3 Shot (found?) inside of a car in Bloomingdale

From @DCPoliceDept at 1:18am:

“5D Shooting, 0118 hours, North Capitol Street & T Street NW. (3) Victims inside of a car. No lookout.”

@jayrano tweets at 8am Sunday:

“North Cap closed both directions at T St with multiple squad cars and crime scene tape”


“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department have announced an arrest has been made in the homicide which occurred on Sunday, July 13, 2014, at the intersection of North Capitol Street and T Street NW.

On Sunday, July 13, 2014, at approximately 1:18 am, officers from the Fifth District responded to a call for a shooting at North Capitol and T Streets, NW. Upon arrival, one juvenile and two adults suffering from apparent gunshot wounds were located inside a vehicle. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel transported the three victims to a local hospital where one of the adult victims succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

The decedent has been identified as 21 year-old Donchell Thomas of Montgomery Village, Maryland.

**A second victim, identified as 20-year-old Derek Price of District Heights Maryland, was pronounced dead on Sunday evening.

The investigation into this homicide has resulted in the arrest of 36 year-old Jimmie Fleming of Northwest, Washington, DC, who has been charged with First Degree Murder While Armed and Assault With Intent to Kill.”

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  • Wow. Saw that this morning. Thought it was just an accident.

    That’s scary. There is not usually violent crime around here.

  • Is it possible to go a whole week without a shooting near/on North Capitol?

  • We really need to clean up North Capitol. The intersection of Florida/NCap seems to invite quite a few unsavory characters.

  • I’m about to drive up in that direction. Anyone know if it’s all cleared up now?

  • We need less shootings on North Capitol and more outside brunch locations so I can eat brunch outside.

    • I agree with Common Sense. If we had more dining options and business along that street there would be more foot traffic, meaning safer streets. If there was a patio of people enjoying themselves the bad element would move across the street and not ruin my commute . Plus, DC is the brunch capital of the United States

      • No we need more police patrols because I am an expert on law enforcement strategy and the police are the solution to everything. Then we need more brunch options.

        • I am in awe of your insight into this blight on the community. Let’s make that happen so we have more brunch options!

          • Dear city council,
            Please start more police patrols on north Capitol because I said so on a blog and I have a graduate degree that allows me to have a good job and not have anything to do with the criminal element. Also, I want a pony. And world peace.

          • I don’t understand how/why my graduate degree would preclude me from a modicum of safety. Care to explain chief?

          • Unless I miss my guess, NMP is referring to the commenter who made the mistake of revealing that they had a criminology degree in one of their comments about solving social ills.

  • We need more bottomless bloody Mary’s and less senseless bloody citizens!

  • If we just made it mandatory for people without at least a four year degree to be insidee after 9pm to study and better themselves crime would be cut by at least 74.8%, which I know because I have several degrees. Then we could all enjoy fabulous brunch without stepping over dead bodies

  • Wow, the hipster entitlement here is overwhelming.

    • Seriously. How dare they want to clean up an overly violent part of the city. Don’t they know the city’s history?

  • And, we have the retaliation. Cops and fire trucks are all over Lincoln Road – I believe I heard “two gunshot victims” over one of the truck radios. Looks like it happened on the Harry Thomas Rec Center grounds, which are supposed to be closed and locked at sundown. Undoubtedly happened over something important, like the toughness of the T Street crew over that of the Todd Street crew. Grow the f up.

  • More brunch spotttttts, less blood

  • I want a pop-up brunch spot, so I can overlook the crime scenes from 100 feet up, and also yell at officers to do more patrols.

  • This is the first major incident in this area in a few years (if you exclude crime happening at Lincoln and T street NE). This PSA saw the largest drop in crime of anywhere in the city last year, including the largest drop in violent crimes.

  • Most of y’all are being facetious with your comments here but two people have now died. Show a little respect. #endgrandmarant

    • live by the sword die by the sword. It sounds like it was either today or tomorrow for these guys. It’s unlikely these guys were doing anything positive at 1:00 AM with illegal firearms.

    • If they were able to shoot straight then at least 5 would be dead. I think we should train urban youth in firearms, then my favorite brunch spot wouldn’t get caught in the cross-fire and crime would go down because they would all eliminate each other. Then the police could focus on real issues, like marijuana enforcement and finding the best mimosa

  • I’m confused by all the brunch comments. Did something entertaining happen on another post that I should read?

    • Accountering

      There was a post a couple of days ago where someone suggested how to stop crime, and then mentioned that because he had a criminal justice degree everyone should listen to him. That is driving a few of these. Not sure where the brunch nonsense is coming from.

    • Folks are using these deaths/shootings as entertainment. Stay classy, DC.

      • + 1. They don’t care as long as they can continue on in their bubble.

        • i guess one could assume that flippant comments on a blog means that a person doesn’t care at all and is simply an entitled hipster. but it’s pretty foolish to honestly conclude that.

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