La Villa Closes in Logan

1317 14th Street, NW

@the_baseband tweets us on Friday:

“I don’t speak Spanish but I think La Villa in Logan just closed. Quite disappointing!”

I don’t speak Spanish either ๐Ÿ™‚ but looks like you can visit some of their sister restaurants and the ownership will also be opening one up on Georgia and Missouri by the new Walmart:


I had heard rumors that the corner was going to be developed, if so, I hope they are able to save the facade which has some great details:




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  • djdc

    They had really good nachos.

  • I live a few blocks from here and I have to say I never went. For Latin food that was also affordable, I always headed to El Rinconcito in Shaw. I wonder what will be the next 14th Street restaurant to bite the dust…

  • They had the worst Peruvian Chicken

  • I live around the corner from there and I’m sorry to say, but the food was only mediocre and the horchata was from a powder (ie gross). I wanted to love it, divey places like that can be a welcome break from the farm-to-table pretentiousness.

    It was sad to see them closing earlier last week, though. It seemed like a hangout for some of the latino families in the area, who seemed pretty unhappy that it was closed when I walked past on Saturday.

  • This closing reminds me that I need to go to Judy soon. People keep recommending it to me, but I fear it will have a similar fate in the next year/two.

  • Walked by many times but never went in …looked like a major health code violation. The bldg itself is beautiful and will sadly fall victim to the wrecking ball.

    • Agree!! There are some gorgeous buildings on that block. I have dreams about taking over Monarch Novelties and remodeling the top two floors for myself. If they tear down those buildings, it will be a great loss for the neighborhood and for any kind of historical identity 14th street has.

  • jim_ed

    I’m interested in their new space in Brightwood. I wonder which building they’re going into? I haven’t noticed any additional construction up there recently. I hope to god its that dilapidated building between Walmart and the Pet Daycare.

  • I never went inside, but have always admired the beautiful exterior of this building. I don’t think it will stay vacant long. Now……if only that place down the street that has those giant stuffed animals in the window would close!

    • Monarch Novelties has to be a front for something else. I walk past and often wonder how much cocaine is stuffed into those toys.

      • No, not a front…just an older very shy eccentric owner…was two brothers but I think one of them has passed…owns the space and lives upstairs…

  • The building plus the Popeye’s building and their drive-thru are all being re-developed by Douglas Development into an office building with ground floor retail. They are saving the La Villa building. Popeyes is moving across the street at some point.

  • Here’s a photo of the building in 1919:

    And yes, there are major plans for that building and its neighbor on the right. 1315 (where the Popeyes is) will be torn down, and the alleyway (which actually used to be another building) will be filled in with a new structure. 1317 will be preserved. Popeyes is supposed to move across the street to 1322. Douglas Development has bought all three, and plans to begin construction later this year:

  • What is the green building (on left in photos)with the metal on it? I have never known what it is.

    • That’s the Crew Club, a gay bathhouse. There has always been an interesting mix of people on that block!

      • I have a friend who is (or was) a member of the Crew Club. The stories, oh, the stories… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Boo! I only had a few things on the menu, but everything I had was very tasty and everyone was very nice. Oh well. I’m sure the small plates place that will surely replace them will have fantastic food as well, so long as you can get by the hordes of self-important yuppies that are willing to pay a lot for a little.

  • La Villa and El Paraiso were two of my old standbys on 14th Street, and now both are gone. I always liked the food at La Villa, although in recent years it seemed like they were focusing more on the bar business and some of the clientele would be absolutely plastered, particularly on the weekends. I’ll miss the place.

  • The chicken I had here once was inedible, luke-warm, not good at all.

  • I never tried…but it may confirm a rumor I heard this weekend…that Popeye’s is leaving…we can only hope…take your dumpsters, rats, and people from Maryland doing 50 in the alley with you!

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