contractors, that work here and don’t have many lunch options. But those people tend to be afraid of local restaurants for some reason. Pretty much everyone I work with drives out to the ‘burbs if they need to get lunch. Whenever I go to a place like Chicken Tortilla or Cafe Kimchi during prime lunch hours it’s practically empty, but the former Quiznos always had a long line.

      • Or the landlord is emptying it out in anticipation of selling or re-developing. It would make sense to go higher in this location.

      • They drive out to the burbs? They can’t walk 5 blocks to northern Barracks Row? Or to some of the new places around 4th and Tingey? And what suburbs do they even drive to? Crystal City? Even in the middle of the day, driving there wouldn’t be faster than walking somewhere in the neighborhood.

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