Mediterranean Spot becomes Philly Cheesesteak & Gyro in Adams Morgan

2421 18th Street, NW

The Mediterranean Spot expanded with a second location in Adams Morgan back in July of last year. Their U Street location (formerly 24/Seven located at 14th and U) opened at 15th and U in Aug. 2012. Anyone know if that location had a name change too?

Anyway, the Adams Morgan location – just got new awnings for Philly Cheesesteak & Gyro. Think it’s just a marketing plan to be more appealing to a late night Adams Morgan crowd?



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  • Like all people with a semblance of good judgment I avoid Adams Morgan late at night on the weekends, but during the week, this place always seems to be empty, save for an elderly couple who seems to sit in there drinking coffee almost all the time.

    • That’s probably because the menu had like 1,000 different items on it… DC is turning so niche that they need to really specialize in something and only have a few other options… Take a look at chipoltle and it’s success as an example… They don’t also make pizza or burgers to keep everyone else happy.

  • Adams Morgan has way too many “Mediterranean” joints. That is why (I assume) this place is struggling to attract customers.

    Suggestions: good burgers, salads (a la chop’d), a decent deli…

    Example is Don Buri. Constantly busy, small menu, simple concept, different than anything else on 18th street.

  • I give it 6 months and then it’s gone.

  • If they are good (and that is a big if), I could see late night cheesesteaks doing pretty well in that neighborhood, but that awning is terrible.

  • This place always looked empty or almost closed. The location on 15th was a little more lively, mostly because there aren’t options on the block asides from JoJo and Pizza Boli (Counter Only). But I wonder how they are doing. The pizza oven at the U St. location has been coming since they opened.

  • No change in ownership. Name is the only change according to the owners. Menu also change but we are still waiting to see a copy.

  • I’m trying to remember… What was in this space when the building was first built? I remember Ben & Jerry’s, but I’m pretty sure it was in the back part where the flower shop is now.

  • Wasn’t it Caribou Coffee for a while?

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