Mt. Pleasant Shop Hop this Sunday


From an email:

“Spring into Summer Mt. Pleasant Shop Hop!

On Sunday June 8, 2014 from noon – 5 pm, the Mt. Pleasant Business Association will be hosting the Spring into Summer Mt. Pleasant Shop Hop. Come stroll down historic Mt. Pleasant Street and visit Mt. Pleasant Businesses specials and free samples. Also featuringlocal craft vendors and live music! Mt. Pleasant Street from Park Road to Harvard Street.”

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  • What shops? The junk shop, the liquor stores with unrefrigerated cases, Tonic (ha!), Bestway, El West, Dollar Star…? Why would ANYONE go to Mt. Pleasant for any reason?

  • You’re right. MtP sucks. That’s why it’s so easy and cheap to buy a house there…

  • I’m a Mt. P resident and while the neighborhood certainly has some things going for it, I have to agree with el taco’s first sentence. There are not nearly enough good shopping options to justify an event dedicated to the stores on Mt. P St. Maybe someday…

  • Bestworld for life!

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