Frightening Update from DC Alerts

Just after 8:30pm @dcalerts tweets:

“An MPD Officer has discharged their service weapon at a Pit Bull dog. The dog is still at large.”

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  • Did the dog rob a bank? Is he the subject of the helicopter search that is circling my house right now (Fort Slocum Park / Manor Park)? Didn’t know dogs could be classified as ‘at large’. No matter where this happened, it will be irrelevant to 90% of the city without this blanket warning.

    Also, how could the dog be close enough for the officer to be so threatened as to feel the need to shoot the dog, but the dog wasn’t close enough for the officer to shoot it?

    Yeah, I do take issue with the sensationalist tone, as the owner of a “pit bull dog” that is a harmless buffoon.
    I’m more afraid of officers on the streets firing at “dogs at large” than I am about this dog.

    • There’s a lot of discussion about pit bulls that could be described as “sensationalist” in tone, but the (very terse) alert’s wording of “a Pit Bull dog” doesn’t exactly qualify.
      I agree that the alert that a dog is at large isn’t particularly helpful if it doesn’t specify the neighborhood.

    • What is up with these dismissive “Cool story, bro” comments??

      • intern season?

      • It’s usually said when the comment is long-winded and the OP is obviously writing solely out of the pleasure derived from seeing his thoughts printed on the page.
        “I do take issue with the sensationalist tone, as the owner of a “pit bull dog” that is a harmless buffoon.” – this is a meaningless statement in relation to the circumstances of the story. While the OP’s pit bull might be a sweetheart, it has ZERO relevance to the situation faced by the officer. The LEO might have been confronted by a violent dog that was bred to inflict injury (this isn’t a far-fetched scenario). Thus, the phrase “Cool story, bro” is appropriate in this situation. The OP’s comment really adds nothing to the discussion.

        • Even if the OP’s comment adds nothing to the discussion, why the need to respond with a snarky “Cool story, bro”? Just hold your tongue. Sheesh!

  • The dog is part of Baltimore’s notorious Roff Ryders dirt bike gang. MPD has been cracking down on these roff-ians whenever them come down to DC.

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