Keep Your Eyes Peeled for this Rug


This note posted to the Adams Morgan Listserv made me very sad. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for this rug and get it back to the owners:

“Very early this morning, between 2 am and 7am, someone stole our Turkish rug from our back yard. I’d left it draped over the inside of our fence to air out. It was the first purchase my wife and I made after our wedding and, as such, has great sentimental value.

If you happen to see someone with it, trying to sell it or if you have any information about it. Please email us at givemyrugback(at)gmail(dot)com”

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  • That rug really tied the room together, did it not?

  • That’s terrible that someone did that. Keep your eyes on craigslist and the thrift stores in the area. There’s one on North Cap that often sells home items like rugs.

  • Ha! Love that someone beat me to it.

    Sorry, about your rug, though, rug owner.

  • I’m surprised the glowing-eyed hellhounds didn’t scare off the thief!

    • I might check the browser history on their computer to make sure the dogs didn’t sell it on Craigslist.

      • I’ll bet “I’d left it draped over the inside of our fence to air out” is a euphemism for “The dogs peed on it so we had to take it outside”. Dogs looooove peeing on expensive rugs!

  • So, this was a valued rug?

  • That’s honestly like leaving a diamond ring lying around considering how much they are worth, not that that doesnt make people who steal things sacks of shit.

    • I once left a Turkish rug in the backyard to dry out, then got paranoid and covered it with a light plastic tablecloth. I guess my instincts were right. Even though the yard is fenced in I was worried someone could see it from the upstairs windows of another house.

  • I just responded to the owner. I couldn’t tell from this post if it was lost today, or if the original post to the Adams Morgan listserv was yesterday or even earlier. I saw a rug similar to this near my home in Admo last evening and have given them specifics of where I saw it laying on the ground. I hope they find it.

  • Someone on 11th in Columbia Heights had a very nice and large expensive Turkish rug draped over the railing leading up their concrete stairs last night. It was 5 feet from the public sidewalk, I could have taken off with it in less than 30 seconds.
    Come on folks, this isn’t smart at all. You’re just asking to have it stolen. Be smarter, this ain’t the ‘burbs.

    • It sounds like you considered taking it.

      Come on to you, it was inside their fenced in back yard drying off. Give them a break, they didn’t leave on their front lawn and it wasn’t an IPhone it was a big rug.

      • Um, no. I saw what looked like a $2K rug (it was seriously HUGE) and thought to myself “Hmmmm, I sure as hell wouldn’t leave my nice rug sitting out on 11th Street next to the sidewalk.” I even considered ringing their doorbell to warn them, but then they would probably write into PoP that a “nosey pedestrian told me to take my rug inside. The nerve!”
        Like I said, this ain’t the ‘burbs. You have dirt poor people living next door to rich people paying $1 million for a row house, what do you think will happen? I’m always a bit amused when people act astounded that someone stole their nice [insert pricey object] when they leave it outside unsecured.

    • Stop it with the victim-blaming. You’re promoting “theft culture.”

      • Haha, ok buddy.
        Can’t tell if serious or satire.

        • Ok, fine. Point taken, you live in an urban area, be smart, blah blah blah. You know what? Shitty things happen everywhere…. even in the (dreaded) “burbs”. It doesn’t make it less shitty that it happens. What makes it more shitty is someone like you basically singing “Nah nah boo boo – told you so.”. I think someone who lives in Adams Morgan PROBABLY knows he doesnt live in the ‘burbs… but I am also sure he just really doesnt appreciate your craptastic input.

    • “Be smarter, this ain’t the ‘burbs.”
      I had a rug stolen this way when I lived in VA. I don’t know why people act like the ‘burbs are a magical fairy land where nothing bad happens. If you leave something valuable in a visible location, there’s a chance someone will steal it. Not any different than here.

      • I suppose it depends on the nature of your suburb. Where were you? Arlington three blocks from the Metro =/= suburbs.
        Generally, the less pedestrian foot traffic, the less petty crimes of opportunity. Which is exactly what stealing an unsecured rug is.

        • Annandale. And my mother-in-law in Burke has stuff stolen from her property that you would never see stolen in DC, like the hood of her car. If almost seems like the further out you go the more secure everything has to be.

  • My house was broken into a few years ago. The thieves rolled up a really nice silk rug worth a few grand and carried it downstairs, but decided to leave it in favor of my box of power tools. Box of power tools was worth about $300. Suckers.

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